Wednesday, October 31, 2007


That was my response to this Dhimmi Watch post, and it was deleted because it was deemed innapropriate. I figured if it was worth deleting, then it was worth posting here. My response to their deleting it:

'It was just another way of saying that England's in deep camel dung in its preemptive submission to Muslims.'

It is the People of the West who are going to pay for these absolutely unnecessary preemptive concessions to an enemy who sees every single last one of them as a clear invitation to push for more. The enemy's sense of entitlement grows by the day in a civilization they have No place in.

Jihad Watch and Dhimmi Watch are indispensable in the war against jihad and Robert Spencer's mention of The Infidel on his site was much appreciated by me, but I gotta say I was a little surprised to have my simple response deleted, with this reason being given:

'Nothing personal. It's just that "camel" jokes about Muslims aren't appropriate here.'
Marisol SeiboldJihad Watch News Editor

I think deleting it is inappropriate considering we're at war with Muslims because They're at war with Us, and a joke at their expense is just a hint at what we need to start hearing from a Lot more people. They can hate us and insult us and spit on us and we suffer these daily outrages while the more consistent practitioners among them KILL us...... and get Away with it......and they, the passive Muslims in silent assent in the face of all of this horror, are to remain immune from even ridicule? Why? Because it's not the passive Muslims these concessions are being made for, [even though they can't WAIT to accept them] it's the Active ones who have gotten them from political cowards through aggression. The lesson the enemy gets loud and clear is that Jihad works on cowards in power and they will act accordingly.


If you're interested in starting topics and asking questions regarding The Infidel/Pigman, you can do so at my website's forum:

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jihad Watch on The Infidel & Pigman

Robert Spencer over at Jihad Watch recently posted about The Infidel & Pigman at his indispensable site, which I thank him again for. For those visitors to this site who have not seen or read the Jihad Watch mention, here's the link, along with some of my answers to questions regarding where I'm coming from with my story in the comments field.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Islamic Empire State Building?

I don’t usually post when I’m livid, but here I am. New York City’s Great skyscraper, The Empire State Building, the one that’s left standing, is turning green.............turning green in 'tribute' to Islam for a Muslim holiday, green being Mo’s favorite color. I don’t care if it goes green for a second, that’s a second too long.

And what, EXACTLY, did Islam DO to earn this extravagant kind of tribute?

Islam, through its most consistent practitioners, has committed over 9,000 terrorist acts since it last paid 'tribute' to us on 9/11/01.

And where are the comparative tributes to America and Western Civilization to be found in the Muslim world?
Have any of you seen the Kabaa, that big, black ‘holy’ box in Mecca, go red, white and blue in tribute to us anytime recently?

We’re taking it people, we’re taking it real good on all sides from the enemy, all because those who are in charge of defending our culture from this kind of outrage are busy praying five times a day that ‘Islam means peace’.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Welcome, Cox & Forkum fans

I want to thank Allen Forkum again for linking me to his and John Cox's great website. As with all of you, the news that they packed it in hit me hard. I relied on their inimitable take on the days events during this war and I already miss the hell out of their work. But, as I wrote to Allen, I expect them to make a dramatic return because the events that are coming will make their blood boil enough to Have to respond artistically on a regular basis again. They do deserve a break, but I'd bet it's not a permanent one.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

ATLAS SHRUGGED 50th Anniversary

I was at the biggest, greatest birthday party I ever attended in Washington, D.C. all day yesterday. It was the 50th anniversary of Ayn Rand's literary and philosophical masterpiece, Atlas Shrugged, and put together by The Atlas Society. While Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead is my favorite novel, her Atlas Shrugged is the Greatest novel I've ever read. I make this distinction because saying that they're Both my favorite novels doesn't work. I really don't know how to put it all in words how I felt yesterday, so I'll just say that it was as great a day as I expected it to be considering the matchless achievement that is Atlas Shrugged.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Will be gone for two days.

Tell you about it when I get back.

'Moderate' Makeover...

...of an Extreme religion.

Here are some thoughts of mine on Islam's 'moderates'.

Islam is teaching us every day about what it actually is through the behavior of its most devout followers.

One problem for ‘Moderate Muslims' is that they're referred to as 'Moderate Muslims', so as to distance themselves from their normatively extreme religion and from immoderate Muslims such as Mohammad. It is the specter of Mohammad that looms over individual Muslims' fanciful ideas about their own religion.
We must understand the nature of the man behind Islam to know what Islam means.

Mohammad, the self-styled ‘prophet’, was a Killer. Not metaphorically, but literally. Mohammad actually committed the violence that the Koran preaches, and even had his critics killed. I don't give a rat's ass what out of context 'good' he may have done in light of this historical fact. Once a belief system sanctions violence against All those who are not under its control, any pretext at virtue is just that.

That Mohammad is seen as The Perfect Model for All of Mankind according to Islam makes matters even worse and transfigures his thuggery, in the minds of the submitted. And this Jihad that Mohammad began when he lost faith in his ability to spread Islam through the word, this call to arms against the entire non-Muslim world, had no expiration date. Jihad is an Eternal standing order for Muslims to wage a holy war against non-Muslims UNTIL All of mankind are Allah’s slaves.

Not only do most Muslims ignore this call to jihad, a good thing, but then they lie to us about it or pretend that it doesn't exist, and our desire to join them in this pretense tells them that they can continue to sit on their asses in silent neutrality as the world burns in the name of Islam, a religion they purport to adhere to. The Muslim 'moderates' don't have Islam on their side, which is why they're Islamically impotent to fight the jihadists and don't even attempt to. So instead, they can indulge in their own private Islam that has nothing to do with Islam and pretend that their prophet was not a malevolent man.

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