Monday, March 31, 2008



George guy said...

That looks messy. I hope he brought enough ceremonial bacon.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Pig man looks good, like he finished off some evil Jihadies!
He looks like a real man. A true

Unfortunately, Bosch, I have some bad news. You thought those laughing people saying "we're sorry" looked like submission. Well this is real submission.
Copy this upsetting link into your browser.
Hot Air » Blog Archive » LiveLeak pulls “Fitna” after receiving “very serious” threats/

It doesn't go into any detail but the Blog title says it all. You will be very disappointed with LiveLeak.
Sorry I don't know how to make links work when posting comments.


Anonymous said...

Well heres another link that might make you guys feel better. Its Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch talking about the causes of Jihad.
The content of the video won't make you feel good, but at least it lets us know that Wilder's isn't the only one out there standing up for our freedom against the jihad monsters.

I don't know what is a bigger joke, the OIC thinking that they can convince us that blasphemy laws and free speech are compatible or that some non Muslim people in the west might take them seriously. Sometimes it seems we are living in a very, very dark comedy.


Godfrey of Utah said...

Pigman looks cool, like he has taken care of some business and is moving on to what is next. A (Pig)Man on a Mission. I had known for a while about the bad news concerning liveleak and Fitna. But through some miracle, we can still see Fitna. The Koranimals cannot turn back the clock. "What's done is done (William Shakesphere's Macbeth)!" I thank the Lord for that. I will not give up hope. May God continue to protect Robert Spencer, Bosch Fawstin, Geert Wilder, and all who speak the truth.

Mike Thompson said...

Fantastic image! The play on words is nice, too. I also must comment, Bosch, that your ability to make a figure occupy (read: live within) space and display natural movement is amazing. Many comic artists (Jim Lee comes to mind) draw their characters as stiff as a board. Yours are as natural as can be.

Bosch Fawstin said...

George Guy,

I think the pigskin leather on his suit is sufficient, ha.

Bosch Fawstin said...


Thanks, and as of last night, LiveLeak has decided to show Fitna again, but that Fitna's official site was hijacked by some rats.

Bosch Fawstin said...


Thank you my friend, the truth will out.

Bosch Fawstin said...


Thank you, I do try to be as natural as I can be in the movements of my characters, it's very important to me.

Anonymous said...


Are you saying that jihadies managed to hack Fitna's website? Also on 9/11 those evil people flew our own planes into the twin towers and the pentagon, remember. For a group of people who hate everything to do with the west, they are sure good at using western technology against us. Its kind of like the aliens in "Independence Day" using humanities own satellites to line up their ships before they blow up every major city on Earth. By the way, I can think of a few more analogies between that movie and the war on terror.


Bosch Fawstin said...


Yeah, looks that way, and here was the opening of their peaceful message to those who visited the site:

"What a Shame on You so called ‘Humans..'

And this enemy does turn everything into weapons, using phones as bomb detonators/death threats via text messages, car/truck/plane bombs, etc.
Internet as recruitment for spreading propraganda, audio tapes/Cd's for propaganda, you can go on and on, while our leaders sit on our power and wait for something big to justify action, as if 9/11 didn't happen. Sick.

George guy said...

Bosch Fawstin said...

George Guy,

I think the pigskin leather on his suit is sufficient, ha.

Probably right, but there might be an advantage in having something to leave behind as a sort of calling card.

Bosch Fawstin said...

George Guy,

Check out an older post titled 'The Western goes Eastern', where Pigman's aiming his Pigun, pig-snout barrel and all. It's a watergun filled with dreaded.....pigstuff.
Speaking of bacon, I did design some 'bacon bookmarks' that guessed it, bacon. With the text on one side: 'When Will Comics Take on Jihad? and the other side answering with Pigman in flight.
We'll see how that goes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bosch,

You know, speaking of people who stand up to the Islamists. There is another person I thought of who thinks we aren't doing enough to stand up to our enemies. Former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich.

Put this link in your browser.

He has something interesting to say, that I think you might agree with. He's talking about how Israel is often blamed for Muslim violence. I think its part of a much longer speech, even though he signs off at the end. I remember him using these exact same words in other speech, in which he goes into all this detail about how he thinks we're not standing up to our enemies enough.

Bosch, I personally don't know if you like Newt, but you will probably agree with him on this.
I wish I could find the full version of the speech.


Fellow Infidel said...

YES YES YES! MO MO MO!!! Thanks buddy. That's bloody great! We want mo.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Fellow Infidel,

Thanks a Lot, glad you like it. And there's most definitely Mo coming.

Bosch Fawstin said...


I have a hard time taking any politician seriously, even if what they say at times makes sense. The left being what they are, we're stuck with those who are relatively rational, but always, Always disappoint, mostly when they betray their own policies, such as Bush and his long gone 'Bush Doctrine'.

