Sunday, November 18, 2007

Islam's Useful Idiots

I just posted this on a forum in response to a few of Islam's useful idiots:

One of the reasons [besides sheer laziness and intellectual dishonesty] why the non-Muslim useful idiots of Islam do not do their homework on Islam is that a part of them knows that they would not be able to maintain the illusions they're currently clinging to about the world we live in. So in the name of maintaining those illusions, they will be silent about the daily horrors we see coming from the Muslim world and direct all of their judgment against those who know what they're desperately trying not to know.


Anonymous said...

Regarding useful idiots, I'm sure your stomach will turn when you see the link below. It's about Vanessa Redgrave. Read on:

Bosch Fawstin said...

Saw this story the other day, I think from the Atlas Shrugs blog, but not this particular take on it, thanks.

This is a case of self-hatred gone wild. Some actress, she can't even pretend that she hates those who would slit her throat in a second.