Saturday, May 10, 2008


Here’s my Pig-sized riff in short takes, mainly on Islam & Peace, or as I call them,
Oil & Water

9 I s I a m

Islam means PeaCe and Muslims are Pacifists

The Enemy and Islam’s useful idiots, our president among them, tell us that Islam means:

‘ a state of tranquility or quiet
freedom from civil disturbance.
freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions.
harmony on personal relations
a state or period of mutual concord between governments
a pact or agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity
to be, become, or keep silent or quiet
cessation of hostilities
a relaxing of hostilities
freedom from war'

Peace does not mean Islam

‘Islam means peace’ is the anti-reality check of our time

Which religion has a doctrine of warfare, begun and practiced by its prophet, against all unbelievers to be waged by the faithful until all mankind submits:

A Christianity
B Judaism
C Buddhism
D Hinduism
F Islam

‘Moderate’ Muslims have tried to hijack Islam, but they’re too moderate to go up against Islam’s true believers.

If Washington P.C. fought the enemy the way they fight the truth about the enemy…………

We’re always told that it’s an interpretation of Islam that’s the problem.
True. Mohammed’s interpretation.

Islam means peace & saying is believing

We’re at the mercy of a weak religious man moderately defending us against brutal religious men.

‘Peace to whoever follows [right] guidance.’ –Osama bin laden

‘…National Socialist Germany wants peace because of its fundamental convictions….Germany needs peace and desires peace….’ –Adolf Hitler

‘Embrace Islam and you shall have peace.’ –Mohammed

Islam makes the enemy tick

Our saying ‘Islam means peace’ gives aid and comfort to the enemy.

What do the most wanted terrorists in the world have in common?

‘Islam means peace’ is the equivalent of ‘Nice doggy…’

The more devout, the more passionately committed a Muslim is to Islam, the more he comes into alignment with Islam’s inherent extremism.

‘Islam means peace’ is a means to our end.

Islam means peace & Terror is the enemy

From Allahu Akbar! to ‘Banzai!’ to ‘Heil Hitler!’ and back to ‘Allahu Akbar!’

These peaceful, moderate Muslims we always hear of and never from, are not peaceful, but cowardly. Silence and inaction does not make one peaceful, does not make one moderate. If a man sees another man beating up a woman on the street and allows it to go on, he’s not being peaceful.

While we keep telling ourselves what Islam means, Muslims keep showing us what Islam means

If Islam is a dove, why are its feathers so easily ruffled when someone says otherwise?

The Swiss Watch. That’s what they do, just like in World War Two.

We cannot be for Islam and for ourselves, but Bush is trying. He need merely take a good, hard look at the enemy’s culture to see that his tolerance and compassion is unilateral. We haven’t even begun to pay for his indifference to the truth about the enemy.

‘Islam means peace’ & words speak louder than actions

We are at the obscene phase in this war where merely citing the direct connection between Islam and terrorism is seen as worse than the connection itself.

The idea that by being honest about Islam’s true nature we will be making enemies of a billion Muslims overlooks the fact that Islam has already identified all non-Muslims, 5 billion of us, as its enemy.

Telling the truth about Islam and making Islam look bad are one and the same, so the truth itself is seen as an enemy of Islam, but since the truth can’t be killed, the truth tellers will be.

Who gets more heat? One who says that Islam is inherently violent or the Muslim who kills him for it?

‘Islam means peace’ and Ground Zero means the Twin Towers.

What percentage of American power is being used against the enemy?
And what percentage of the enemy’s power is being used against us?

All Muslims seem to be at peace with the calls for violence and murder found in the Koran

Islam means peace & Keyser Soze means Verbal Kint

Islam began in the 7th century with a man in a cave who heard voices. Of course.

Islam means peace and Muslims love Jews

Bush is betting on Islam, betting the safety of this country, betting our very lives that Islam means peace. He is delivering us into Islam in the name of indifferentism.

