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A big part of the self-reputation of many Muslims living in the West, mainly those who were born and raised here, is that they’re good and decent human beings by virtue of Islam. But in reality, these “Muslims” reject Islamic values and embrace Western ones, whether they admit it to themselves or not. They have the luxury to credit Islam without having to suffer under Islam, under its life-suffocating Sharia Law. And their version of Islam is sometimes fancifully referred to as “American Islam,” as if there exists such an entity apart from Islam itself.

This is the kind of dangerous nonsense that allows Islam into our culture as if it were just another part of the great American melting pot. [At this moment, I can't help but think of just one of the many threats in the Koran, one promising that pots of scalding water will be poured over the heads of Infidels who will suffer in hell for all eternity for not believing Mohammed's lies. Ch. 44: verse 43.]

These Muslims in name only have been naturally edified by a culture that is completely foreign to the one they came from. But they did not consciously decide to reject Islamic values and embrace Western ones. The process was implicit - it happened naturally when they were exposed to Western, i.e., pro-life, values. They and we fail to realize that a good Muslim, by our standards, is a bad Muslim or a non-Muslim by Islamic standards. And that the barbaric jihadists are what passes for heroes in Islam. Western Muslims have to appreciate the stark difference between Western values and Islamic values and stop pretending that they’re one and the same. It’s simply not true. And one of the dangers that this poses for us in our defense against jihad is that decent human beings who identify themselves as Muslim give Islam a good face, a good name, one far better than it deserves. This gives us a false impression of what we’re facing, with just another excuse not to face it.

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phuckie slum said...

Great post Bosch.
My only fear is your summary at the bottom is just already too late for a comfort.

Mike Thompson said...

Based upon the presumptive presidential nominees, I fear that it's fast becoming a non-issue in the public consciousness. HUGE mistake. The literal war to end all wars is being virtually ignored. An embarrassment, especially in this most urgent time.

Excellent post by the way, Bosch.

Anonymous said...

...And of course American Muslims are committed to the Non-Establishment Clause and Free Excercise Clauses of the First Amendment--except when they aren't. Check out Mohamed Elibiary's exchange with Robert Spencer at JihadWatch.

I can't figure Elbiary out. He's articulate, rational, forthright about some things, reserved about others, seemingly sincere, convinced he knows the right and the good, tolerant of all manner of outrages and fanaticisms under the rubric of the "political," accepts that Islam is the divinely ordained end that gives him no qualms about relativistic means, and exibits a moral blind spot big enough to swallow a camel--this fellow American gives me the creeps. Let him laugh off the prospect of jizya in America--that he allows for it anywhere in the world anytime in the future is repulsive.

Bosch Fawstin said...


Thank you, and let's both hope that's not the case, though our side does Not want to destroy the enemy as much as the enemy wants to destroy us, and things like 'American Islam' [ISLAMERICA] only hurt us.


We've definitely put ourselves in a bad position by who's left standing in this race regarding the war against Jihad, with only McCain willing to say anything remotely close to describing the enemy, though in an embarrassing, clumsy way in 'Radical Islamic Fundamentalism'. Precision is needed here Big Time, for if we begin callin the enemy by its name, we can then begin finding out who the hell the enemy is and then begin the end of this jihad once and for all. It's going to be a while, politicians are in charge of our response after all.

Anonymous said...


It's Imad Mughniyeh's wedding night in HELL.

I wonder if PIGMAN is gifted with a window into realms beyond.

Anonymous said...

If you should want to know, I'll tell you the latest skirmishes in the Camel Wars at JW.

Bosch Fawstin said...

John C Barile,

Elibiary's problem is Islam, Islam and his mental submission to it. No matter how 'articulate, rational and forthright' he comes off as, in the end, it's Islam that tells him what to think and what to say, and hopefully not what to do.

Bosch Fawstin said...

John C Barile,

Always a good day when rat fuck's like Mughniyeh pay.

