Wednesday, November 19, 2008


What began by force will end by force. 

Once we name the enemy, the truth about Islam will have a fighting chance to be known to all, including non-Muslim Muslims, and the personification of Islam, Mohammed, will finally be exposed as the evil man he was. The end of Jihad will then begin, followed by the eventual outlawing of Sharia Law, which will finally put Islam in its place: as the chosen, personal, private belief of a 'small minority' of Muslim masochists who will be left alone unless they turn into sadists who can't keep Islam to themselves.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Retribution NOW

[From this post down, all of my blog work having to do with The Infidel / Pigman is now only available in my print collection:

PROPIGANDA : Drawing the Line Against Jihad

But I've kept all of the original post comments ]

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


 T H E   W E S T E R N   I N D I V I D U A L

A terrorist's friend has won the US presidency while terrorists wage a war on us.
Let's take that in for a moment and fully appreciate how terrible that fact is. 
Ok, now what are we going to do about it as Individuals? 
Tell The Truth, no matter what. 
Tell the Truth, no matter that those who are hostile to the truth are in power.
Tell the Truth, no matter that the man who will be charged to defend us from Muslim terrorists comes from a Muslim background, a fact that, in a post 9/11 world, didn't seem noteworthy for those who voted for him. A fact that he was never asked to fully elaborate on. Had those who voted him in understood the enemy and his religion, they may have thought twice about the implications of voting in Obama, especially at this moment in time. But as with Obama, our culture has deemed Islam innocent even if proven guilty. In a sane world, Islam would have been named as the enemy's 'evil ideology' and Barack Hussein Obama would have been as scrutinized as Joe the Plumber. Obama will do everything but his job, so the war against the enemy just got harder for us and easier for the enemy.
Tell the Truth. It will save the world.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


For the Millions of Infidels who Saw The Light of Islam.
                          V E N G E A N C E 

Thursday, September 11, 2008

THEIR 9/11

I want them to mourn.
I want them to live in fear of the next attack.
I want them to feel what we, the civilized, felt on 9/11/01, even if they don't have it in them to.
But they can feel pain, they can feel loss.
I want Retribution.
And when I say them, I mean the killers, their supporters and every single last person on earth who had a good day on 9/11. I want them to have their 9/11 as a reminder that Islam will lead them to the destruction they plan for us.
They will never learn until they get what they deserve, until they get their 9/11.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Back to back radio shows this week. After tonight's appearance on Voices of Freedom, live, starting 11pm Eastern time on KFNX radio, I'm going to be on The Gathering Storm Radio Show again tomorrow, Fri. Sep. 5th. Show starts at 3pm Eastern time. I want to thank WC from The Gathering Storm blog and Always from the Always on Watch blog for the invite to talk.

Monday, September 01, 2008


I'm going to be on the Voices of Freedom radio show this Thurs., Sept. 4th, with host Pastorius from Infidel Blogger's Alliance. It can be heard live at 8pm Phoenix time on KFNX news talk radio and can then be downloaded later that night from the Voices of Freedom site.
Update: There is no available download of the episode right now, but if that changes, I'll post it here.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


My Profile/Interview from the March 08 issue of The New Individualist magazine, written and conducted by Robert L. Jones is now available at TNI's website.
From the print edition:

Friday, August 01, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008


Check. This. Out.

"They called me," he later explained. "I didn't choose them. Anything that is giant and manmade strikes me in an awesome way and calls me. I could secretly... put my wire... between the highest towers in the world. It was something that had to be done, and I couldn't explain it... it was a calling of the romantic type."
-Phillipe Petit on The Twin Towers

Thursday, July 03, 2008


AMERICA: 'The Last Best Hope of Earth.' -Abraham Lincoln

Have a Great Independence Day, everyone, I'll be leaving for a trip on the 4th and will be back by mid-July. This will be my last post until then, but I'll be checking in to take a look and respond to comments and such while I'm away.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008



My mind's already thinking 2012 when Americans will be good and ready to vote for someone like Guliani with a John Bolton as his back up. Hope it's them, but it will have to be someone like them; tough, principled men who understand it's a dangerous world and who are willing to say and do the difficult things, and who don't give a damn about being disliked by despicable people. In four years, things will get worse and more of us will be sicker of the status quo that the candidates that will be taken seriously will be the kind of men who get things done and who fully defend our lives with the enemy's deaths.

Friday, June 13, 2008


IBD: 'Supreme Court: In a historic first, the right to habeas corpus has been bestowed upon prisoners of war — in wartime. Five justices gave terrorists a new weapon to kill more Americans with: our own Constitution.'
It "will make the war harder on us," [Justice Antonin] Scalia declared, reading from the bench. "It will almost certainly cause more Americans to be killed."
“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not traitor, he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared.”
— Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman orator and statesman, circa 45 B.C.