Anonymous said...


You have a hard time taking politicians seriously. I do too sometimes. I just thought you might like what he had to say.


Bosch Fawstin said...


Let me be clear, I don't mean to blow off the content of your link, I like what he says about Isreal, I just have this natural aversion about taking too seriously those for whom the truth is optional. And even the ones who aren't outright liars find it very difficult to tell the full, damning truth about Islam.

Where's America's Geert Wilders?

Speaks volumes.

shiva said...


These stuff would really sit nice on my blog, so I really hpoe you dont mind if I use it

Many thanx in advance


phuckie slum said...


Good stuff. Thanks for the link.
I liked what Newt had to say about Israel. He's right on the money.


unless you were already approved for this, it doesn't make a great impression to ask permission to post Bosch's copyrighted artwork and at the same time post it. Since this isn't really my problem, I will say that what kinda bugs me is how you diss Charles Jonhson and Robert Spencer as jihadists in your blog, because they do not align with supremacist european groups, who gladly jumped on the ride on the bandwagon of anti-jihad to gain awareness, because anti-Semitism (knowingly a direct product of fascism), white-power and/or supremacy only fiercely reject the masses.

With such articles, you are only shooting yourself in the foot -- that unless Bosch agrees with you, which I highly doubt.

Anonymous said...

phuckie slum,

I sort of read over that bizarre parody on Robert Spencer, Shiva has posted on his website. Let Me tell you, that is not funny. That's just dumb.
I don't like Barrack Obama that much. But I don't think he's a jihadist or even a Muslim anymore.

Phuckie Slum you also are right to point out that we shouldn't just ignore one type of evil, because its followers are against our Jihadist enemies. Some of those European Nationalist parties, are National Socialist. Also known as Nazis. If the Jihadist took over any of western country it would certainly be horrible. But the rise of a Fourth Reich would be horrible as well. Evil is Evil. The enemy of our enemy is not always our friend.


Bosch Fawstin said...

phuckie slum,

Appreciate being the watchdog here, I didn't get a chance to get a look at Shiva's site, but I do know that all those who have used my images on their sites have either asked for permission first before posting, or at least clearly attributing them to me, along with linking back to my site. Thanks for staying on top of this, P.S.

And disparaging Robert Spencer and Charles Johnson is out of line, these are good men doing good work, who've maintained a rather easy going nature despite what they deal with. Their daily dissimination of important truths, on a mass scale, is doing a great service to humanity. We're individuals in the end, each telling the truth in our own style, so long as we all agree with the big picture in the end. We're no doubt going to find ourselves in bed with all types of people against Jihad, but racists have their own agenda, and should be summarily expunged from gaining credibility by being on the side of the good guys at all times. I can go on, I expect this to be more of a concern as this site grows, as it most defnitely is, I must say.

Bosch Fawstin said...

phuckie slum,

Appreciate being the watchdog here, I didn't get a chance to get a look at Shiva's site, but I do know that all those who have used my images on their sites have either asked for permission first before posting, or at least clearly attributing them to me, along with linking back to my site. Thanks for staying on top of this, P.S.

And disparaging Robert Spencer and Charles Johnson is out of line, these are good men doing good work, who've maintained a rather easy going nature despite what they deal with. Their daily dissimination of important truths, on a mass scale, is doing a great service to humanity. We're individuals in the end, each telling the truth in our own style, so long as we all agree with the big picture in the end. We're no doubt going to find ourselves in bed with all types of people against Jihad, but racists have their own agenda, and should be summarily expunged, or they'll attempt to gain credibility by being on the side of the good guys, which is their purpose.
I can go on, I expect this to be more of a concern as this site grows, as it most defnitely is, I must say, thanks to all.

Bosch Fawstin said...


It's like when you hear about how Hitler hated communism. Sure he did, it was the competition. Communism, Fascism, Nazism, they had no disputes in principle, and were merely competing evils who stood shoulder to shoulder against The Individual.

shiva said...

phuckie slum said...

I will say that what kinda bugs me is how you diss Charles Jonhson and Robert Spencer as jihadists in your blog

I did not say anything of the kind, what I wrote was that the anti-jihad movement is a shambles

Partly to do with fly by nights such as yourself.

You should read my post more carefully, before you shoot your mouth off.

Firstly the parody is not on my blog, it is, if you follow the link, On Memories of Willow Blog.

If you can read what I wrote, Then you will see that I did not state that Spencer is a jihadist.

NO DOUBT A PARODY which everbody missed at JW/BW

But it does raise a few questions about Mr Spencer

What better way for Islamic extremism to flourish and create divisions within society than to have a jihadist posing as an anti jihadist!