Speaking of other realms, that's exactly what Pigman's world affords me, when it comes to showing how I think this war should be fought and in giving all the characters what they deserve, from the good, to the bad, to the enemy.

Bosch Fawstin said...

johncbarile said...
'If you should want to know, I'll tell you the latest skirmishes in the Camel Wars at JW.'

Tell away, wondering if there were any delete-worthy ones.

Bosch Fawstin said...


Anonymous said...

Camel Wars Journal

A flare-up erupts on the comments thread Feb. 9, "Yall are stupid morons get a life," at 11:50 AM, when Beagle asks: Camel's - posterior - references off limits now? I remark: I just love camel analogies--let 'em fly! --to which Marisol takes pointed exception to. Just follow the thread for a day and a half, for your amusement.

In the aftermath, a left a silly mixed-metaphor joke for you, Bosch, the 21st comment posted on the DhimmiWatch story, "Iranian ambassador: 'Our laws allow ...'" I also gently needle Marisol at 10:42 AM Feb. 13, "Hamas kid TV rabbit ..." I just love rabbit acronyms. (after Marisol jokingly makes such).

Anonymous said...

Great Albanian-American!--I wonder just what kind of representation of The Prophet (Pigs Be Upon Hogs you might dash off in an inspired fit of scurrilous impiety, Bosch! (Snout Of a Warthog)! Take up my dare!! (Circulate your handiwork anonymously, if you like; now, if I had your talent ...)

Until tomorrow, Bosch.

Anonymous said...


You practically read my mind!

Bosch Fawstin said...


I just took a look, cameloveit, Ha.
BTW, I must have literally been posting my link to my Mohammed drawing at JW just as you were inquiring about it. Sync!

Kali Politeis said...

"Islam Lite" really isn't Islam, is it? These "American Muslims" need to stop kidding themselves. What's the point of even calling themselves "Muslims?" And why are they Muslims? Because some alien Arab cult invading their country and destroyed their own religion centuries ago? So, they are really just slaves to the Arab desert cult and its leaders.

The Truth About Islam

Bosch Fawstin said...

Kali Politeis,

Ditto. After Mohammed's words bombed out, it was Brute Force that was the savior of Islam and that maintains its power over Muslims to this day, most especially the Fear of brute force which maintains their mental submission. But Mohammed kept the title Islam, because
‘Brute Force means Peace’
might scare away even those who easily submit. And if the enemy could do something easy, it'd be heaven to them as they despise hard work of Any kind. They'd much rather Cut to the chase.

Richard Baptist said...

I stumbled upon your blog following a few links. You know how it is on the web.
I was born and raised in the Netherlands where we pride ourselves on our tolerance and multicultural society. As I grew older however I learned things aren't as the media and politicians describe them to be.
I have also been a long time comic reader so your website certainly made an impression. Pigman is a very powerful icon!
After struggling with some questions about moderate muslims for a while I just found the answer in this entry of yours. This is something that makes so much sense, but has eluded me so far. You hit the nail on the head.
Keep up the good work.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Richard Baptist,

Thank you very much for the kind words and your appreciation of them. It's something I thought of for a while and articulated as best I can. Glad to have a new visitor, always appreciate it.

SIREN said...

"But in reality, these ‘Muslims’ reject Islamic values and embrace Western ones, whether they admit it to themselves or not."

In reality, they don't reject Islamic values or embrace Western ones at all.

They have always been from the first day they set foot on our soil - and they are here now - with an agenda. We are beginning to see the second generation of Muslim eggs, who received extreme indoctrination at their homes and Madrassas either overseas or here in the States, hatch. The third generation of Muslim eggs will be hatching soon.