Friday, June 06, 2008


America’s Enemies/Washington’s Friends

Our government is friends with our enemies, the Sowdies, and hush money doesn’t even begin to explain it, as 9/11 has come and gone and this 'special relationship' hasn’t missed a beat, or payment. These royal scumbags have been collecting American’s since they could afford to buy them, weak Americans, ones with no allegiance to this country, and particularly those in power who have sworn allegiance to this country. And the one place where the buck is supposed to stop is where the buck's begin. When a clear enemy of the American people doesn’t need to worry about paying any price for it, stories like the following are reported and forgotten about the next day:

Indicted Saudi Gets $80 Million US Contract

Why Is Bush Helping Saudi Arabia Build Nukes?

For the record, the accompanying visual is meant to convey how compromised our government's become in the face of temptation, with dire consequences that we can't even begin to see. And that's Pigman standing in for the incorruptible American Individual. As well as the Saudi flag, which is spreading it's green within Washington P.C.s flag, as distinguished from The American Flag, which stays a true red white and blue.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

PIGMAN: In The Kingdom to Crack Skulls

Indiana CoJones

Answering Sowdie Skullduggery.
Once ‘Our friends the Saudis’ are dealt with as the enemies they are, this war is on and victory is ours faster than the enemy can scream ‘Allahu Akbar!’

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


When Pigskin leather belt rips into Jihadist flesh, Paradise is Lost.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Killian Duke, the hero of The Infidel graphic novel, who does his part with his art through his Pigman comic book.

And from a story at Dhimmi Watch:
'According to the Iraqi Artists' Association, at least 115 singers and 65 actors have been killed since the US-led invasion, as well as 60 painters.' Killed by Muslims doing Allah's work. more....
Even though we have the First Amendment, we're still in danger of paying a price for showing and telling the truth about Islam and its Jihad. In the Muslim world, Individuals have No protections whatsoever, even from paying a price for work that has a mere whiff of not being fully in line with Islam.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Here’s my Pig-sized riff in short takes, mainly on Islam & Peace, or as I call them,
Oil & Water

9 I s I a m

Islam means PeaCe and Muslims are Pacifists

The Enemy and Islam’s useful idiots, our president among them, tell us that Islam means:

‘ a state of tranquility or quiet
freedom from civil disturbance.
freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions.
harmony on personal relations
a state or period of mutual concord between governments
a pact or agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity
to be, become, or keep silent or quiet
cessation of hostilities
a relaxing of hostilities
freedom from war'

Peace does not mean Islam

‘Islam means peace’ is the anti-reality check of our time

Which religion has a doctrine of warfare, begun and practiced by its prophet, against all unbelievers to be waged by the faithful until all mankind submits:

A Christianity
B Judaism
C Buddhism
D Hinduism
F Islam

‘Moderate’ Muslims have tried to hijack Islam, but they’re too moderate to go up against Islam’s true believers.

If Washington P.C. fought the enemy the way they fight the truth about the enemy…………

We’re always told that it’s an interpretation of Islam that’s the problem.
True. Mohammed’s interpretation.

Islam means peace & saying is believing

We’re at the mercy of a weak religious man moderately defending us against brutal religious men.

‘Peace to whoever follows [right] guidance.’ –Osama bin laden

‘…National Socialist Germany wants peace because of its fundamental convictions….Germany needs peace and desires peace….’ –Adolf Hitler

‘Embrace Islam and you shall have peace.’ –Mohammed

Islam makes the enemy tick

Our saying ‘Islam means peace’ gives aid and comfort to the enemy.

What do the most wanted terrorists in the world have in common?

‘Islam means peace’ is the equivalent of ‘Nice doggy…’

The more devout, the more passionately committed a Muslim is to Islam, the more he comes into alignment with Islam’s inherent extremism.

‘Islam means peace’ is a means to our end.

Islam means peace & Terror is the enemy

From Allahu Akbar! to ‘Banzai!’ to ‘Heil Hitler!’ and back to ‘Allahu Akbar!’

These peaceful, moderate Muslims we always hear of and never from, are not peaceful, but cowardly. Silence and inaction does not make one peaceful, does not make one moderate. If a man sees another man beating up a woman on the street and allows it to go on, he’s not being peaceful.

While we keep telling ourselves what Islam means, Muslims keep showing us what Islam means

If Islam is a dove, why are its feathers so easily ruffled when someone says otherwise?

The Swiss Watch. That’s what they do, just like in World War Two.

We cannot be for Islam and for ourselves, but Bush is trying. He need merely take a good, hard look at the enemy’s culture to see that his tolerance and compassion is unilateral. We haven’t even begun to pay for his indifference to the truth about the enemy.

‘Islam means peace’ & words speak louder than actions

We are at the obscene phase in this war where merely citing the direct connection between Islam and terrorism is seen as worse than the connection itself.

The idea that by being honest about Islam’s true nature we will be making enemies of a billion Muslims overlooks the fact that Islam has already identified all non-Muslims, 5 billion of us, as its enemy.

Telling the truth about Islam and making Islam look bad are one and the same, so the truth itself is seen as an enemy of Islam, but since the truth can’t be killed, the truth tellers will be.

Who gets more heat? One who says that Islam is inherently violent or the Muslim who kills him for it?