Well he may not be an islamic extremist but between him and Charles Johnson they have done pretty well at creating a division within the anti-jihad movement, where they give room to UAF (Unite Against Fascism) infiltraitors and get suckered in by their propaganda.

“Robert Spencer of Jihad watch is an Islamic Jihadist posing as an anti-jihadist”

Now that is a bit strong.

But I have marked that he keeps a distance from hard liners.

So my gripe with Spencer is he has a tendency to support the side of red fascist UAF when it comes to English matters, much like the King Lizard and his folks at LGF. He is very fast to distance him self from all the European Nationalists, such as the BNP. He can decry them for their very murky past, but he absolutely refuses to give them any credit for what they are doing to-day, and that is getting the ordinary Joe to see the evils of islam, while the BNP are on the streets freezing their balls off giving out leaflets, and going door to door, informing people, at a great risk, Spencer and Hugh”yawn” Fitzgerald are talking over the heads of the normal person.

And as for jumping on the bandwagon. The BNP and its members where printing and distributing anti-jihad posters and leaflets long before 9/11 without pay

Makes make your claim about jumping on the band wagon a bit pathetic

And to quote Reversepsycology

"To be perfectly honest I find J.W./D.W. a kind of club, for disaffected boy-scouts, where they meet and congregate around a pair of dead carcases.

The "Master", or his(yawn)"deputy", then post a link, (usually sent in by one of the scouts themselves), and then the "scouts" all take turns to condemn and deride the subject matter at hand.

How cosy...

How false...

Especially as you begin to realise that, in effect, it’s all just one big franchise, with "adverts" and "plugs" to "enriching the boy-scout souls", and the "masters" pockets."

Charles Johnson and Robert Spencer did not start their sites until after 9/11 and both are making money from their sites.

Even this site is plugging, using the anti-jihad sentiments,or as you put it, jumping on the band wagon.

Yes I do have a gripe against Spencer and Johnson about their remarks concerning the nationalist movements in Europe

Their remarks are a slap in the face to hundreds of dedicated people, who, without pay are giving out leaflets and exposing islam, in fact they are endorsing the very people are with violence helping the jihadist.

I have never read anywhere from RS or CJ speaking against the Unite Against Fascist thugs, that encourage attacks against women and children.

I have been a regular visitor to JW for nearly five years, so my comments about Spencer are not fly by night comments.

As for the snide comment, about me putting up one illusration before being granted permission.

Well, I have to say this..

Images shown on Illustrared Pig are considered common good as all were saved from the Internet and therefore are available to everyone in the world.

All images depicted on Illustrared Pig are hosted by, so none are hot-linked to a private website outside Blogger.

on Illustrared Pig does not make any money, it is hosted by Blogger without cost


I like so many others, including most of the so-called fascist of BNP are putting in thousands of man hours to combat islam, with out any financial reward.

Well when I posted the picture I was in the middle of making a write up of the artist, but the time was 3.30 in the morning, and I needed to sleep before completing my post.

Also very interesting to note that thay phuckie slum and damian are doing great work within the anti jihad movement, just look at their blogs.

I would like to add that I live not so far away from the village where Amrozi and the Bali bombers lived. East Java, which is crawling with real live Jihadi,s, so for me to maintain Illustrated Pig can be dangerous, unlike you Yanks who post from your secure locations, and think that you are going to save the world, lead by Robert Spencer on his moral high hobby horse.

Finally, would Robert Spencer endorse the drawing on this site by putting any of them on his blog?

Bosch Fawstin said...


There is a serious concern about who jumps onto the good fight against jihad, and it will lead to people sometimes fairly or sometimes unfairly being quickly dismissed for being associated, in even the most minor, peripheral way, with shady groups with rotten agendas. This rift within the battle against Jihad is real, and it's most defnitely worth the trouble to set clear lines on, NOW, before the war really goes big.
And for the record, whether or not Robert Spencer agrees with the approach I take against Jihad on my site, he was generous enough to post about it on his own site a while back. And in addition to your potshots at me, Phuckie Slum & Damien, your dismissal of Hugh Fitzgerald is not just out of line, but revelatory. To be so easily dismissive of such a great mind weapon against Jihad tells me you've got some serious thinking to do.

phuckie slum said...

Shiva, are you the same user on

Anyway, with these convoluted replies, personal slander, I simply rest my case. Screening through all this verbose made my stance even stronger and better.

Charles Johnson and Robert Spencer should be applauded for the strong ground and caution with who they align with.

