Thursday, January 31, 2008


Salaam Duka, Born Again Muslim
Subjective Hero of The Infidel


phuckie slum said...

Seeing Salaam Duka, reminds how far how far sand-nazism has spread out; it makes me vomit in my mouth.

Mike Thompson said...

Wow! Is that pastel, Bosch? That is a wonderful portrait. A sharp contrast to his brother, Killian. (Nice goatee, btw.) I hope you definitely consider some of these images you post as covers/chapter headings/summaries/bonus pinups when The Infidel is released and then ultimately collected into one volume.

Bosch Fawstin said...

phuckie slum,

Soon as the Muslim hordes busted out of Arabia, the blond haired blue eyed Muslim was not far. Salaam represents the enemy's wet dream, to have a completely undetectable human bomb, short of a Blond bombshell, a red one will do.


It's colored pencil, topped off with photoshop. I do believe you'll be seeing most of these images in printed form one day, they would make nice extras.

Mike Thompson said...

Interesting that you mention "undetectable bomb", Bosch. Last night while waiting for the Democratic debate (I watch both parties' debates out of morbid curiosity)I tuned into Glenn Beck. One segment was about the growing danger of Europe-based terrorist cells (comprised of Westernized Muslims-- at one time exposed to Western culture, but having since rejected it). Members of these groups, it was explained, would be far more suitably equipped to infiltrate the United States because of their familiarity with our cultural norms. I think it's a testament to your research skills and objective thinking that details like this are an integral part of The Infidel. BRAVO! It is essential to paint as true and accurate a picture of these lowlifes as possible.

** Also of interest, the very same segment reported, as I am sure in more highly-regarded media, that Britain has gone full-time PC when it comes to appeasing its Muslim population. They have recently renounced the term "Islamic Terrorism" and replaced it with the more..ahem..correct phrase "Anti-Islamic Activity". It would seem that country has already submitted to Islam. Pathetic.

Bosch Fawstin said...


It's a secret weapon of theirs that if they pull off in a big way will force the world to come to terms with the fact that Islam and Muslims have nothing to do with race, but with ideology. Let me be clear here, most of the Muslim terrorists are Arab, but it is that very fact which makes the white Muslim such a stealth weapon against us. Thank you for the generous words regarding my take on this, I've made it a point to start from reality, from truth, and then proceed from that base into story.

Britain's cultural destruction is by its own hand. Their desire to believe that Islam has nothing to do with Muslim terrorism can be empirically disproven Every Single Day, besides the fact that simply reading the Koran and the Islamic texts tell us exactly what Islam has in store for us. All this in the name of giving the benefit of the doubt to a religion/culture who has Never earned it. This faith in Islam by those charged with protecting us is as irrational as Islam itself.
To see a once great power submit like this to the scum of the earth is one of today's great tragedies.

Anonymous said...

Late to the party...but beautiful portrait. Yes, this will be a great "pin-up." Piercing eyes...Can't wait for the WholeStory!


Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks, Wholebrainer. Just got over a Big hump on that front, the Wholestory, that is.