‘Islam means peace’ and Ground Zero means the Twin Towers.

What percentage of American power is being used against the enemy?
And what percentage of the enemy’s power is being used against us?

All Muslims seem to be at peace with the calls for violence and murder found in the Koran

Islam means peace & Keyser Soze means Verbal Kint

Islam began in the 7th century with a man in a cave who heard voices. Of course.

Islam means peace and Muslims love Jews

Bush is betting on Islam, betting the safety of this country, betting our very lives that Islam means peace. He is delivering us into Islam in the name of indifferentism.

Islam means peace and Jimmy Carter means Jack Bauer

Speaking one’s mind about Islam can get one killed, but what would the world be like if Islam was never challenged? Like the Muslim world.

Islam means peace & government means fiscal responsibility

Money doesn’t grow on trees. It grows under sand.

This ‘dark’, ‘extremist’, ‘fundamentalist’, ‘violent’ ideology of al Queda’s that Bush alludes to but never names is Islam

‘Islam means peace’ translates to ‘Suckers!’ in Arabic

The Muslim Pacifist: from ‘peaceful’ Muslim to ‘kill-mode’ Muslim at the drop of a perceived insult.

America is the most powerful country in the history of the world and Islam had nothing to do with it. Behind the enemy’s much advertised ‘hatred’ of us is their far greater envy of us.

Even though we want to be duped about Islam, Muslims are making it impossible

‘Islam means peace and Osama bin Laden has been thoroughly repudiated, on Islamic grounds, by the Muslim world……
Oh….he hasn’t been? Well……they will. One day. I just know they will…..because if Islam doesn’t mean peace………………perish the thought!’
As if revealing Islam’s true nature to all would be the end of the world. I’d argue that it not being revealed in time could be.

The peaceful Muslim is the reluctant Muslim.

Who is the most hated man in the world and who should be speaks volumes about ‘The World’ and tells us where to put ‘world opinion’

Moderate Muslims are most moderate when it comes to the truth about Islam

It wasn’t peace that got America interested in Islam; it was the mass murder of Americans by Muslims in Islam's name.

Islam means peace and there are more synagogues and churches in Saudi Arabia than there are Saudi funded mosques in non-Muslim countries.

The head of the UN Nuclear watchdog group, IAEA, [International Atomic Energy Agency] is named Mohammed.

That a religion is the core motivation for the death and destruction that the civilized world is defending itself against is too much for many to bear, even more than the death and destruction, apparently.

Read. My. lips: Islam means peace

Islam means peace and Wonder Woman is Muslim.

Government’s big on everything except fighting Jihad in a Big way

‘Islam means peace’ is sweet-talkin’, Muslim-style, to do us in.

‘Islam means peace’ would never have gained traction if we didn’t want to believe it

It is those who are in charge of our defense who are obstructing the destruction of our enemies.
They’re in the way of victory.

What is the Muslim world counting on, since they know that we can literally destroy their entire world at the touch of a button?
That we’re not Muslim.

Muslims deny the theory of evolution, as well as Darwin’s theory

Far more of them support their jihadists than we support our troops

Islam means peace and Muslim Achievement is the Envy of the World

Which religion guarantees a place in heaven for murderers?

Make Love, not Islam

Islam is not the answer

Islam means peace and has brought into the world all the things that are worth living for.
Things such as…….such as……..ummm………

Islam means peace and Muslims are as critical of themselves and their culture as we are

‘Islam means peace?!….whew!!...that’s exactly what I wanted to hear ….coincidence?! Nah, why would Muslims and non-Muslims alike say it if it weren’t true?’

Islam means peace, no matter what non-Muslim terrorist groups say

How Islam spread tells us what Islam means

Islam means peace and Mr. Spock was based on Mohammed

Mohammed’s alleged encounter with the angel Gabriel was an out of mind experience that he mistook for something more.

‘Nazism means peace’, say Nazi Extremists, Radical Nazis and Nazist Fundamentalists

It’s not Only that the enemy doesn’t have a conscience, it’s that he doesn’t have a guilty conscience

With religions like Islam….

If Islam meant peace, we could ask ‘What if Islam doesn’t mean peace?’ in peace

The New Resistance: the resistance to understand the enemy

Islam means peace and ‘Love thy Neighbor’ is of ‘palestinian’ origin

Islam would mean peace if it weren’t for infidels

Bush found out that Islam meant peace on the morning of 9/11/01

Islam means peace and Hitler loved Jews

Islam means peace and being good to bad guys will make them good.

If Islam means peace, what’s there to reform?

The Koran is illiterature

On 9/11, George Bush ran to the rescue of Islam, exonerating it as the very meaning of peace.
Why, if Islam had nothing to do with it.

Can you imagine if FDR, right after the attack on Pearl Harbor, ran to a microphone to proclaim that ‘Shinto means peace.’

Jihadists haven’t twisted the killer words in the Koran, they’re acting on the twisted, killer words in the Koran

How exactly did our president know what Islam meant on 9/11? Why, he’s the President!
Bush wages war the way the enemy wages peace

Islam means peace, and the Muslim leader who most embodies that is…………….um………………

Islam’s so peaceful that we need to be reminded about it constantly.

