Thursday, October 18, 2007



Mike Thompson said...

Hahahahahahaha! Damn, that's GOOD! Bosch, another hit! Gotta get that as a t-shirt. Awesome design, and do I detect a slight deviation from your usual style? You were so good at that type of thing (switching styles) in TFO.

Fellow Infidel said...

Love the uni-brow too. :)

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks, Mike, and I will definitely be going for a different look with the book, using two different styles for the story of the brothers, and the ofr Pigman's story, with different tools for the finished work. Pens, Markers and brush, mixing and matching with what works for each part.

Thanks, fellow infidel,
The uni-brow's got its myths that fit right in here.

wholebrainer said...

Very Strong Design. And I REALLY like the 'style.'

Anonymous said...

Hi Bosch:

Did you see the Chicago Sun-Times article about "The 99" yet?,CST-NWS-comics17.article

Think they'd be that ecstatic had the book involved any other religion?

Anonymous said...

Direct quotes from the website:
"Teshkeel Media Group is a Middle East based company focused on creating, re-engineering and EXPLOITING all forms of children’s media based on or infused with localized culture, beginning with a proprietary superhero concept.

"Teshkeel’s mandate is to mine local culture for themes that will resonate with our staple segments. Our core focus is to maintain international industry standards that produce a rewarding and entertaining experience for a younger audience. In short-we are in the field of localizable edutainment. Teshkeel plans to cultivate and harvest those themes intrinsic in our regional culture that will speak equally to children both in and outside of the Middle East. Drawing upon our own history, culture and traditions, we aim to provide positive and inspirational images for children by creating properties that they can relate to.

"The Company’s intent is to create a strong brand through the reinforcement of our main characters and to then delve into the many lucrative opportunities that present themselves through this. To achieve our objective, Teshkeel Media Group functions as a licensing company on a global scale. Not only are Teshkeel’s original concepts licensable, we are in the process of adding to our arsenal of properties pending negotiations to acquire the rights to rethink others’ intellectual properties to better suit a localized audience.

"Teshkeel’s long-term goal remains an unwavering commitment to delivering a unique multi media customer experience to children wherever they are from."

Sounds like brainwashing to me. Why not just state that they want to create new superhero characters rather than promote a culture/religion, unless there is more to it than that? (Of course there is.)

Robert Jones said...

"The 99"? I think a great comic book to counter that would be called "The 72": It could be about 72 Moslem girls who die and go to heaven, only to have their genitals mutilated in the afterlife, and to be raped by hairy guys who have yet to be introduced to daily bathing and deodorant.

One man's heaven is another woman's hell.

Oh, well. (h.t.: Ronnie James Dio, for ripping off his lyrics from "Heaven and Hell").

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thank you, always appreciate it.

To anonymous,
wholebrainer posted about this recently on a prior blog response.
And as you allude to, No other religion gets the kind of 'respect' that Islam gets.
And it's 'earned' that 'respect' not through moral merit, but by threats and acts of violence visited upon Anyone who tells it like it is about Islam.

Bosch Fawstin said...


This company seems to want it every which way it can, Just like Islam itself, wanting to be a religion of war AND peace.

To anyone reading this who thinks this latest Islamic Push into our pop culture is harmless, It’s Not.
It's insidious.

It's just the latest attempt to continue this push To Make Islam Look Good TO ALL, even infidels.
We see that Muslims are willing to say and do ANYTHING to push Islam down our throats. And now they’re using our medium of comics. Comics as a propaganda weapon against our youth in their jihad.
I don’t want to be misunderstood. I sit here sometimes and think that even people who are on my side may think that I’m reading too much into this. Please don’t, for we cannot put ANYTHING past this enemy In ALL his forms, even in the form of our popular entertainment, as this mouthpiece calls it:
‘Edutainment.’ The point being, to educate us about how good Islam is, no matter what we see, hear, and know otherwise.

The desired outcome here, as always, is to make Islam seem....just like US. To shoehorn Islam into our culture as if it belongs. And we’re told that ‘it’s already a hit overseas.’ I wonder where……

To quote one of their mouthpieces,
‘Like Batman and Superman, the cast of "The 99" aren't overtly religious. They don't pray or quote the Quran, but promote universal values such as goodness and love.'


You know this guy was smiling when he said that.

Yep, we’re told that these Islamically-themed heroes are not OVERTLY religious, for that would Scare us infidels away from this poptrap, you see. So, instead, they’re to be covertly Islamic……while at the same time being openly, SPECIFICALLY Islamic superheroes. This perfectly brings to mind the dualistic nature of Islam that Bill Warner writes about.

Bottom line, so far as Islam has the ability to be stealth about Anything, this is stealth dawa, stealth jihad, a pop jihad to get it into our youth’s heads that Islam is GOOD… and as American as apple pie, [SO long as there’s no lard in that pie.]

Bosch Fawstin said...

robert jones,

Here's one of those 'I wish I wrote that moments':

'The 72'.........One man's heaven is another woman's hell.'

Man, that's good....and all between those words.

Anonymous said...

Jack Kirby (born Jacob Kurtzberg) is probably saying "WTF???" right now.

Look at all the "Golden Age" artists and writers - they were Jews promoting AMERICA. A common interpretation of Superman/Clark Kent is that he represented an immigrant (since he was from an alien world) joining the melting pot of the USA and becoming an American. He didn't try to push Kryptonian culture on us!!! (although we could've learned from it and I don't think Kryptonians had suicide belts)

Mike Thompson said...

Imagine if Jehovah's Witnesses were to start a comic company...oh, yeah! Watchtower Comics? Then Catholics, Hindus, and Buddhists would follow suit. Imagine the possibilities! There could be a mega-crossover between the different companies. I'm thinking "Infinite Holy Freaking Civil War" would be a marketing hit.

Anonymous said...

Talk about "hiding in plain sight". Geez, there are an awful lot of negative phrases in that company's mission statement (the offending words are in caps):

1.) "...EXPLOITING all forms of children’s media based on or infused with LOCALIZED CULTURE..." (The word "exploiting" just sounds so warm and fuzzy, doesn't it?)
2.) "...adding to our ARSENAL of properties..." (In other words, PROPAGANDA.)
3.) " RETHINK others’ intellectual properties TO BETTER SUIT A LOCALIZED AUDIENCE..." (I wonder what audience that might be. Hmm?)
4.) "In short-we are in the field of LOCALIZABLE EDUTAINMENT." (Localizable as in targeting a specific audience -- impressionable/despondent/angry children and teens.)
5.) "...our MANDATE is to MINE LOCAL CULTURES for themes that will RESONATE WITH OUR STAPLE SEGMENTS." (This very line is so overtly political, it isn't funny. They are trying to find things that exist in our culture that naturally overlap/correlate with the one they are pushing. Just to make it seem more palatable to the weak-minded and/or uneducated.)

Robert Jones said...

Bosch: You're welcome to use that line.

I already have the story playing out in my mind, even though I haven't seen anything but single illustrations.

One that came to mind was Pigman being cornered by some terrorists. He's hiding nearby, and one of them taunts him, "Chicken! Come out and fight like a man, chicken!"

Pigman steps out of the shadows, and retorts:

"Not chicken. The Other White Meat!

Then he blows them all away. :)

Bosch Fawstin said...


Thanks for making the point thorough as hell by simply using their own words. That's sometimes all that's really needed to expose them for what they are.

Bosch Fawstin said...

robert jones,

Hah, Thanks, and someone literally mentioned 'the other white meat' line to me yesterday, while Turkey was mentioned in our coversation.