All Islamic terrorist groups follow the exact same footprints of the Nazi ideology. That same ideology, which systematically poisoned people's minds in great detail with lies about racism and supremacy. That exact ideology, which monstrously hunted down and butchered six million Jews, for being innocent Jews, throughout all of europe and beyond as the highest order (see "judgement hour won't come until the muslim fights the Jew"): Hizballah and various "palestinian" terrorists salute exactly like Nazis. They are increasingly being taught vermin hate against Jews in schools and everywhere they go, even before the establishment of Israel (see Haj Amin Al husseini). "Mein Kampf" is a mega-hit in the middle east and Islamic paradises. "Scrolls of Elders of Zion" is a close-second to the koran. A dangerously large muslim populace adores and adheres to Adolf Hitler himself for exterminating six million Jews, and boast about finishing his 'job' with the "REAL" holocaust, while at the same time deny the holocaust, exactly like neo-nazis.

These are just a few things we get when we scratch the surface.

So - why would anyone sane sympathize with underground or closet neo-nazis, like the BNP and Vlamms Belang just because they are also against those who zealously revere Hitler and want to be worse? Or better yet, what if tomorrow all the muslims condemn and protest against Supremacists and Nazis -- does it make it right for me to be their ally?

As you realize, you must be less than a retard to actually tag with these euro-fascists groups, or any kind of fascist group, whether it's black power and what not.

In this note, since I'm all revved up now -- and although unrelated, I'd like to mention it reminds me the exposure of that phony "Muslims Against Sharia" full-o-shit West-hating Muslim Immigrant Puss (W.I.M.P). Man, he was such a terrorist twisting goatphucker.

"Muslims Against Sharia", in case you grace us with your presence, please do not read the previous paragraph.

shiva said...

Shiva, are you the same user on

I have never heard of FaithOfFreedom. org, but if you mean Faith Freedom International, yes

I have been a member there for nearly five years, about the same lenght of time as I have been commenting at JW

So you no need to impress me with your knowledge about the Muzi/Nazi connection (RS has banned the term Muzi at JW)

Now it is very interesting that you bring up FFI.

Now, FFI is one of the few Anti-Jihad sites that existed before 9/11.

Ali Sini is an ex-muslim, and he has done tremendous work opposing islam. At the same time Ali started FFI the BNP stared cleaning up, by kicking out the nazi,s by changing their agenda.

Now isnt it ironical that many anti-jihadis can welcome former muslims with open arms, yet condemn any-body that has anything to do with nazi,s in the past. Rather hypocritical I would say.

The anti-jihadis can welcome ex-terrorists such as Walid Shoebat, Kamal Saleem Zachariah Anani and Ed Hussain,Who admit to being recruited as children into Palestinian terrorist organizations, murdering hundreds of civilians and blowing up a bank in Israel. yet treat Vlaams Belang frontman Filip Dewinter, Nick Griffin of BNP and Jimmie Ã…kesson of Swedish Democrats like the plague.

Also there is nothing illegal about these parties.

Now a little question or you, if the BNP are so rotten to the core, then why is it the British Tory party urging its members to caste their fist preference vote for Richard Barnbrook (BNP) in the upcoming London elections?

Interesting little fact you wont find at LGF

Yes I openly conditionally support the BNP and the other nationalist parties in their present form, where as 10 years ago I opposed them violently, But the moment they show signs of slipping back to their old slimey ways, I like many others will withdraw our support, and these parties are well aware that they would loose big time

So by giving conditional support, in fact forces them to steer clear of going back to their murky past.

As for me doing some serious thinking, well I have.

May-be you people in the states should do some serious thinking, even just thinking that the Europeans would let the nazi,s back,is more than an insult, especially when it comes from the USA which not only doesnt have a political party which is actively combating islam, but in the very near future have a closet moslim for a prezident.

Enjoy your Mcfalafel and Coca Camel

As for slandering Robert Spencer and Hugh Fitzgerald talking over the heads of the common man, is that slander?

Is comparing what Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch and Nick Griffin / BNP are doing in there efforts to counter Jihad is that slander?


I am just stating the unadulterated truth

I stated very clearly that the Anti-jihad movement is in a shambles, and a lot of this is due to many main stream anti-jihadis such as RS and CJ swallowing the government backed (see Searchlight/Ken livingstone/Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari) Anti Fascist League.

Jihad watch has red fascist infiltraitors who post very rarely, only to show their ugly heads whenever Spencer nit picks the nationalists movements then slinks into the back ground, and let the infiltraitors take over the thread, and it is the same crowd that can be found on LGF.

Sorry to disappoint you but Jihad Watch is not the full blooded site you wish it to be.

And phuckie slum (FYI phuckie in Indonesian translates to pussy)

To set the record straight, it was you that started the slander by falsely accusing me of dissing RS and CJ of being Jihadist.

In fact you are a down right liar, as I did not post it on my blog, but I did give a link to the site where it can be found, yes it is the same link that can be found on JW.

It is marvelous that you haven,t opened up any other links, because on many other places I have praised Robert Spencer.

I think that I spend just as much time as Robert Spencer in my efforts to combat islam, yet I am not restricted by the forces of economics to be political correct, such as we see with most of the U$A anti-jihadis.