Islam means peacelessness

Things could be worse. Imagine if Islam meant war.

Islam means peace and our politicians are the only ones who suffer the effects of their policies

What’s the difference between Islam and Islamism? 3 letters.

While accusing us of dehumanizing the enemy, the left humanizes him

Islam means peace and our best, brightest and most honest are in Washington P.C.

Islam means peace and Muslims love Pigman

Islam means peace and our politicians are as brave as our soldiers

Islam means peace and Muslims have contributed more to civilization’s progress than any other people

Mo, the monotheistic polygamist

Our culture is playing hard to get it about Islam

‘Make your enemy look good’ was not one of Sun Tsu’s lessons. Nor was ‘Do not know the enemy.’

‘Islam means peace, and I approve of this message.’ –OBL

How many Western politicians are owned by the Sowdies?

‘Islam means peace’ and each and every last one of those who have sworn to uphold the constitution and protect the American people have studied Islam as if their lives depended on it and would welcome a thorough pop quiz on Islam anytime, anywhere to prove it.

Muslims, of all kinds, like Islam just the way it is.

The good news is that the enemy is weak and stupid.
The bad news is we’re acting like we are.

‘Islam means peace’ is Muslim-speak for ‘Go back to sleep, Infidel. We’ll wake you up for morning prayers.’

We’re fighting with half America stabbing itself in the back.

Before the enemy is forced to face reality, we must

Half Americans don’t want to fight Jihad. Full Americans do.

We look at the Muslim world and think, ‘Man….we want to be just like that. We can’t wait to be Muslim!’

The enemy dreams of nukes, not of peace. But of course, in their view, it is the nukes that will finally bring peace to the world; Islam’s version of peace, where non-Islam is non-existent.

The bad guys think they’re good and the good guys don’t know what to think and the never-ending war continues.

Islam means peace, it’s all of non-Islam that means war.

The UN is where evil has a voice.
It’s where good and evil meet to pretend there’s no such thing as good and evil.

‘Islam means peace’ is bliss

Islam means peace when no one on earth is allowed to be non-Muslim in peace

Infidels saw the light of Islam……as reflected off of Mohammed’s sword

Islam means peace and women rule the Muslim world

Islam means peace and Mohammed invented feminism

Islam is Allah’s gift to women

It is our determination to not know the enemy that is worse than our ignorance of him

See no Islam, hear no Islam, speak no Islam

‘Islam means peace’ pleases Muslims, and our ‘leaders’ have decided that pleasing Muslims is their most important value these days, because displeasing them…….
Islam means peace & head-choppers who target unarmed children, women and men are freedom fighters

Which of the following are forbidden in Islam: eating pork, drinking wine or murdering non-Muslims?
Every time you speak the truth about Islam, you’re fighting the enemy

‘Islam means peace’ is Jihad by words

Our moral power is weak, which makes our physical power irrelevant

Investors on Wall Street cannot wait to put stock into ‘Islam means peace’ inc.

What’s the safest thing one can say about Islam?

How difficult is it to become a Muslim? As easy as saying:
‘There is no God but Allah and Mohammed was his messenger.’

Good for nothings find they’re good for Islam, actually that they’re perfect for Islam

Islam, the criminal’s favorite religion, one that doesn’t require him to end his criminal behavior
He has......Islam, the Prostrate Cancer
Islam means peace….in a bloodthirsty kind of way

The Muslim terrorist is a cliché, but only in real life.

‘Kill the Muslims wherever you find them.'
Too much? As much as the original verse in the Koran, referring to Infidels instead?

What kind of religion would a thug create?

It is the cowardice of our politicians that keeps our soldier’s full bravery locked and unloaded

Next time a Muslim brags that there are over a billion Muslims in the world, fill him in that there are 5 billion non-Muslims.

Islam proves that a billion people can be wrong.

Our first problem is Islam.
Our second problem is our refusal to accept the first problem

Islam is ‘moral’ backup for the enemy

‘Throw reason to the dogs.’
Actual sign in the ‘offices’ of the ‘religious police’ wing of the Taliban, trained by Sowdies

That most Muslims don’t have a problem with Islam is a problem

Acting as if Iran has nukes will ensure they get them

Look no further than life under Islam to understand why Muslims are obsessed with the afterlife.

Muslim murderers don’t represent Muslims. They represent Islam.

