Friday, October 05, 2007

'Moderate' Makeover...

...of an Extreme religion.

Here are some thoughts of mine on Islam's 'moderates'.

Islam is teaching us every day about what it actually is through the behavior of its most devout followers.

One problem for ‘Moderate Muslims' is that they're referred to as 'Moderate Muslims', so as to distance themselves from their normatively extreme religion and from immoderate Muslims such as Mohammad. It is the specter of Mohammad that looms over individual Muslims' fanciful ideas about their own religion.
We must understand the nature of the man behind Islam to know what Islam means.

Mohammad, the self-styled ‘prophet’, was a Killer. Not metaphorically, but literally. Mohammad actually committed the violence that the Koran preaches, and even had his critics killed. I don't give a rat's ass what out of context 'good' he may have done in light of this historical fact. Once a belief system sanctions violence against All those who are not under its control, any pretext at virtue is just that.

That Mohammad is seen as The Perfect Model for All of Mankind according to Islam makes matters even worse and transfigures his thuggery, in the minds of the submitted. And this Jihad that Mohammad began when he lost faith in his ability to spread Islam through the word, this call to arms against the entire non-Muslim world, had no expiration date. Jihad is an Eternal standing order for Muslims to wage a holy war against non-Muslims UNTIL All of mankind are Allah’s slaves.

Not only do most Muslims ignore this call to jihad, a good thing, but then they lie to us about it or pretend that it doesn't exist, and our desire to join them in this pretense tells them that they can continue to sit on their asses in silent neutrality as the world burns in the name of Islam, a religion they purport to adhere to. The Muslim 'moderates' don't have Islam on their side, which is why they're Islamically impotent to fight the jihadists and don't even attempt to. So instead, they can indulge in their own private Islam that has nothing to do with Islam and pretend that their prophet was not a malevolent man.

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wholebrainer said...

Islam makes a very big deal out of being 'monotheistic' but according to this article: "
2050240.htm?section=world" the god of Islam is about to go "Sybil" in an attempt to cash in on the Western comic book phenomenon.

Since they promise there will be a version for the U.S., I'm wondering if Pigman will meet up with - and beat-up on - any of these 99 Superheros "drawn from the 99 names" of their god?

Bosch Fawstin said...

I saw this the other day, seems like more Islamic propaganda than anything else, and its decision to have burka-less heroines [or heroines at ALL!] is a way for them to bring us Islam in mainstream fashion, while contradicting Islam itself. This shows how trapped even the most decent people who refer to themselves as Muslims are by their own religion, that they have to go Outside the religion for them to make Islam seem at all appealing to non-Muslims and even themselves.
And Pigman's far too busy with SuperJihad and his Wolves to take them on as they are, seemingly defanged of jihad.
But if the characters end up sticking to their guns regarding Islam as it Really is, they'll have to stop only saving Muslims from natural disasters and bring Islam to non-Muslims the old Mohammad way. And if that happens, Pigman will stop them like it was 9/11/1683 At the Gates of Vienna.

KJC402 said...

I think the problem is one of language and the definition of the word moderate. The word moderate in the Islamic world means something different than that in the western world.

An Islamic definition of a moderate Imam or Mosque would be "one that preaches jihad without participating in it directly or does not actively recruiting jihadists"

Bosch Fawstin said...

Wholebrainer, here's a direct link to that comic book you cited:

Bosch Fawstin said...


Yes, it is a matter of language and definitions, for Muslims have their own ideas about morality and so on. Mohammed needed to invent his own inverted morality in order to get away with what he couldn't get away with in the prevailing ones around him.
And so, Islam's meaning of peace.
Peace, Islamic peace, does not exist until All of mankind has submitted to Allah, by any means necessary.
It's a conditional peace that requires victims, again an inversion of one of Our cultures values that has been hijacked by Muslims in the name of Islam, in order to make Islam look good enough to fool us until 'Islam means peace.'

Anonymous said...

I like how the comic's author notes his fear that it might be criticized by "hardline" Mulims. I'm sure the moderate and liberal Muslims will be just fine with it. Good luck with that, Mr. Kartohadiprodjo.