Islam means peace and Jimmy Carter means Jack Bauer

Speaking one’s mind about Islam can get one killed, but what would the world be like if Islam was never challenged? Like the Muslim world.

Islam means peace & government means fiscal responsibility

Money doesn’t grow on trees. It grows under sand.

This ‘dark’, ‘extremist’, ‘fundamentalist’, ‘violent’ ideology of al Queda’s that Bush alludes to but never names is Islam

‘Islam means peace’ translates to ‘Suckers!’ in Arabic

The Muslim Pacifist: from ‘peaceful’ Muslim to ‘kill-mode’ Muslim at the drop of a perceived insult.

America is the most powerful country in the history of the world and Islam had nothing to do with it. Behind the enemy’s much advertised ‘hatred’ of us is their far greater envy of us.

Even though we want to be duped about Islam, Muslims are making it impossible

‘Islam means peace and Osama bin Laden has been thoroughly repudiated, on Islamic grounds, by the Muslim world……
Oh….he hasn’t been? Well……they will. One day. I just know they will…..because if Islam doesn’t mean peace………………perish the thought!’
As if revealing Islam’s true nature to all would be the end of the world. I’d argue that it not being revealed in time could be.

The peaceful Muslim is the reluctant Muslim.

Who is the most hated man in the world and who should be speaks volumes about ‘The World’ and tells us where to put ‘world opinion’

Moderate Muslims are most moderate when it comes to the truth about Islam

It wasn’t peace that got America interested in Islam; it was the mass murder of Americans by Muslims in Islam's name.

Islam means peace and there are more synagogues and churches in Saudi Arabia than there are Saudi funded mosques in non-Muslim countries.

The head of the UN Nuclear watchdog group, IAEA, [International Atomic Energy Agency] is named Mohammed.

That a religion is the core motivation for the death and destruction that the civilized world is defending itself against is too much for many to bear, even more than the death and destruction, apparently.

Read. My. lips: Islam means peace

Islam means peace and Wonder Woman is Muslim.

Government’s big on everything except fighting Jihad in a Big way

‘Islam means peace’ is sweet-talkin’, Muslim-style, to do us in.

‘Islam means peace’ would never have gained traction if we didn’t want to believe it

It is those who are in charge of our defense who are obstructing the destruction of our enemies.
They’re in the way of victory.

What is the Muslim world counting on, since they know that we can literally destroy their entire world at the touch of a button?
That we’re not Muslim.

Muslims deny the theory of evolution, as well as Darwin’s theory

Far more of them support their jihadists than we support our troops

Islam means peace and Muslim Achievement is the Envy of the World

Which religion guarantees a place in heaven for murderers?

Make Love, not Islam

Islam is not the answer

Islam means peace and has brought into the world all the things that are worth living for.
Things such as…….such as……..ummm………

Islam means peace and Muslims are as critical of themselves and their culture as we are

‘Islam means peace?!….whew!!...that’s exactly what I wanted to hear ….coincidence?! Nah, why would Muslims and non-Muslims alike say it if it weren’t true?’

Islam means peace, no matter what non-Muslim terrorist groups say

How Islam spread tells us what Islam means

Islam means peace and Mr. Spock was based on Mohammed

Mohammed’s alleged encounter with the angel Gabriel was an out of mind experience that he mistook for something more.

‘Nazism means peace’, say Nazi Extremists, Radical Nazis and Nazist Fundamentalists

It’s not Only that the enemy doesn’t have a conscience, it’s that he doesn’t have a guilty conscience

With religions like Islam….

If Islam meant peace, we could ask ‘What if Islam doesn’t mean peace?’ in peace

The New Resistance: the resistance to understand the enemy

Islam means peace and ‘Love thy Neighbor’ is of ‘palestinian’ origin

Islam would mean peace if it weren’t for infidels

Bush found out that Islam meant peace on the morning of 9/11/01

Islam means peace and Hitler loved Jews

Islam means peace and being good to bad guys will make them good.