This enemy has absolutely nothing within themselves or within their religion that will place a moral check on their vile imaginations.
‘Not my religion.’ –‘moderate’ Muslim
‘Islam means peace’ & Understanding Nazis

‘…It matters to the security of people here at home if we don’t work to change the conditions that caused 19 kids to be lured onto airplanes to come and murder our citizens.’
-George W. Bush,
the man who has helped institutionalize ‘the conditions’ that caused 19 ‘kids’ to be ‘lured’ onto airplanes to kill us by allowing Islam into the constitutions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Here’s what I mean, re; the Iraqi Constitution:
'Article (2): 1st — Islam is the official religion of the state and is a basic source of legislation: (a) No law can be passed that contradicts the undisputed rules of Islam. (b) No law can be passed that contradicts the principles of democracy. (c) No law can be passed that contradicts the rights and basic freedoms outlined in this constitution.'
Both (a) & (b) contradict each other, and notice the Very Important distinction near the end of both (a) & (b), with the term 'undisputed rules' of Islam and the 'principles' of democracy. That is Not an accident. The inclusion of the non-Islamic alien idea of 'democracy' was merely a concession to us in order to make us feel better about taking part in such a rotten ruse as this.
It is that single line, (a) that stands out like a blood stain on a white shirt. Our separation of church and state should have been imposed on Iraq. They don’t know better? We do. And this should be the case with every Muslim country that forces us into a necessary confrontation with it. Making the world safe for Sharia Law is Not what we all thought about on 9/11.
The reason why multiculturalism exists is to pretend that inferior cultures aren’t inferior and that superior cultures aren’t superior. It’s a way to tell nice lies about rotten cultures and rotten lies about great cultures. And from this, we’ve set ourselves up to believe something as untrue and dangerous as ‘Islam means peace’.

Islam, an unclear and omnipresent danger to civilization
According to Islam there is only one kind of human being: Muslim.

Muslims are hell-bent to make their greatest problem, Islam, our greatest problem

Bush is fighting a moderate war against an extreme religion’s mass murderers

In World War Two, Hollywood actors, over the age of active duty, engaged the enemy as soldiers in real life warfare. Today, Hollywood actors won’t even pretend to fight the enemy on film.

‘Palestine’ and the ‘struggle’ for dead Jews

The enemy has the prophet motive

You want shock and awe? Tell the truth, especially about Islam

You can never win against Jihad by fighting ‘terror’

The Koran in the toilet story was referred to by a Muslim as ‘Toilet Trauma’.
Poor toilet.

What’s good for Islam is bad for the world

‘Prophet’ sounded better than liar, thief, misogynist/polygamist, rapist, slaver, pedophile or murderer

Islam means peace and the Muslim world’s contributions to civilization are…………are………um……….

We have Elvis impersonators, they have Mohammed impersonators

We call it Islamism, Islamofascism, Islamic Fundamentalism, Islamic Radicalism, Islamic Extremism, and even IslamoNazism.
They call it Islam

We are not safe from the enemy because the enemy is safe from us

Islam can’t make all Muslims as mad as their prophet, for the average Muslim is morally superior to Mohammed without even trying.

‘Have you……..ever……killed….a non-Muslim?’
‘A moderate Muslim, ladies and gentlemen!’
Imagine if our soldiers took their orders from a commander in chief who studied the enemy as if His life depended on it, because our lives certainly do.

Islam means peace and Muslim’s don’t have thin skins and short fuses.

After 9/11, the glove came off

The truth kills Islam’s appeal to potential sympathizers and converts, so the truth must be covered up like a Muslim women until the entire world falls under the shadow of Islam

What wouldn’t Mohammed do? Is the question

Only those who say Islam is the problem are seen as the problem

The truth we’re avoiding is gunning for us

Even the term ‘Political Islam’ is redundant, for there’s no such thing as an apolitical Islam

The Islamic Canon. Indeed

Mohammed wouldn’t take ‘Fuck off’ for an answer

Osama bin Laden has allowed Islam to have its way with him, like a willing rape victim, as with all of Allah’s bitches.

Less Islam = More peace

Not all Muslims have sold their soul to Allah, but we can’t tell who has or who hasn’t until it’s too late

When lax Muslims go ex-lax….
The holy shit hits the fanatic.
Along with others, in second hand Islam.

‘Islam means peace’ is said with the understanding that one had better not say any more than that.

Islam means peace and those who target and murder unarmed civilians are warriors, the way Nazi’s were warriors.
The only warriors in the Muslim world are Western soldiers.

Islam means peace and Mo was faithful to his wives

Islam is The Bad Apple

We’re being warred upon by a supremacist culture with an inferiority complex, a warlike culture that can’t wage war if their lives depended on it, which they do.

Islam means peace and no culture can compete with the achievements of the Muslim world

Since 9/11, Hollywood’s been doing their part. For the Enemy.
And even after making bomb after bomb, they stay the course.

Moderate Muslims are moderately good and moderately evil

Islam’s the leading cause of mass murder in the world
The War on –Error-

When you put down the Koran, you will understand what Islam means.

Islam makes passive Muslims look bad while passive Muslims make Islam look good.

Bush will be known for what he did not do after 9/11

If Islam means peace, and we all want peace, then the idea is that we want Islam

Bush has been steadfast in his defense…….of Islam.

The enemy is killing us in the name of Islam and we are not crushing them in the name of Islam.

Islam means women’s rights

If all religions are equally violent, then the followers of religions other than Islam are morally superior to Muslims

Who profited the most from Islam?

