Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Islamic Empire State Building?

I don’t usually post when I’m livid, but here I am. New York City’s Great skyscraper, The Empire State Building, the one that’s left standing, is turning green.............turning green in 'tribute' to Islam for a Muslim holiday, green being Mo’s favorite color. I don’t care if it goes green for a second, that’s a second too long.

And what, EXACTLY, did Islam DO to earn this extravagant kind of tribute?

Islam, through its most consistent practitioners, has committed over 9,000 terrorist acts since it last paid 'tribute' to us on 9/11/01.

And where are the comparative tributes to America and Western Civilization to be found in the Muslim world?
Have any of you seen the Kabaa, that big, black ‘holy’ box in Mecca, go red, white and blue in tribute to us anytime recently?

We’re taking it people, we’re taking it real good on all sides from the enemy, all because those who are in charge of defending our culture from this kind of outrage are busy praying five times a day that ‘Islam means peace’.


Fellow Infidel said...

And I'm sure it will be pastel yellow for Easter... Right. Grrr... ENTER THE PIG!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is that true?
They are going to do that shit?
Or it is an idea from some stupid...

Anonymous said...

Mohammed's favorite colour was green because he secretly was jealous of the Irish!