By the way, I have taken down the illustration, and have no interest to put any of the artwork up on my site, if when I asked if it is okay to put on my site, and get a load of crap from your yapping lap dog pussy slime

And now for some great art work,

And finally

Anonymous said...


Insulting us, for our concern that you may be aligning yourself with the wrong people is just dumb. It makes you look like a jerk. If this BNP you keep talking about has truly abandoned its racist, fascist, past and they oppose Jihad, than maybe you should support them. But even if we are wrong, please don't treat us like this. If there is good reason to think that you are aligning yourself with fascist groups simply because they oppose Jihad, we have ligament concern. For one thing, many people think any criticism of Islam is bigotry. Why associate with real bigots. Wouldn't that just reinforce that notion in the minds of the terrorist's politically correct apologists? Don't you think that could also harm the anti-Jihad movement as well? If we are wrong fine. Point out that the BNP has abandoned its old ways, and try to convince us to support them opposing Jihad.
But don't be a jerk about it. Please.


Memories of the Willow Tree said...


Please can I have permission to use this image on my blog?


Memories of the Willow Tree said...

The pigman picture I meant to say, can I use it please for an article I am writing.

shiva said...


I came here to ask if it was okay to use some of the images from this site, and both you and pussy slim jumped on me.

You both accused me of posting an article, which I neither authored or post in full, in fact on my blog I even commented that saying Spencer is a Jihadist, was in my opinion as bit strong.

So both you and PS where totally out of order.

If you had bothered to read my blog more carefully,you would notice I was being very critical of how the Anti Jihad movement (AJM) is a total mess, and Spencers remarks do not make things any better.

To-day there is a big rift in the AJM, and this rift was started by CJ at LGF when he started using material from a very suspect Swedish source (Expo),and anybody that tried to refute CJ where banned, such as Fjordman, and Sheik Ya Mami plus a host of other serious bloggers

Of course Spencer has come out in support of CJ.

Both of RS and CJ have slagged the only groups in Europe that are active against islam they fail to report about how the labour party has been rigging the votes

They have failed to mention that the editor of the source that CJ was using was charges of attempted homicidal arson.

If you notice, he has started several threads slagging BNP, but neither Spencer or Fitzgerald part in the following discussion, In a few of the threads I have put to Spencer the question,would he be willing to talk in the same type of places as what the nationalists are doing, and Spencer on more than one occasion remained silent.At the same time he has axed several people the he deemed to be to hardcore anti-islamic or showed to much support for the BNP.

Anyway it is not much point in discussing this here because it is evident that here Spencer is the golden boy who will lead you all out of the dark shadow of islam

So if you feel I am insulting you, all i can say is you have nobody to blame but your selves

You should have looked at my blog and you will have found many places where I have praised Spencer

Also If you care to check out any of the 1000 plus posts I have made at JW you will find plenty of positive remark I have made about the man.

The same goes for Fitzgerald.He has written some incredible articles, but he has also written a lot of pretentious crap.

Any way thanx to the likes of Nick Griffin the bigot England will not have an Obama

shiva said...

One final note this URL is to a poster that was being circulated before 9/11

So who is jumping on the band wagon

Anonymous said...

We'll Shiva, I'll apologize for any misunderstanding, but could please call us by our chosen names. You are calling us mean things. That why you sound like you are insulting us. Also I did read your blog carefully. I realized that article in your blog was parody. Like I said earlier I didn't think it was funny. By the way I am glad at least that someone was standing up to the Jihadist before 9/11


phuckie slum said...


You keep seething at us here and at your creepily lonesome blog for "accusing" you of being the author of, apparently, a slanderous parody on Robert Spencer, in which you agree with to some extent. You then admitted you were the one actually writing "Robert Spencer is a jihadist" as a funny-but-true exaggeration. It's really that painful to read your contradictory shitty mess.

It gets worse when posting inflammatory long comments here isn't enough to stop you from going back to your hole blog and vent out a ludicrous article about it, and then come back here to continue your angry parade and link us to it with a webpage title that says "here is one nigga rapper that got it":

and an article title that puts terrorists and everyone who doesn't support the closet-fascist parties in europe in the same equation, which goes:
"Dedicated to all the Jihadis,
Quasi Anti Jihadi,s,"

[Errors in original quote, the fascist fuck is apparently an illiterate and doesn't know how to use an apostrophe]

I then noticed you came down on the "illustrator" (Bosch) who's "a quasi anti-jihadist..riding the Islamophobic cash cow", and further equated the "illustrator's" work to Nazi artwork style, being inherently influential of it. How much more of an confused and ungrateful degenerate can you get? And to think you actually grew a skin patch to come here to phonily praise the "illustrator's" work and "ask" for permission".