If Islam means peace, what’s there to reform?

The Koran is illiterature

On 9/11, George Bush ran to the rescue of Islam, exonerating it as the very meaning of peace.
Why, if Islam had nothing to do with it.

Can you imagine if FDR, right after the attack on Pearl Harbor, ran to a microphone to proclaim that ‘Shinto means peace.’

Jihadists haven’t twisted the killer words in the Koran, they’re acting on the twisted, killer words in the Koran

How exactly did our president know what Islam meant on 9/11? Why, he’s the President!
Bush wages war the way the enemy wages peace

Islam means peace, and the Muslim leader who most embodies that is…………….um………………

Islam’s so peaceful that we need to be reminded about it constantly.

Islam means peacelessness

Things could be worse. Imagine if Islam meant war.

Islam means peace and our politicians are the only ones who suffer the effects of their policies

What’s the difference between Islam and Islamism? 3 letters.

While accusing us of dehumanizing the enemy, the left humanizes him

Islam means peace and our best, brightest and most honest are in Washington P.C.

Islam means peace and Muslims love Pigman

Islam means peace and our politicians are as brave as our soldiers

Islam means peace and Muslims have contributed more to civilization’s progress than any other people

Mo, the monotheistic polygamist

Our culture is playing hard to get it about Islam

‘Make your enemy look good’ was not one of Sun Tsu’s lessons. Nor was ‘Do not know the enemy.’

‘Islam means peace, and I approve of this message.’ –OBL

How many Western politicians are owned by the Sowdies?

‘Islam means peace’ and each and every last one of those who have sworn to uphold the constitution and protect the American people have studied Islam as if their lives depended on it and would welcome a thorough pop quiz on Islam anytime, anywhere to prove it.

Muslims, of all kinds, like Islam just the way it is.

The good news is that the enemy is weak and stupid.
The bad news is we’re acting like we are.

‘Islam means peace’ is Muslim-speak for ‘Go back to sleep, Infidel. We’ll wake you up for morning prayers.’

We’re fighting with half America stabbing itself in the back.

Before the enemy is forced to face reality, we must

Half Americans don’t want to fight Jihad. Full Americans do.

We look at the Muslim world and think, ‘Man….we want to be just like that. We can’t wait to be Muslim!’

The enemy dreams of nukes, not of peace. But of course, in their view, it is the nukes that will finally bring peace to the world; Islam’s version of peace, where non-Islam is non-existent.

The bad guys think they’re good and the good guys don’t know what to think and the never-ending war continues.

Islam means peace, it’s all of non-Islam that means war.

The UN is where evil has a voice.
It’s where good and evil meet to pretend there’s no such thing as good and evil.

‘Islam means peace’ is bliss

Islam means peace when no one on earth is allowed to be non-Muslim in peace

Infidels saw the light of Islam……as reflected off of Mohammed’s sword

Islam means peace and women rule the Muslim world

Islam means peace and Mohammed invented feminism

Islam is Allah’s gift to women

It is our determination to not know the enemy that is worse than our ignorance of him

See no Islam, hear no Islam, speak no Islam

‘Islam means peace’ pleases Muslims, and our ‘leaders’ have decided that pleasing Muslims is their most important value these days, because displeasing them…….
Islam means peace & head-choppers who target unarmed children, women and men are freedom fighters

Which of the following are forbidden in Islam: eating pork, drinking wine or murdering non-Muslims?
Every time you speak the truth about Islam, you’re fighting the enemy

‘Islam means peace’ is Jihad by words

Our moral power is weak, which makes our physical power irrelevant

Investors on Wall Street cannot wait to put stock into ‘Islam means peace’ inc.

What’s the safest thing one can say about Islam?

How difficult is it to become a Muslim? As easy as saying:
‘There is no God but Allah and Mohammed was his messenger.’

