Thursday, May 15, 2008



Anonymous said...


Rebel Radius said...

Ooooooo Wow! Hot Damn!

Pigman's allegiance is defined exquisitely!

Damien said...


Is this a play on Obama's campaign slogan? Just out of curiosity.

Anonymous said...

Nice work.
Glad to see you're keeping
it going. Persevere, it's
going to get much tougher.


Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks everyone, appreciate the comments, and yes, Damien, this is a take on the overuse of the word 'Change' in this campaign.

Nbpundit, it's definitley going to get tougher, along with getting worse before it gets better. As I wrote in my last post, 'The glove came off on 9/11.' The other will come off when we've had it. 9/11 was enough, no matter if most of us don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Now, THERE'S change we can believe in!

Not that fegelah, Obama.

phuckie slum said...

Hey bosch,

Good take on Obama's demagogy.
That "Change" thing is truly pathetic. Liberals whine about republican demagogy, while lusting over Obama's "change" shallowness like heated Chiwawas.

It's just amazing how someone like Obama, who surrounds himself with the most virulent antisemites and pro-Palestinian, without mentioning the racist nutjob Rev. Jeremiah Wright, has the audacity to criticize Bush and blame him for the rise of Hamas and such.

But then again, Bush now provides Saudia with enriched uranium, with absolutely NOTHING in return.

I seriously can't stand Bush.

Anyhow, sorry I didn't put more time here but I've been checking around every here and there. I look forward to the graphic novel.

Keep up the great work, bud.

Mike Thompson said...

Oh Mama! This sure beats Obama!

Finally a strong candidate we can all get behind. (Lookit that square jaw!) The only flip-flopping this guy does is when pages of The Infidel get turned (unless you count terrorists being tossed). Brilliant as usual, Bosch.

Godfrey of Utah said...

Now that is someone I would love to vote for! I pray that Obama loses, because of his positions on everything. The situation with the Saudi's is a sticky one. If America as a whole was more willing to sacrifice and pull together like in WWII, we could afford to irritate and tell the Saudi's to bugger off or help us more. But from what I have seen and heard, this generation is very lazy, spoiled, ingnorant, and complacent. To me, Obama is the epitome of this disgusting downturn. At least with Bush, we are starting to go after them, we are just not apparently at the stage where we can call evil for what it is and get away with it yet. I still have hope and faith, I am just afraid that more will have to die in another attack before we take the other glove off. You can blame Bush and rail against him all you want. He is far from perfect in my eyes, and he may be deplorable at best in yours, but I like to be optimistic. That is just me. Keep the art coming Bosh!

Damien said...

I hate to have to say this, but we really should vote for the best candidate that has a realistic chance of winning the 2008 presidential election. None of them are perfect, there are some things I don't like about McCain, but as far as I am concerned, he may be the best of all the viable candidates, especially when it comes to the war we are fighting right now. I don't want to go too much into his flaws or his virtues, since it would be off topic and I don't really want to get into an argument over something that has little if anything, to do with the mission of Bosch's blog.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Mike, P.S.,Damien & Godfrey,

Thanks guys, appreciate the thoughts. By the way, did you see Bush yesterday go to the Sowdies in order to ask them to step up oil production and they refused? This is the spectacle of those who've never earned the power they have flexing it, nasty sight. The Muslim countries with oil capacity did nothing to get their oil out of the ground to make their unearned billions/trillions and then confiscated those fields, beginning with Iran, effectively calling the shots and we let it slide then and we're paying for it now, with us sitting on our OWN reserves for the most unimportant of reasons. And Damien, I'll be voting for the most American candidate, for the one who will hurt this country the least. McCain seems to hurt himself everytime he speaks, with his incessant need to play it all ways, left and right, but unlike the other two he comes off as a man who truly loves this country.

Damien said...


speaking of good presidential candidates, here's a quote from one of them. In fact he was one who made it to the white house.

"I don't think you can overstate the importance that the rise of Islamic fundamentalism will have to the rest of the world in the century ahead-especially if, as seems possible, its most fanatical elements get their hands on nuclear and chemical weapons and the means to deliver them against their enemies." --Ronald Reagan

The link below is the quotation's source.

And we know who their enemies are, don't we? Oh and here's another quote from Reagan, you'll like this one. Its from the same website.

"If the bloodbath must come, then let's get on with it!"

I wonder what Reagan would have done, if he were in Bush's shoes.

Damien said...


You know what this is not 100% on topic, but I think you'll like it any way. Remember how you liked Iron Man? Well check this out.


What do you think Bosch? If you were a solider, how would you like to be able to take on a couple of Jihady scum with technology like this?

Bosch Fawstin said...


This is somewhat along the lines of Pigman's power, his being a self-made superhero.
And Reagan, even though he tragically cut and run from Lebanon when our Marine barracks were blown up, leaving 220 Marines dead, I think after 9/11, he would have gone far harder against the enemy than Bush has. Every single time we cut and run, no matter for what reason we justify it, it empowers the enemy. Always.