It's the illiteracy, isn't it? Bugs your shitty life you're just like Mo. Just like him, you too deal with absolute: "Support the BNP and Vlams Belang or fuck you, you're a jihadi!"



It'd be cool if Duke painted Pigman kicking the shit out of Shiva and Muslims against Sharia, on one of the splash pages.

Memories of the Willow Tree said...

"Like I said earlier I didn't think it was funny. "

Americans have no sense of humour...

Well, apart from W.

Memories of the Willow Tree said...



"1090 - The 1st crusades - Why? Because the oil in the swamps was used for cooking and making hard plastic like cups which the Catholic Inquisition used to barter with and trade with for spice. "


Bosch Fawstin said...

Phuckie slum, Damien,

I'm finding more and more that the best argument against punks like these is to simply point to their posts.

shiva said...


Thats the way to go,apology is accepted.

As far as the RS is a Jihadi Parody is concerned,it can be found here

My comment to this was

Now that is a bit strong.

Now that in most peoples eyes is not an appraisal.

Also I pointed out that most people at JW missed the point that it was a parody.

phuckie slum

You are totally out of order / control using other peoples blogs to slander people who devote much of their time to defeat islam.

I came here politely to ask permission to use the artwork,which I have done with various other illustrators, and none of them have objected, and some of their works can be found on numerous blogs.

Now FYI I was one of the first to have the danish cartoons on the net, when I was acting as moderator at FOMI nu, a Swedish anti-islamic forum,,

I am one of the few blogs that have Karen Bluitens children book illustrations.

If would have bothered to open any links, especially my koran series you cant help noticing where Greet Wilder got his inspiration from

I can claim that I was one of the first to put koranic verses and pages to graphic images

I am also the proud owner of several fatwahs, and I wear them with pride, much the same as the owner of this blog wears his nomination for the Eisner whatever

You also failed miserably to note that my blog is named illustrated PIG. PIG is short for Politically Incorrect Guide, in fact in honour of one of Spencers books. I fact I even asked him if he had any objections that I used the term PIG.

The object of my blog was to show the horrors of islam which the MSM
try to hide from us, and many sites such as JW do not show.

When I started there where hardly any images on forums and blogs.To find the images of the Indonesians rapes, the Algerians massacres, the Bangla massacres and countless other horrors where almost impossible to locate a few years back. I knew they where there but to find the took day,s in fact weeks, I finally found then, and put them up. despite the fact that any moment my home could be mobbed, which is a favorite past time of the folks who live around me.

Now instead of trying to impress me with your knowledge about how the nazi where connected to islam,

Try and digest this, The present day anti-fascists can also be linked back to the Al banna and the Nazis, yes, the self same anti-fascist who are pumping out the anti BNP propaganda.

Here we go. One of the Sponsors of UAF and search light happens to be George Galloway now this scumbag was married to the niece of Yasser Arafat, who happened to be the nephew of Al Banna.

Now don,t forget that both RS and JW are partly using Searchlight and other UAF sources to form their opinions.

Also Galloway and Livingstone have very strong ties with Tariq Ramadan

Check it out

Not such a pretty picture, when RS and CJ condemn Galloway, Livingstone and Ramadan, then gets suckered into be influenced by their propaganda to trash BNP

Now PS Why is it every body is so quick to pounce on the muslims who joined up with the nazi,s but stay quite about the muslims that fought the nazis along side the French and English

Here a chance to do your home work,and learn something instead of slagging of serious non paid anti-jihadis

Impress me by producing the links between the Italian fascists and the muslims.

Tip you will not find RS,CJ or Fitzgerald writing about it

You also missed the point about my slagging off of Bosch,s art work.
I was showing how easy it it to associate somebody with nazism.

The use of colours can also direct a persons way of thinking, and a palette or black red and white is also the palette the nazi chose, the combination can symbolize power
and discord, a good example being the march of the hammers by Gerald Scarfe in the Pink Floyd film The Wall. Just as powerful images can be created by some who has some imagination by using pastel colour such as pink against dark green, or blue against red. Look at Sin City And see how that guy used yellow for blood, that was a stroke of magick.

Any-way I am not an art critic, but Bosch will know what I mean.His earlier images where much better before he fell into the black red white trap.

Now instead of using other peoples blogs to slander people and distort what actually write, I suggest yuo start your own blog

This way you will find out that was you publish a post you cannot change the link, so what ever is the title, or the few lines of that blog cannot be altered, there the link just happened to be The Nigga Rapper....

Well if you know anything about Millie Jackson, compared to the trash that the niggaz are pumping out today, she sure got it right in many ways.



Thanx for tolerating my rants up until now

As you can see I am pretty pissed off, and I have ever right to be when I am credited to something I did not write,even when Willow the Real writer of the parody has given a gentle nudge by linking to his site where the original is, for all to see

Now what I have written is outrageous especially to some one who cannot read, and then writes hear what he thinks he read.

