Wednesday, October 31, 2007


That was my response to this Dhimmi Watch post, and it was deleted because it was deemed innapropriate. I figured if it was worth deleting, then it was worth posting here. My response to their deleting it:

'It was just another way of saying that England's in deep camel dung in its preemptive submission to Muslims.'

It is the People of the West who are going to pay for these absolutely unnecessary preemptive concessions to an enemy who sees every single last one of them as a clear invitation to push for more. The enemy's sense of entitlement grows by the day in a civilization they have No place in.

Jihad Watch and Dhimmi Watch are indispensable in the war against jihad and Robert Spencer's mention of The Infidel on his site was much appreciated by me, but I gotta say I was a little surprised to have my simple response deleted, with this reason being given:

'Nothing personal. It's just that "camel" jokes about Muslims aren't appropriate here.'
Marisol SeiboldJihad Watch News Editor

I think deleting it is inappropriate considering we're at war with Muslims because They're at war with Us, and a joke at their expense is just a hint at what we need to start hearing from a Lot more people. They can hate us and insult us and spit on us and we suffer these daily outrages while the more consistent practitioners among them KILL us...... and get Away with it......and they, the passive Muslims in silent assent in the face of all of this horror, are to remain immune from even ridicule? Why? Because it's not the passive Muslims these concessions are being made for, [even though they can't WAIT to accept them] it's the Active ones who have gotten them from political cowards through aggression. The lesson the enemy gets loud and clear is that Jihad works on cowards in power and they will act accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Can't find the joke...


Bosch Fawstin said...

The idea's that England, the once great Camelot, is slowly turning into a Camel Lot, a parking place for camels, meaning a place that is going retrograde REAL fast in order to accomodate the throwback Muslims who are unmaking England into their own image.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Oh, but then, you may have been questioning its deletion and not the joke? If so, apologize.

Texas Infidel said...

Join the club. I've had posts deleted for making jokes about the muzzie devils. I try not to post anymore. I also rarely read the comments section.

Bosch Fawstin said...

texas infidel,
Can you tell me what you mean by muzzie/muzzie devils? First time I've heard that term.

Fellow Infidel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Don't feel bad about the joke being deleted. is under a lot of scrutiny from creeps like CAIR. If grievance-mongers detect even a hint of an off-color comment in the comments, they blame Robert Spencer for it.

Anyway - it was funny :)

Jauhara said...

Here's a good one for ye, Bosch...What do you call a man who willingly blows himself up to gain a paradise of 72 perpetual virgins?
....a splodeydope.
What do you call a kid on a bus with a package for Achmed?
....a splodeydupe.
Please don't delete me, bro!

Infidelsalwayswin said...

As far as I'm aware, 'muzzie' is a diminutive term for Muslim.
Anyway, I think the 'Camelot to Camel lot' thing is funny. And apt. But, and you'll forgive me for saying this I hope, it's sort of cheap. Not that there's anything wrong with being cheap. That's my kind of humour. But, I can sort of understand why it was deleted from Mr. Spencer is getting a lot of flak, and we know that Muslims and Muslim apologists (The Left in other words) don't have a sense of humour, and that it takes very little-nothing at all, for them to cry racism. Maybe 'cheap isn't the right term. Nevertheless, I hope you get where I'm coming from.
Anywho, we (England) do indeed have a problem. Western civilisation in general has a problem. The problem's name is Islamism and we're pretty high up on it's list because of things like the Crusades, Colonialism, creating the state of Israel, and supporting (quite rightly) the United States of America in the Global War on Terror.

Bosch Fawstin said...


Let’s get some things straight here, about the ‘reasons’ you post for Islam’s 1,400-year-old Jihad against us:

Israel? Congenital Jew-Hatred is built into Islam, it doesn’t matter what Jews say or do today. Israel is simply another modern pretext that’s meant to justify it.

Colonialism? You do know of Muslim Colonialism, don’t you?

The Crusades? A retaliation against the then 400-year-old Jihad….and as the Crusades lasted for a little under 200 years, the 1,400 year old Jihad continues to this day.