Good for nothings find they’re good for Islam, actually that they’re perfect for Islam

Islam, the criminal’s favorite religion, one that doesn’t require him to end his criminal behavior
He has......Islam, the Prostrate Cancer
Islam means peace….in a bloodthirsty kind of way

The Muslim terrorist is a cliché, but only in real life.

‘Kill the Muslims wherever you find them.'
Too much? As much as the original verse in the Koran, referring to Infidels instead?

What kind of religion would a thug create?

It is the cowardice of our politicians that keeps our soldier’s full bravery locked and unloaded

Next time a Muslim brags that there are over a billion Muslims in the world, fill him in that there are 5 billion non-Muslims.

Islam proves that a billion people can be wrong.

Our first problem is Islam.
Our second problem is our refusal to accept the first problem

Islam is ‘moral’ backup for the enemy

‘Throw reason to the dogs.’
Actual sign in the ‘offices’ of the ‘religious police’ wing of the Taliban, trained by Sowdies

That most Muslims don’t have a problem with Islam is a problem

Acting as if Iran has nukes will ensure they get them

Look no further than life under Islam to understand why Muslims are obsessed with the afterlife.

Muslim murderers don’t represent Muslims. They represent Islam.

This enemy has absolutely nothing within themselves or within their religion that will place a moral check on their vile imaginations.
‘Not my religion.’ –‘moderate’ Muslim
‘Islam means peace’ & Understanding Nazis

‘…It matters to the security of people here at home if we don’t work to change the conditions that caused 19 kids to be lured onto airplanes to come and murder our citizens.’
-George W. Bush,
the man who has helped institutionalize ‘the conditions’ that caused 19 ‘kids’ to be ‘lured’ onto airplanes to kill us by allowing Islam into the constitutions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Here’s what I mean, re; the Iraqi Constitution:
'Article (2): 1st — Islam is the official religion of the state and is a basic source of legislation: (a) No law can be passed that contradicts the undisputed rules of Islam. (b) No law can be passed that contradicts the principles of democracy. (c) No law can be passed that contradicts the rights and basic freedoms outlined in this constitution.'
Both (a) & (b) contradict each other, and notice the Very Important distinction near the end of both (a) & (b), with the term 'undisputed rules' of Islam and the 'principles' of democracy. That is Not an accident. The inclusion of the non-Islamic alien idea of 'democracy' was merely a concession to us in order to make us feel better about taking part in such a rotten ruse as this.
It is that single line, (a) that stands out like a blood stain on a white shirt. Our separation of church and state should have been imposed on Iraq. They don’t know better? We do. And this should be the case with every Muslim country that forces us into a necessary confrontation with it. Making the world safe for Sharia Law is Not what we all thought about on 9/11.
The reason why multiculturalism exists is to pretend that inferior cultures aren’t inferior and that superior cultures aren’t superior. It’s a way to tell nice lies about rotten cultures and rotten lies about great cultures. And from this, we’ve set ourselves up to believe something as untrue and dangerous as ‘Islam means peace’.

Islam, an unclear and omnipresent danger to civilization
According to Islam there is only one kind of human being: Muslim.

Muslims are hell-bent to make their greatest problem, Islam, our greatest problem

Bush is fighting a moderate war against an extreme religion’s mass murderers

In World War Two, Hollywood actors, over the age of active duty, engaged the enemy as soldiers in real life warfare. Today, Hollywood actors won’t even pretend to fight the enemy on film.

‘Palestine’ and the ‘struggle’ for dead Jews

The enemy has the prophet motive

You want shock and awe? Tell the truth, especially about Islam

You can never win against Jihad by fighting ‘terror’

The Koran in the toilet story was referred to by a Muslim as ‘Toilet Trauma’.
Poor toilet.

What’s good for Islam is bad for the world

‘Prophet’ sounded better than liar, thief, misogynist/polygamist, rapist, slaver, pedophile or murderer

Islam means peace and the Muslim world’s contributions to civilization are…………are………um……….