If you know the enemy, you have a damn good idea what he will do. If you don’t know the enemy, you won’t know what the hell to do. And if you refuse to know the enemy, you don’t want to know what to do and you don’t want to do it.

The nicest thing one can say about Islam is that it’s up to no good.

Islam is the core problem, but it can’t do its dirty work without Muslims

‘Moderate’ Muslims are the enablers of ‘Extremist’ Muslims

What have Muslims done to win our hearts and minds since 9/11?

I prefer Muslims whose Islamic faith is so deep it never surfaces
What’s a ‘prophet’ doing with a sword?

A religion that has no regard for human life should be given no regard.
If given a choice between dead Jews and personal happiness, an average ‘palestinian’ will answer….’What’s the difference?’

Jihad has not gone away because we haven’t made it go away.

Mohammed didn’t battle his demons. He embraced them and unleashed them on the world.

We overreact at our words and under react at the enemy’s violent actions.

‘Moderate’ Muslims are not very Muslim about Islam.

Islam’s best and brightest are Ex-Muslims

Terrorists Kill Freedom Fighters

Muslims will pay for the Sins of their prophet

Where are Islam’s Conscientious Objectors?

Al Queda is simply doing what Muslims are supposed to be doing to non-Muslims

Muslims want the religious freedom to dominate us with Islam

'Islam means peace' and words speak louder than actions

To Nuke or be Nuked, that will be the question

Who is the most admired Muslim in the Muslim world?

Non-Muslims are Anti-Muslim according to Islam, since it’s felt that one cannot be innocently non-Muslim

Part of why the enemy doesn’t make a distinction between soldiers or civilians is because they’re civilians, not soldiers.

Jihad was Mo’s eternal curse on those who hurt his feelings by rejecting his third rate attempt at getting in on the religion racket.

The left responded with harsh words after the 9/11 atrocity.
Harsh words against us.

The Koran gives aid and comfort to the enemy.

To the true believer Muslim, Islam is Everything, Life is nothing, and Death is the answer

If our government protected us the way they protect themselves from the truth....

Islam means whatever it needs to mean, whenever it needs to mean it, and so:
‘Islam means peace.’

Sunday, May 04, 2008

PIGOTRY: Outlawing the Notorious P.I.G.

Here's the latest story on how Muslims are working to rid even the Non-Muslim world of pigs, in any form.

And a hat tip to Godfrey of Utah for this great quote from a Great man:

'A cat looks down upon a man, and a dog looks up to a man, but a pig will look a man in the eye and see his equal.'
-Winston Churchill

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

1429 VS 2008


It's 1429 on Planet Islam today, and in their latest attempt to bring us back in time with them, the enemy wants us to submit to Mecca Time. They're feeling their goats, people, all because we're not taking them on the way they ought to be taken on.

Update: More on how we're allowing this enemy to keep getting away with it; the current Islamically retarded administration's weakest member, Condoleeza Rice, now forbids The State Department to use the words 'Jihad' or 'Jihadist' because they believe it insults 'peaceful' Muslims. Rice once said that 'Islam means peace and love.' Who the hell's going to protect us from our protectors? PIGMAN

Update 2: It's even worse, it's not just the The State Dept., but now it's The Dept. of Homeland Security, along with The National Counter Terrorism Center who are officially submitting to the enemy's version of things. We are proceeding from the enemy's premise regarding Islam and its Jihad, and since our truly despicable 'leaders' run from truth as if it were the plague, leaving us more vulnerable than they can ever be, it's left to Individuals to fight for the truth, every inch of the way, until it cracks into the thick skulls of those who presume to be our protectors. If they protected us the way they're protecting Islam.......

Monday, April 14, 2008


History tells us that the founder of ‘the religion of peace’ lied, cheated, stole, slaved, raped and murdered his way into power. These things are not dark secrets; they are historical facts readily available to any who want to know. But we don’t want to know, and the enemy is riding it for all it’s worth. We are even content to hear enemy lies come out of the mouth of the most powerful infidel on earth, a man whose bottom line purpose is to protect this country and its citizens from our enemies, a man who you’d think, after six years[!] would have found out for himself who the hell the enemy is and then act accordingly. Instead, he’s consistently been a mouthpiece for enemy propaganda, which has led him to fight a minimalist war, desperately trying to prove he’s not fighting a fellow religion, while that religion is killing us through its true believers.

Our government’s lack of fight in our defense gives the enemy aid and comfort and hope that they will be able to build The Islam Bomb in time and do what Mohammed would have done with it. It is our president’s belief in his pacifist religion, his ‘turn the other cheek/love thy enemy’ religion, that has allowed the enemy’s violent religion to make even more headway into our culture after it would have been inconceivable to do so after 9/11. Have Muslims ever been so brazen in their demands?

Bush is fighting a compassionate war against the scum of the earth and the entire world’s going to pay for it, along with future generations. We don’t want to know that Mohammed was a villain for the ages. That wouldn’t be nice to know, and so we afford this devil sainthood status, while we pretend that Muslim terrorists are acting outside the religion’s moral bounds. And to their everlasting shame, our protectors, along with those who are meant to tell us the truth, have sold us out and have left the battle to Individuals who risk their lives to tell the full, ugly, unspeakable truth about how the founder of Islam god away with murder and is still getting away with murder through his most slavish followers.

