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Here's an audio version of Muslim Roulette.

Islam vs Muslims.

I'm writing this in order to clarify my stand against Islam and its true believers, as I don't want to be unnecessarily misunderstood by those of good will if I can help it.

A is A. Islam is Islam.

There is no such thing as ‘Good’ Islam vs ‘Bad’ Islam.

Islam is a totalitarian religion, while Muslims are individual human beings who may or may not practice Islam faithfully. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are active Muslims and there are passive Muslims, the faithful and the unfaithful, the submitted and the un-submitted in Islam, but there is No obvious way to tell the difference between them, which has its benefits for those who are committed to spreading Islam by any means necessary. Mohammed said ‘War is deceit’ and practiced it, and Muslims have followed their leader in using deception against non-Muslims to this day. When Islam, the very antithesis of peace, is sold to us by Muslims and their useful idiots as being the very definition of peace, and actually gains traction, it would have made Hitler blush.

That Islam must be misrepresented by Muslims in order to appear at all appealing to non-Muslims speaks volumes, and its purpose is to make Islam appear harmless until it’s too late. And the enemy’s major weapon against us is us. From our multiculturalism which the unicultural enemy exploits, to our crippling political correctness which ‘protects’ us from the truth we need to know and act upon, to our irrational tolerance of the intolerant. Another weapon the enemy uses against us is that the majority of Muslims are Muslims in name only, and the false perception that they themselves represent Islam makes Islam look good. But they do not embody Islam, they are not its true, consistent practitioners. They are hacks when it comes to doing their Islamic duty as the Koran demands of them. And then there are those who are moderately Islamic, but who advertise themselves as ‘Moderate Muslims’, who have hijacked the normatively immoderate Islam, not by thoroughly repudiating the inherent violence within Islam, but by merely mouthing the words ‘Islam means peace’, and allowing our desire to believe it to do the rest.

The widespread usage of the term ‘Moderate Muslim’ is a tacit confession of Islam’s extremism.

When’s the last time you heard the term ‘Moderate Christian’? Moderate Jew? Moderate Hindu? Moderate Buddhist?

But let me add this, after making it clear that Muslims are individuals who may or may not be following Islam: Most Muslims have shown us that when it comes down to it, the majority of them will side with Islam against the non-Muslim world, no matter what. They’ve made it clear, in their indifferent silence and inaction in the face of the daily horrors committed in their religion’s name, that in the end, they don’t give a damn about anything except Islam and its reputation. I’ve read one too many accounts of Muslims whose first response after a particularly horrific Muslim terrorist attack, was to run to the rescue of Islam, the ideological source of the attack itself. ‘Education by Murder’, as Daniel Pipes* writes of it. The price we're paying for not knowing the full truth about Islam is too high, but it looks like it will take more death and destruction for the civilized world to learn about Islam and the evil at the heart of it before we are ready to ruthlessly act on our behalf against it.

*About Pipes, I appreciate his efforts against Jihad and I know that counter-jihadists don’t necessarily have to agree with every conclusion we as individuals arrive at, so long as the big picture is in sight…… but his unwarranted preoccupation with ‘Moderate Islam’ is a Pipes Dream, it is his subjective wishes overstepping reality. There is no such thing as ‘Moderate Islam’, there is only Islam. And that there may be moderate Muslims doesn’t exonerate Islam, which was built to be even Muslim proof. When a Muslim concedes the Islamic point that the Koran is the verbatim word of allah, who is he to deem himself to be allah’s editor?

No, Muslims will only rethink Islam, will only consider transforming the religion, when their desire to destroy the non-Muslim world is trumped by their desire to survive.

© 2007 Bosch Fawstin

Here's some additional thoughts I recently wrote up on this topic:

Can anyone tell which Muslim will go jihad before he or she does?

Non-Muslim Muslims, or as some call them “Moderate Muslims,” give the Jihadist enemy cover. They’re pointed to as “proof” that violence has nothing to do with Islam when, in fact, non-violent Muslims are reluctant Muslims. And they’re the reason we’re playing a game of Muslim Roulette in the middle of the Muslim world’s jihad on us. While we’d like to discriminate between “moderate Muslims,” “extremist Muslims,” etc., Muslims see us as Infidels, period. Not moderate Infidels, extremist infidels, etc., but simply Infidels.
Since 9/11 – a day that FAR too many Muslims celebrated – we’ve been expected to treat Muslims as if they’re not only above reproach, but as if it’s racist or “Islamophobic” to consider for an instant that any Muslim might be up to no good; that they’re All innocent no matter how many of them have been proven guilty of engaging in or supporting jihad.
When our government bureaucrats tell us “If you see something, say something,” they rely on us to be the ones to decide what that means, in order to protect themselves from accusations of “Islamophobia.” Islam is an ideology, not a race, so what we’re supposed to be looking for gets very complicated, since, in addition to Arab Muslims, there are white, black, Hispanic, female, blond-haired, red-haired, and blue-eyed Muslims as well. This is not a call to condemn all those who call themselves Muslims, (though a good Muslim by our standards is a bad Muslim-or non-Muslim- by Islamic standards) it’s just a reminder that we need to be better able to detect killer Muslims before they kill. And that’s the job our government should be engaged in — not protecting Muslim feelings, but protecting American lives.

Update: January 16, 2017 (ten years after I originally wrote this, Wow): I just had to add that after each Islamic attack, we find out that the authorities, here or overseas, know about the mass murderer, and were watching him or her. So many of these attacks could have been averted, yet it's the politically correct shackles the West has placed on itself which allow these mass murderers to pull off their attacks. 


Phuckie Slum said...

Excellent post, as usual.

