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"Palestinian" "Peace"

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Islam has Nothing to do with Marvel's "Muslim Superhero" Becoming a Superhero

Here's the reason why Marvel's "Muslim superhero",  Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel, becomes a superhero, according to her Muslim writer, G. Willow Wilson, (a post 9/11 American convert to Islam) in an interview with Newsrama:

Nrama: I think one of the reasons people enjoy this book is the fact it’s a second generation hero in some regards. I’m not talking about the lineage, but about the idea of a fan of superheroes looking to become the thing they idolize – acknowledging superhero fandom, to some degree. What would you say about Kamala’s reasons here for becoming a hero and her roots as a fan?

Wilson: Her idea of what a hero should be--and probably no small portion of her bravery--comes from being a fan. She's already invested in this world. There is no question in her mind that when you see something going wrong, and you have the means to help, you must help. And that comes from having these other characters in her life, if only on her computer screen and the posters on her walls. Kamala is really the next logical step in the Marvel U--she's a superhero who grew up with superhero culture; she's an American growing up in a changing America. I think that's why so many different people love her. I know it's why I do.

As I've written before, the ONLY reason we're talking about Islam today is because of 9/11, is because of Jihad, yet not One "Muslim superhero" takes on jihadists, those who Marvel would like us to believe have "perverted" Islam. It's one thing for Marvel Comics to avoid the topic of Jihad, quite another to promote a "Muslim superhero" in wartime. And now both Wolverine and Spider-Man will be appearing in Ms. Marvel's comic, which might be a good sign, as I assume it's because of bad sales. And if so, it makes sense, as there's No demand for "muslim superheroes" in a country being targeted by Islam's True heroes, Muslim terrorists. 

Just as I drew Ms. Marvel above, evading Jihad, check out my piece on the

̶I̶s̶l̶a̶m̶- Israel means peace

Support Israel

"If you mean whose side one should be on, Israel or the Arabs, I would certainly say Israel because it’s the advanced, technological, civilized country amidst a group of almost totally primitive savages who have not changed for years and who are racist and who resent Israel because it’s bringing industry, intelligence, and modern technology into their stagnation." - Ayn Rand in a Q and A session during a taping of Donohue, Live in New York, 1979

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Proud Member of "Team Snowden"

One Bill Scher, (from "LiberalOasis) writing at Real Clear Politics, attempts to smear those who are opposed to the NSA's promiscuous surveillance as being on "Team Snowden". And I got into it with him on twitter here and here

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Phony in chief

Phony in chief continues calling them "phony scandals", when the only thing that's real about him are his scandals. And if we didn't have phony representatives, he'd have been impeached by now.

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If Jack Bauer Was A Superhero...

There was a moment in this week's 24-episode 9 of season 9- where Jack Bauer did something that I could see Pigman doing, in the same exact way Jack did it. (Actually, Pigman did do something similar in The Infidel #1.) I don't want to give it away, but it was a ruthless act committed with Moral Righteousness and Zero doubt.  The power of art, showing us what could be, what should be, and in this case, how our real world jihadist enemy should be treated by us. It was a hell of a moment that just further proves why Jack Bauer is one, if not the, greatest character in television history.

Here are two of my earlier Pigman/24 cartoons. 

Hillary Represents Change....

... & Islam means peace.


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Bill O'Reilly, "Fact-Based Guy", Calls Liar in Chief Obama "An Honest Man"

After he "disses" Obama critics, Mr. Spin calls the Liar in chief honest.

Here are my other posts on Bill O'Reilly.

Koba Means Peace an "Islam means peace" kind of way. Here's the latest clip from the upcoming Dawn of The Planet of The Apes film. It features Koba, an ape who pretends he means peace....