Islam, on its own, failed to get Mohammed what he really wanted; power over others. It lost in the arena of ideas over a millennium ago, but was rescued from its failure by Jihad, which has kept it alive as a zombie religion living off the lives of others to this day. Mohammed’s pretense at prophet hood was finally revealed when he conceded that Allah’s word was impotent without his sword. Mohammed supposedly preached Islam peacefully for 13 years before the bloodletting began, but peaceful men don’t become mass murderers when things don’t go their way.

We are being warred upon by a part of the world where the bad guys won. A world where they spend almost all of their time telling themselves they’re good while damning all others as evil, with full faith and no reason. But the comparative standard is getting to be too much for them to deal with in a world where it’s becoming increasingly clear that Islam is the problem. Our good ‘makes’ them look bad by comparison, and their only response to our moral challenge is to kill the competition. Like prophet, like followers.

The only way the enemy can have their evil recognized as the unchallenged good in the world is to obliterate any and all moral standards with only the moral negation that is Islam left standing. Islam never had a chance in hell without violence and so what exists in the world that calls itself Islamic today was built on the blood of infidels, making all of Islam not worth one iota of respect.

Muslims can no longer force Islam onto a world where devastating power lies in the hands of Infidels. But this enemy is counting on us to continue behaving like overly civilized non-Muslims in the face of their daily outrages. They will push us to the brink, because that’s what they do. The Muslim world will finally force us to change them the way we were forced to change Japan. They must be made to fully understand, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that their entire culture is in the thrall of evil. They must be shaken from their faith, for the sake of the entire civilized world. Mohammed played them all for suckers in his getting them to believe that Islam was any more than his lust for power, and his legacy of evil will bring hell to those who are determined to perpetuate it. Our physical power stops the enemy from having their way with us, but our moral weakness encourages them to continue killing us. A timid good stands no chance against a righteous evil. The only way the enemy will renounce terrorism is when they come face to face with it.

© 2008 Bosch Fawstin

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A doodle's all I got for now, will get back to more regular posting when I can, thanks for visiting.

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I just did another Interview with The Infidel Bloggers Alliance Radio Show. It's the 3/20/08 show and I come in at 34:30. You can also subscribe to the show through itunes by scrolling down to the link on their site.

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This is my gut response to this story, done on the fly.

For new visitors, this is Pigman's pigskin-leather boot crushing the scumbag's head.

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FRANK WARNER, Counter-Jihad Writer
PIGMAN, Counter-Jihad Superhero
The Jihad's Worst Nightmare.


Fighting Jihad by Word & Deed.
Following the Truth about Islam & its Jihad to wherever it bleeds.

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Here's my latest version of Mo.

We are to be murdered for drawing a murderer?

When the killers come, even the peaceful must be ready to defend themselves, or die for Islam. And Bravo to THE GREAT DANES! Were the most powerful country in the world as bold.
Here are the famous Danish cartoons.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


A big part of the self-reputation of many Muslims living in the West, mainly those who were born and raised here, is that they’re good and decent human beings by virtue of Islam. But in reality, these “Muslims” reject Islamic values and embrace Western ones, whether they admit it to themselves or not. They have the luxury to credit Islam without having to suffer under Islam, under its life-suffocating Sharia Law. And their version of Islam is sometimes fancifully referred to as “American Islam,” as if there exists such an entity apart from Islam itself.

This is the kind of dangerous nonsense that allows Islam into our culture as if it were just another part of the great American melting pot. [At this moment, I can't help but think of just one of the many threats in the Koran, one promising that pots of scalding water will be poured over the heads of Infidels who will suffer in hell for all eternity for not believing Mohammed's lies. Ch. 44: verse 43.]

These Muslims in name only have been naturally edified by a culture that is completely foreign to the one they came from. But they did not consciously decide to reject Islamic values and embrace Western ones. The process was implicit - it happened naturally when they were exposed to Western, i.e., pro-life, values. They and we fail to realize that a good Muslim, by our standards, is a bad Muslim or a non-Muslim by Islamic standards. And that the barbaric jihadists are what passes for heroes in Islam. Western Muslims have to appreciate the stark difference between Western values and Islamic values and stop pretending that they’re one and the same. It’s simply not true. And one of the dangers that this poses for us in our defense against jihad is that decent human beings who identify themselves as Muslim give Islam a good face, a good name, one far better than it deserves. This gives us a false impression of what we’re facing, with just another excuse not to face it.