It's scary how widespread and common (almost welcomed) self-loathing is in the west, while virtually impossible to say anything against Muslims or Palestinians as you WILL immediately be labeled as a "bigot" (and then depends who you talk to, it could be "zionist", "right-wing", etc').

Did I say scary?

Robert Jones said...

Very cogent analysis, Bosch. I do believe Pipes is holding out an olive branch not so much to an actual community of "Moderate Moslems," but as a disclaimer. Not that our enemies heed such disclaimers, but illusions have their own psychological benefits to those who hold them.

As for the argument you make about "moderate" members of other religions, I disagree: For years, I have been calling myself a "Moderate Irish Catholic."

However, in all fairness and deference to you, that only refers to my drinking habits, not my politics.

Bosch Fawstin said...

'phuckie slum'[why?]:

Thank you.
While we in the West are divided and overly critical of ourselves, internalizing all of our problems, the united Muslim world pretends that its greatest problem, Islam, is actually its salvation, and that it's the Non-Muslim world which is the root cause of ALL its miseries.

Bosch Fawstin said...


Cheers!... from a recovering Muslim.

On Pipes, he knows far too much to indulge himself in the panacea of 'Moderate Islam'. We have to start with reality and go from there, not from wishful thinking. It's his big error, one that's cost him credibility in the ideological war against Jihad.

Phuckie Slum said...

I'm sure that by now you can tell what 'phuckie slum' sounds like.
That is why I chose that temp nickname.

Bosch Fawstin said...


Richard said...

Pipes really should know better.

Muslims may be moderate but Islam is not moderate by Western definitions. Until Pipes realizes that, he will never escape the trap he created for himself.

KJC402 said...

Moderate Islam is another one of those modern myths, like Diet Dr. Pepper tastes like Regular Dr. Pepper or We are from the Government and we are here to help.

Phuckie Slum said...

"bosch fawstin said...

Stealth is obviously one reason.
The other is the message in this nickname. I can assume from your replies you didn't realize what 'Phuckie Slum' sounds like. But I've been wrong before (before, as in before I got mugged by reality, as one bright man said once).

Bosch Fawstin said...

I figured it meant Something, and it hit me when I said it out loud. Very clever anagram, point taken.

Anonymous said...

If you look at it this way I guess christianity is more about peace than any of the christian churches ever practiced (well maybe some weird Quakers would qualify).

And the jewish religion pretty seems to be on par with the muslim religion concerning the peace/war issue. But here again there are more jewish sections than you could shake a stick at. Even Madonna joined some weird jewish cult, but the leader doesn't like her.

Anyways, all religions have churches, or sects (christianty can even be called a jewish sect). I don't really get your fascination with the "One Islam" that you seem to know more about than all those "moderate" (or normal, or not true) muslims in the world.

Indonesia is most populus muslim country in the world. They also have their share of subsections of Islam. On some islands they wage war against christians and the other way around. Christians there are also not really "true to the book" (as they commit horrible crimes to avenge the horrible crimes of the muslims and then they do and so on and so for). But I guess the muslims there would fit your criteria of Islam.

MississippiMud said...

Bosch , superbly written. I must agree with the "Pipes Dream" analogy as well.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Appreciate that, MM.
Whenever I read Pipes or hear him speak, I see a man who refuses to accept what he knows to be true about Islam and its core hopelessness as a system that can be edified. It can't, and we need look no further than its murderous prophet.

Salil said...

I find it fascinating that you have no problem turning Islam into a monolithic bloc, yet you do nothing of the sort when it comes to Christianity.

I assume you are Christian, because it seems that only Christians ever target Islam, and no other religion.

I personally think you fundamentalists on both sides should just get your rocks off with the big End Times War you seem to lust after so much, and leave the rest of us who just want to live our lives and raise families alone.

rowboatsyndicate said...

Say what you will about Pipes, but he did think enough of this to post it on his site.

Pierre said...

Muslim Roulette is a concise and accurate description of Islam.

The only problem is that some readers will lack the ability to comprehend how accurate the description is.

Salil – you are an idiot.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks, Pierre, good to have you here.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding Bosch. Your assessment is concise, accurate and to the point. And the point is this, Islam can NEVER be reformed as that would be editing Mohammad, the murdering pedophile and his imaginary friend allah. That is the "ugliest act in islam" aka apostasy and it is punishable by death.
So, despite the clearly outlined nature of islam as a binary code, as one can only be either muslim or dispicalble infidel, the West and in particular the overly permissive, academic and liberal elite insist on redefining it despite itself. Just as there are no such abberations as a vegetarian T-Rex, lions and leopards so is the case with moderate muslims.
The focus/pressure should really be on our so called allies in the Global War On Terrorism, GWOT, who are worse than a fox in charge of the hen house. It is no longer acceptable to just ignore the histroical and doctrinal facts about islam and certainly time to call a spade a spade.
High praise of a bully is oft misperceived as appeasement and only brings on more beatings.
Stay the course Bosch as only a grass root effort of educating the mass will eventually bring about the proper response to those who scheme to exterminate us and the rest of non muslim creation.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks A.I.

BruceinFalkirk said...

Salil -"I assume you are Christian, because it seems that only Christians ever target Islam, and no other religion."

You assume wrong.

Bosch Fawstin was brought up as a Muslim but rejected the faith as a load of bollocks.

He was right to reject the religion of peace as a load of bollocks because it is a load of bollocks.

I'm off to draw cartoons of the prophet of the religion of peace. The cartoons will depict the prophet eating bacon, drinking whisky and frolicking in the showers of a YMCA.

Bosch Fawstin said...


Jon Green said...

Or Salil is a Muslim engaged in taqiyya