Wednesday, October 03, 2007



Fellow Infidel said...

I skimmed earlier blogs looking for some background on PigMan's emblem. Nothing jumped out. There are subtleties in the art that I'm sure have deeper significance. Would you mind expanding a little on the emblem's background and meaning? Or do I have to wait for publication?

Keep it up.

Bosch Fawstin said...

fellow infidel,

I like hiding things in plain sight, it's one of the things that keeps things interesting for me, I did this more than a few times in my first book, Table for One.

Okay, now about the emblem, no need to keep it from being known.......
Here we go, hope I make this clear. It's a simple as hell design, but it's packed with meaning.....

Pigman's chest symbol mainly signifies 9/11. The left side of the 'S' you see that comes off the left rectangle makes out a 9 and the two rectangles are the Twin Towers making out an 11. Also, the 'S' can be for September with the 11. The 'S' also stands for money, since this Is most Definitely a Capitalist Pig. And in the old superhero tradition, S is also for Super.
I also have two small dents on the right tower, meant to be a 3, that along with the 9 makes for 93, which is meant as an homage for the heroes of flight 93, but can also be be taken as acknowledging the first WTC attack on 1993.
Keep in mind, most of these things are for me and I don't expect all to see my intentions, but if people catch them, great.
Pigman also has a pentagon with a scar in it on his right shoulder, because I think we tend to forget about the losses at the Pentagon on 9/11.

And my next image is going to be 'The Western goes Eastern'......give me a few days, though.

Mike Thompson said...

SOLD! Glad you thought of this, Bosch. So damn obvious. Gonna order NOW!!!!! Whew!

Mike Thompson said...

A little clarification (feel like it's necessary again...I type faster sometimes than I think).

I meant 'obvious' as in the t-shirt idea was sitting in front of my face, and I never considered least not until you came up with it. BRAVO! My order has been submitted (black t-shirt). Can hardly wait to wear it proudly.


Bosch Fawstin said...

It hit me yesterday, the idea to put the Pigman symbol on a t-shirt, so one can 'Be The Pig'.
Thanks for getting one, my friend, I really like that it's not obvious what it is unless one knows. It's a stealth design more than most of the others in the store, which are unapologetically in the face of the enemy.