Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jihad Watch on The Infidel & Pigman

Robert Spencer over at Jihad Watch recently posted about The Infidel & Pigman at his indispensable site, which I thank him again for. For those visitors to this site who have not seen or read the Jihad Watch mention, here's the link, along with some of my answers to questions regarding where I'm coming from with my story in the comments field.


Robert Jones said...

Watch out! If Spencer touted you, you will soon be listed by our friends over at CAIR! Of course, this could be great publicity in its own way.

However, keep five yards.....

Bosch Fawstin said...

Talk about a gang of rats that have No business in America. They're losing influence these days, slowly but surely, as Americans are getting wise to their terrorist links and origins.
But, of course, these political jihadists will no doubt continue being who they are,and I expect that they'll show their fangs a little too obviously one day and finally galvanize even the most thick-headed leaders among us in kicking them out of this country once and for all.