‘Global War on Terror?’ is a way to avoid that what we’re actually fighting against is Islam’s Jihad. And you can’t win against Jihad if you’re fighting the amorphous.....‘Terror’. Terrorism being a tactic of war chosen by a weak enemy from a warlike culture that can’t wage war.

You’re right about one thing, though, ‘Islamism’ is a problem. The term itself is a problem, since the last three letters are superfluous.

Infidelsalwayswin said...

Yeah, I was giving the justification from their perspective. I know as well as you do that it's the nature of the beast, if you will, and that they don't need any reasons outside of what's laid down in the Qur'an.
Which leads me on to the second point: you're right, it's Islam. Not Islamism, Jihadism, Islamic Extremism or what have you. Just Islam plain and simple.

Bosch Fawstin said...


Good, because I think we have to defend the truth against its enemies every chance we get, in as clear a way as we can.

Brian of London said...

What's worse is that Robert has to spend precious resources paying people to moderate pretty safe stuff like your comment.... I may just have to borrow that line for Shire Network News sometime!


Bosch Fawstin said...

Brian of London,

Great to see you here and feel free to use that line, would love to hear it on your show.

Also looking forward to hearing at the start of your shows:

' America.'


' New York'

whichever way it goes.

Great to see that Shire Network News is surviving the rift, we really need you out there doing what you do.

John C said...

You might have missed a good camel joke or two, Bosch, since your "Camel Lot" comment at JW. I know Battle_of_Tours snuck a couple by; I snuck a couple more by, while feigning indignation. I've since slipped by assorted remarks about camels, yaks, and water buffaloes! But most telling of all, I managed to to change places, chiding Robert for his unseemly reference to GOATS!

Bosch Fawstin said...

John C,

Would love to see the Spencer goat joke, do you have a link?

johncbarile said...


It doesn't quite go there, that whole goat thing. All the same, I posted at JW: December 16, 2007 -- Vote for the heroes and goats of 2007! See the last two of 9 comments there. (If I learn to cut-paste-link, I'll forfeit my membership in the Ned Ludd Society.)

I haven't posted any camel jokes lately, but have about "Omani hyena" as an epithet, Patagonian Giant Ground Sloths, fictional Wild Slobbovian Woolly Pigs, among the jokes about platypusses and a mole or two.

I don't see your blog link on the JW sidebar now--I'm puzzled.

Bosch Fawstin said...


Yeah, Robert no doubt intended the usage of goat by our meaning of it. He's so straight about it all, I sometimes wish he'd be a little less deferential in his approach against the enemy.
You're saying you saw a link to my site on JW's sidebar once and now it's gone? Have to say, I looked once or twice and didn't find it.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Let me add that no doubt Robert would disagree with that, since he is essentially being critical, regardless of his approach, but I figure if you're so deep in the mud with the enemy as he is, getting dirty is at times a necessity. That it's okay for him to express less than considered responses at times.

John C said...

Robert leaves the mud-rassling to creative minds like yours. Describing the depths of depravity that the Enemy's supremacist (and otherwise twisted) mindset is given to is difficult; they defy belief. Your art can do this; it operates on more than one level.

GOT GOATMILK for BLOOD, if I didn't see a Bosch blog link at JW! That's how I dropped in here, following JW's spotlight on your work, Son of A Balkan Goat!

(I felt compelled to apologize to hyenas everywhere.)

John C said...

R.S. is laconic with ill-willed interrogators (they're transparent), bemused with theatrical jihadist ill-wishers (they're a hoot), and testy with persistent blowhard dullards (they be askin' fo' it).

John C said...

Speaking of metamorphs, I likened Doug (Ibrahim) Hooper, ("Rev.") Jim Sutter, and ("IntelFusion") Jeffrey Carr to feral dogs.

I was wrong. They aren't like feral dogs at all--they ARE feral dogs!

I have nothing against dogs, just ill-bred, untamed DISEASED dogs.

Bosch Fawstin said...

The late, great Britain in ever deeper camel dung:
A quarter of Brits think Churchill was a myth.