Saturday, December 15, 2007


That’s the gist of Islam’s position against non-Muslims.
Unbelief in Islam being the single greatest crime of all, and so Infidels are criminals who need to be brought to Islamic justice, by conversion, subjugation or death.

When you hear some rat from CAIR speak about how Islam doesn't condone the killing of innocents, what they mean by innocents are Muslims.
This is the essence of what we’re facing if the enemy is ever allowed to acquire power over us. Seeing what they do when they have no power tells us what they’ll do if they ever get it.


Phuckie Slum said...

"Seeing what they do when they have no power tells us what they’ll do if they ever get it." --

Practically, it can't get worse than it is today, aside from launching a nuclear bomb at Israel. Other than that, their behavior of "no power" will be the same - only everywhere. They'll still behead, chop hands, punish rape victims, treat women like booty, murder each other like fomented maniacs, blow up, throw people off of rooftops, chant to burnt lynched bodies hung from bridges - etc'.

This now made me physically ill. Sometimes I wish we (infidels) were all old-school Klingons bent on ending this murderous cult. Then, Islamists and terrorists little pussies will rush to bomb as many public markets or schools in hope to avoid facing the massive invasion of the Klingonic foreign legion and instead get the benefit of 72 boar-rapists in hell.


Phuckie Slum said...

Yeah - just to clear out my previous post; blowing up markets or schools, but fail. The Klingonic foreign legion cloaking devices will just set off all Islamic C4 vests.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Sometimes I get physically I'll myself about what I'm seeing during this war, mainly about the West's moral default against an ambitiously immoral enemy and culture, a truly Anti-Moral enemy who parades himself as rightous. I find myself saying it again and again, but it is really Our weakness which has got us in the current mess we're in. If we treated the jihad as it should be treated, as it Deserves to be dealt with, this 'Long War' would be cut short Real fast.

Phuckie Slum said...

Yes, indeed.

What happened in the second Israeli-Lebanon war in summer 2006 is a microcosm of what the world is beginning to face against Islamists. When Hizbulla scum were shooting from actual villages roads, homes' rooftops, schools and hospitals, IDF first scattered thousands of leaflets and called virtually every household phone line in major Hizbulla strongholds to warn of upcoming attacks. Lots of Lebanese muslims complained about the late night warning calls from the Israeli military, cheerfully burnt the leaflets and encouraged Nasrallah to continue with his random mass murder attacks. And together with the massive bombings of Hizbullah's strongholds and almost every Lebanese facility that could be beneficial for the terrorists to escape with the kidnapped Israeli soldiers, the MSM dangerously distorted Israel's acts as "disproportionate".

Realistically, although Israel wiped out a wide range of Hizballah captured villages, buildings and infrastructures throughout all of Lebanon, the overall collateral damage was absolutely negligible in relation to Hizbulla targets (dressed up as civilians, on purpose). Additionally, Israel chose to risk thousands of troops when surging through the heavily mined and trapped S. Lebanon to push the civilian dressed terrorists up north, losing the lives of over one hundred of them in the process, when it could truly treat Jihad the language it knows.

Not so surprisingly, even with a higher price of restraint and poor political PR, Hizbullah was on the brink of destruction -- exactly when Olmert gave in to the international pressure of being "disproportionate".

Sad story, and a spec of what has been happening for 1,400 years and what's to come.

Which reminds me of old-school kick assers like Winston Churchill. Even though the royal air force was the main reason behind the British successful defense against Hitler's blitzkrieg, Churchill actually carpet bombed German cities with thousands of civilians dead as an eye for an eye, which did, in fact make a point (and to the apologists reading, he didn't just try -- Hitler gave up).

Unfortunately, what we're facing today is about seven times the size of the 3rd Reich, and worse, it isn't just confined inside a demographical state - but rather scattered all over the world - with eons stronger and stricter western liberal dogma.

This is also why I am skeptical about the west achieving a smashing victory. A lot of people absolutely can't see Islam as an issue to begin with, but actually themselves as a cause of hate. That, and the very reason the only thing people learn from history, is that they don't learn anything from it.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Very well said, my friend.
Our leaders are in the unreality mode where they think that ALL of our enemies are potential friends. That throat-slitters can be charmed into civilization by the political claptrap. And as always, it is the populace that pays the price for such monumental stupidity. And it's that sick, unreality that has Washington considering the lives of enemy civilians above the lives of its own citizens. If Flight 93 actually hit its intended target and a ton of politicians were killed, we all have a damn good idea how incredibly different Washington would have responded to the attacks.

Mike Thompson said...

Man, Bosch, I thought I commented on this piece, but apparently I hadn't. So sorry. (My eyes are getting OLD.)Brilliant work!

Bosch Fawstin said...

No problem at all, Mike, glad you like it.