© 2008 Bosch Fawstin



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I want to welcome readers of THE NEW INDIVIDUALIST magazine, thanks for visiting. This is where you can find regular images of my upcoming graphic novel, The Infidel, featuring Pigman. I will have an announcement by March as to how I'm going to jumpstart the book, likely as a one-shot issue to begin chapter one which I'll be using to lock up a publisher. Short of that, I will go from there, releasing the book as a series of chapters to be collected as a graphic novel at a later date. So take a look around my blog, I have fairly regular posts with images promoting The Infidel/Pigman, and in the meantime you can purchase PIGMAN Merchandise at my cafe press store. You can also purchase my first graphic novel, TABLE FOR ONE, which I break down as 'Dirty Harry as a waiter', a story which takes place on one night in an underground restaurant in Manhattan shortly after 9/11 where anything that can happens, does happen. If you'd like to order a signed copy by me, you can contact me. I'm also available for commission work and I sell original artwork/comic book pages as well, contact me for more details on that. Also, if you want to initiate a topic, you can do so at my website's forum.

I want to mention to my regular blog visitors that I'm profiled in the latest March 08 issue of THE NEW INDIVIDUALIST
in an article written by New Individualist features writer Robert L. Jones. It's a six page profile/interview for which I've contributed a few exclusive drawings of Pigman. It's a great magazine, I'm very happy with how my section in it came out, just got my issue yesterday, and If you're interested in getting the issue or subscribing to the magazine, you can call 202-AYN-RAND (296-7263) or toll free: 800-374-1776.

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Killian Duke, Ex-Muslim Propigandist*
Hero of The Infidel

*With thanks to Robert L. Jones for his perfect pun, 'Propiganda'.

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Who would you want on your side if gang members from the religion of peace surrounded you in a dead end alleyway?
A ‘Moderate’ Muslim?

The same people who tell us that Islam is a religion of peace tell us that Muslims are ‘our greatest allies’ against jihad. That there exists a world of evidence proving both of these assumptions to be empirically false hasn’t yet mattered to those in Washington P.C.

To call Washington’s refusal to know what makes the enemy tick a dereliction of duty is an understatement.

In a sane world, after suffering through George ‘Islam means peace’ Bush’s quarter-assed response to jihad, the current crop of candidates would be publicly quizzed about their knowledge of Islam and the Enemy as being a clear prerequisite to becoming commander in chief. As of today, only Romney has been willing to use the word Jihad.

As to ‘our greatest allies’: Muslims have proven themselves to be mere sheep to their jihadist wolves. While we never hear a peep from Muslims when Infidels are murdered by one of their own, they get jolted from their moral coma only when Islam is slighted by a non-Muslim. And they run to Islam’s rescue as if it were a damsel in distress Muslim brother in distress. They have shown themselves to be not only irrelevant against Jihad, but also sympathetic towards it. It’s something we’re going to have to come to grips with and that they’re going to have to answer for. Muslims as a group are not on our side and, according to Islam, shouldn’t be on our side in any context. I’m speaking mainly about the Muslim Collective, the submitted Muslims who aren't quite jihadists, but sure as hell are not rooting against Jihad either. Which brings me to a great quote from George Orwell that is relevant here, even though it’s about pacifism in wartime, 1942:

"Pacifism is objectively pro-Fascist. This is elementary common sense. If you hamper the war effort of one side you automatically help out that of the other. Nor is there any real way of remaining outside such a war as the present one. In practice, 'he that is not with me is against me.' "
[The next two paragraphs are a continuation of Orwell’s line of thought, published 9/26/01 and written by Michael Kelly, the first journalist to be killed in Iraq in April 2003]

“England's pacifists howled, but Orwell's logic was implacable. The Nazis wished the British to not fight. If the British did not fight, the Nazis would conquer Britain. The British pacifists also wished the British to not fight. The British pacifists, therefore, were on the side of a Nazi victory over Britain. They were objectively pro-Fascist.

An essentially identical logic obtains now. Organized terrorist groups have attacked America. These groups wish the Americans to not fight. The American pacifists wish the Americans to not fight. If the Americans do not fight, the terrorists will attack America again. And now we know such attacks can kill many thousands of Americans. The American pacifists, therefore, are on the side of future mass murders of Americans. They are objectively pro-terrorist.”

To further make this important point: Muslim’s haven’t done anything against Jihad and they sure as hell don’t want us to do anything against their 'sacred' Jihad, objectively making them on the side of Jihadists. If Muslims aren’t for the defeat of Jihad, then they’re objectively for its victory and will not lift a finger to challenge it. They need not necessarily act against us to be against us, since some Muslims simply aren’t built to be jihadists, but instead are meant to stand by passively as the Jihad has its way with the world.

The only way we can fully defend ourselves and give Muslims an incentive to proactively reject Jihad is to ruthlessly crush it and bury it once and for all, whatever it takes. In doing so, 'moderate' Muslims will magically pop up all over the world, glad to be alive and having avoided the fate of the jihadists. It’s a start.

Only when the enemy is crushed will the non-Mohammed Muslims be able to take the stage of Islam that the jihadists owned for a thousand years. Then Muslims will be given a chance to join the civilized world and begin making the case for a pacified Islam, or scrap the whole mess entirely. Islam’s fate will be up to them at that point, unless they pull a jihad revival, and then it’ll be up to us, because we cannot allow ourselves to be at the mercy of an enemy for whom Nukes are the answer.