Not only can he not read, but has little knowledge of islam, and even less about art.

This can be seen quite easily by how quick he took the bait when I linked your art work to the nazi,s

What I was doing was showing how loosely the word nazi is being used to discredit somebody.

And the guy took the bait line and sinker

Any body with the slightest knowledge of art would see how absurd my comment was, as many great artist used the B R W palette such as Goya and your name sake the great dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch

Firstly I will apologize for putting up the image without getting you approval, or giving a link. This was due to the fact that I had just found your site, So I put up the picture, so as I could continue as soon woke up.I could not complete the post as it was 03.30 am, and in desperate need of sleep, before the towel heads started wailing

I am going to ask again for approval, but I ask please read some of my other post before making a decision

Please dont make the decision based on one post where I am showing concern about the shambles of AJM.

You stated that I should do some serious thinking, well I have, plus I have done a lot of research.
And what I found is pretty alarming. So when i compare the BNP to where present government, then I go conditionally with the BNP. I wish there was a middle path, but there isn't, even if there was it would be crushed.

The BNP does have a foul history, yet there are force within than are working to bring BNP away from its evil past, since Nick Griffen became its leader the BNP has gotten rid of its hardcore nazis, this is something only Nick Griffin could do, oh yes he had ties with scum like David Duke, and it is these ties that gave him credibility with the rank and file,without these credentials, he would not have be able to rise to the top, and bring BNP away from its murky past.So because of griffin indisputable past he was able to make the changes needed so as to be a respectable party from within. Also I doubt that BNP will ever rule but they should be enabled to gain enough power to force changes within the other major parties.So condemn the BNP is rather short sighted, as we can see to-day as the English press are beginning to give them more slack, and the Tory party are calling on their members to vote labour

I truly hope my condition support contributes to forcing the BNP away from its past, because the other parties only offer betrayal

Thanx again for your Tolerance

Memories of the Willow Tree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bosch Fawstin said...

By the way, I found out that this poster, 'memories of the willow tree', posted this at his site before erasing it:

'Islamic Terror web site with links to European fascists shut down:
By Memories of the Willow Tree(Memories of the Willow Tree)
Word just in from a little bird that the Bosch Fawstin site which promoted Islamic terror has today been shut down by the ATF and USPS counter terror units for promoting Alqeda terrorism. As we all know AQ was set up by the CIA during ...
Memories of the willow tree -

If I recall, this is the same piece of shit who referred to Robert Spencer as a Jihadist. I would not be shocked if this is a wanna be jihadist himself, or just a bootlicker of theirs.

shiva said...

Bosch Fawstin said...

If I recall, this is the same piece of shit who referred to Robert Spencer as a Jihadist. I would not be shocked if this is a wanna be jihadist himself, or just a bootlicker of theirs.

Well phuckie slum, what do you say about the above comment, Bosch is now saying who the real author is concerning RS being a Jihadist.

Now this same piece of shit as bosch calls him has also on his blog put this up
Shiva's disgusting racist site which makes Matamoros want to vomit.

I don,t have any problem from this as I have been around long enough to know who he really is, as he is leaving a lot of clues.

Chances are that RS knows who he is, because he has willows IP Address, but not letting on.

The irony is RS thought it was a big ha ha! and big not have so much to say


And disparaging Robert Spencer and Charles Johnson is out of line, these are good men doing good work, who've maintained a rather easy going nature despite what they deal with.

I am not denying that Robert Spencer is doing good work, Charles Johnson is another matter

Where has he written a book or essay, where has he fronted any big rallies.

Sorry but if you want learn about Islam, go to the sites of the people he has banned, such a Shiek ya Mami at Winds Of Jihad or Gates Of Vienna where you will find Fjordman.

What Charles Johnson has done is poison the well. Those who buy into this 'racist/Nazi/white-power garbage are beyond stupid and worthless in this fight anyhow.

I did listen to Nick Griffen and I didn't hear anything I didn't like. I invite you to do the same and stop digging yourselfs in a hole. The canniballistic lizards are a bunch of cheerleading cyber geeks, worthless if not opposed to this fight. Have you ever heard any of them offer any solution to the Muhammedan invasion? How do you make omelette without breaking eggs?

The soldiers of Allah kill and die for their religion, and what are they doing? Looking for Nazi's under the bed?

Sorry. Spit. Sorry. Doesn't work.

Take your time and listen. The man makes sense. He could be Churchills reincarnation:

You people here have no idea as to what is happening in Europe.

The good people in Europe who are on the streets spreading info about Islam, despite that they are being beaten up and there families are being threaten.