Al-taqiyya tells them it's OK to lie, pretend, deceive and behave and appear civilized all for the cause of allah, but if one looks at them straight in the eye, one can see the resemblance of hell. One must have a keen eye sometimes. However, once you see it in one of them, you’ll see it in all of them. They are all possessed violent sleepers evermore awaking becoming active. Their civil appearance is nothing but a mirage. I don't know where you live, but where I live "Muslims of America" have 3 secluded camps all run by the Pakistani imam, schools preach Jihad; textbooks full of hate-based orders towards anyone who doesn’t have that hell look in their eyes. They have subtly treaded on us and we are losing.

Anonymous said...

You guys can say whatever you want about ISLAM now..and one day you will realize who ALLAH really is..and there is no gods other than HIM..and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the messenger of ALLAH and nothing like what you all have said..

maybe american muslims are not the best example of muslims..but are u good christians or jewish? i dont think stop talking bad things about ISLAM !!

Bosch Fawstin said...


SIREN said...


That was exactly my reaction too Bosch! hahaha

PS. So, when is the book coming out??? Can't wait. Have been busy, but I'm still around ;)

I'll blog it out on MS.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Ha, and the funny thing also is that Mohammed said that the yawn comes from the devil. I suppose that was his way to scare those who yawned at his sermons.

My collection, 'ProPiganda' will be available by the end of Jan. I will definitely give you a heads up on that, and I thank you in advance for your helping me push it when it hits. Happy New Year.

ashraf said...

You are a complete ignorant nut. I am an American Muslim, deeply faithful, and I don't subscribe to any of the nonsense you accuse us of. All scriptures are to some extent products of their time, and just as I don't expect you to be excommunicating people for adultery, as God commanded Moses, you should not be expecting Muslims to follow the letter of a document written to a certain community of people in a certain time. Most of what you accuse Islam of, isn't actually true. In fact, most Muslim communities were converted peacefully, as opposed to most Christian ones. In fact, I will put up the total number of people killed in the name of Christianity against the total number of people killed for Islam any day.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thank you for helping make my point.

Rowland C. Adams said...

How in the world did Ashraf made your point?? He countered your point that Islam was only spread after fear was injected into the people-- I'm no Muslim scholar but a quick wiki search says Mecca itself was conquered w/out a single drop of blood. But..according to you, people may have just given up seeing the sheer size of the Muslim Army..Right? But why would an entire city convert, while an offer existed that people didn't have to convert so long as they paid the protection tax.. Let's also take Sindh where Mohammed Bin Qasim went to conquer land but only succeeded because of the widespread belief in the success of Muslim religion.. Or the fact that had it not been for the tolerant behavior of the Umayyad, christianity wouldve been vanished from Asia

tell the truth to the world said...

You should all read what Ali Sina said in
No muslim can argue with him. Btw he has offered a huge reward for those who can proof him wrong.

trog69 said...

Good morning, Bosch Fawstin.

I am curious; what do you think should be done about Muslims in the US, especially US-born Muslims? Deport them all and refuse entry to any further believers?

Why do you not point out that the Christian bible is filled with much of the same violent dreck contained in the Koran? Perhaps it's that Christians don't follow the words in their own instruction manual, but you might want to take a look at some of the Christian Reconstructionist websites to find that they do in fact want to become just as bloodthirsty and lethally judgmental as any imam in Saudi Arabia.

As an atheist, I don't understand how the right can think they're being honest and upfront and yet ignore this fundamentalist poison.

I do not agree with my fellow lefties in thinking that most Muslims are not dangerous to the US. No, most of the Islamic faithful in most of the rest of the world truly enable the worst of their sect's "radical" activists, and in fact when polled we see that they really do support the sexist rhetoric and even the premises behind much of the violence. I don't know what we should do that doesn't piss all over the Constitution, but then again, I am of the tiny minority of Americans that sees the Constitution for what it is; a grand and grandly intelligent bulwark to help guide the US into being a global presence without equal, up until it isn't relevant. And much of it has not kept up with reality as we know it today. So, we can try and resolve the issues with the procedures outlined in that document, or do what the US government has been doing already for decades; ignore it.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Read my piece -My Name is Bosch and I'm a Recovered Muslim- for where I stand