But you do not read this at Jihad Watch

Stop the Islamization Denmark (SIOD) had organized a protest in Copenhagen. On their way to the protest the organizers were brutally attacked, apparently not by Muslims but by left-wing radical anarchists.

Was this featured at JW if it was it was because of a lot of chatter in the comments.

There is war on the streets in Europe, there is blood being drawn,and the only people who are facing up to this are the nationalist,s and Robert Spencer call them nazis

The truth is The nationalists are the ones that are going to stop islam, not Robert Spencer. And any who thinks that the nazis will rise again in Europe, are not only insulting the integrity of the Europeans, but also must be living in la la land

By the way

This makes me proud

Czeck out who is on the fatwah list

So back to the issue

I have written twice for an to use your cartoons

Well I do not like grovelling, so in the future if I see fit to use them to counter jihad, the I shall use them, is combating Islam is #1 for me regardless of what you say

And I shall add should the nazis gain ground in this battle against Islam and we win them I wilkl fight them as I am now fighting islam


An allie not by choice but necessity


phuckie slum said...


It's a crappy situation in Europe, because on one hand you have a convergence of a fifth column with a majority of self-hating leftists, and on the other there are shady (past & present) nationalist parties, who will continue to lose significance anytime they accuse a minority, even if they are now 100% genuine threats.

It's crap when closet nationalists and white supremacists are probably the only groups in Europe to publicly come out against Islam. The problem is that these groups WON'T desert their heritage, which is NOTHING like Ali Sina or Walid Shoebat, who completely did away with their backgrounds.

You believe that if you won't support the BNP and Velams Blang or any of these parties, Europe will eventually be overrun by Islamic overlords through the aid of the leftists. The truth is, it's very possible to remain functional without the BNP and Velams Belang and such. The more we hit extremes, the more history will repeat itself by shifting from one evil to another (the ultra-left is the evil that gets two turns in between).

In conclusion, so long as you write "nigga" in your webpage title, then compare everyone here (namely the "illustrator") to jihadis with "Fuck you!" -- you will always be an excellent walking example why we dismiss these parties -- even though you didn't write that dumb parody on RS.

phuckie slum said...

Shiva wrote: And I shall add should the nazis gain ground in this battle against Islam and we win them I wilkl fight them as I am now fighting islam

Why join the closet nationalists to begin with anyway?
Don't you see that the more you polarize, the more legitimate Islam will be?

Anyway, I don't want to get into this argument. It disgusts me.

shiva said...

We are splitting hairs aren,t we you find it disgusting when I use the word Niggaz to describe one of the best women entertainers of all time
Millie Jackson

Now is there any problem when pieces of crap such as rappers Tupac Shakur.
can come out with an album Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.

Check 2pacs aunt/godmother as Joanne Deborah Byron Chesimard then you will understand why I call him a piece of shit.And it is not because he is black.

Check it out, you may learn some more about islam that you will not learn at Jihad Watch or LGF.

FYI you are trying to infer I am a racist, well whacko I have been married to an Indonesian for the last 14 years, she incidentally was brought up as a muslim.

So in you eyes I am a racist by using a term the rappers are calling themselves all the time.

And please do not put Walib Shoebat in the same sentence as Ali Sini, as the former has been proven to be a liar.

Check it out

Anyway, I don't want to get into this argument. It disgusts me.

Well why in the heck did you start slagging me and accuse me of posting an article that I did not write, even Bosch above states that Willow is the author.

I came her to ask permission, politely may I add, to use some images for my blog.

And I get you slashing out, after reading after one maybe two post there.If you had hung around there a bit longer, you may have found quite a lot that you wont find anywhere else.

By the way how is it going with your blog.

Just another swipe, Nick Griffin has given talks on the American campus circuit, How about Robert returning the courtesy and give some talks maybe in Luton or Bradford.

phuckie slum said...

It's obvious you don't fully read my comments. You continued to rev up stuff about that RS parody even though I boldly retracted it twice already, to this: "Anyway, I don't want to get into this argument. It disgusts me --> I wrote that in my last comment because I'm disgusted of explaining the obvious about supporting the nationalist parties in europe.

The fact you have an indonesian wife doesn't mean jack. I also don't care if dead gangsters couldn't breathe without saying the N word (like most hip hop garbage) -- you support shady nationalist parties in europe reeking with white supremacy simply because they are fiercely against Islam. And together with your inflammatory replies in earlier posts, further enhanced in your blog with a big "FUCK YOU!" at me and the "quasi anti-jihadist illustrator", whose work you paralleled to Nazi artwork to show that we're hypocrite, there isn't much you can do NOW to make my initial "slash down" on you look bad.

** Pelvic thrust **

Memories of the Willow Tree said...

"even though you didn't write that dumb parody on RS."

You should see my new stuff!!!

Bosch Fawstin said...

You've officially bored me. Over and out.