We have Elvis impersonators, they have Mohammed impersonators

We call it Islamism, Islamofascism, Islamic Fundamentalism, Islamic Radicalism, Islamic Extremism, and even IslamoNazism.
They call it Islam

We are not safe from the enemy because the enemy is safe from us

Islam can’t make all Muslims as mad as their prophet, for the average Muslim is morally superior to Mohammed without even trying.

‘Have you……..ever……killed….a non-Muslim?’
‘A moderate Muslim, ladies and gentlemen!’
Imagine if our soldiers took their orders from a commander in chief who studied the enemy as if His life depended on it, because our lives certainly do.

Islam means peace and Muslim’s don’t have thin skins and short fuses.

After 9/11, the glove came off

The truth kills Islam’s appeal to potential sympathizers and converts, so the truth must be covered up like a Muslim women until the entire world falls under the shadow of Islam

What wouldn’t Mohammed do? Is the question

Only those who say Islam is the problem are seen as the problem

The truth we’re avoiding is gunning for us

Even the term ‘Political Islam’ is redundant, for there’s no such thing as an apolitical Islam

The Islamic Canon. Indeed

Mohammed wouldn’t take ‘Fuck off’ for an answer

Osama bin Laden has allowed Islam to have its way with him, like a willing rape victim, as with all of Allah’s bitches.

Less Islam = More peace

Not all Muslims have sold their soul to Allah, but we can’t tell who has or who hasn’t until it’s too late

When lax Muslims go ex-lax….
The holy shit hits the fanatic.
Along with others, in second hand Islam.

‘Islam means peace’ is said with the understanding that one had better not say any more than that.

Islam means peace and those who target and murder unarmed civilians are warriors, the way Nazi’s were warriors.
The only warriors in the Muslim world are Western soldiers.

Islam means peace and Mo was faithful to his wives

Islam is The Bad Apple

We’re being warred upon by a supremacist culture with an inferiority complex, a warlike culture that can’t wage war if their lives depended on it, which they do.

Islam means peace and no culture can compete with the achievements of the Muslim world

Since 9/11, Hollywood’s been doing their part. For the Enemy.
And even after making bomb after bomb, they stay the course.

Moderate Muslims are moderately good and moderately evil

Islam’s the leading cause of mass murder in the world
The War on –Error-

When you put down the Koran, you will understand what Islam means.

Islam makes passive Muslims look bad while passive Muslims make Islam look good.

Bush will be known for what he did not do after 9/11

If Islam means peace, and we all want peace, then the idea is that we want Islam

Bush has been steadfast in his defense…….of Islam.

The enemy is killing us in the name of Islam and we are not crushing them in the name of Islam.

Islam means women’s rights

If all religions are equally violent, then the followers of religions other than Islam are morally superior to Muslims

Who profited the most from Islam?

If you know the enemy, you have a damn good idea what he will do. If you don’t know the enemy, you won’t know what the hell to do. And if you refuse to know the enemy, you don’t want to know what to do and you don’t want to do it.

The nicest thing one can say about Islam is that it’s up to no good.

Islam is the core problem, but it can’t do its dirty work without Muslims

‘Moderate’ Muslims are the enablers of ‘Extremist’ Muslims

What have Muslims done to win our hearts and minds since 9/11?

I prefer Muslims whose Islamic faith is so deep it never surfaces
What’s a ‘prophet’ doing with a sword?

A religion that has no regard for human life should be given no regard.
If given a choice between dead Jews and personal happiness, an average ‘palestinian’ will answer….’What’s the difference?’

Jihad has not gone away because we haven’t made it go away.

Mohammed didn’t battle his demons. He embraced them and unleashed them on the world.

We overreact at our words and under react at the enemy’s violent actions.

‘Moderate’ Muslims are not very Muslim about Islam.

Islam’s best and brightest are Ex-Muslims

Terrorists Kill Freedom Fighters

Muslims will pay for the Sins of their prophet

Where are Islam’s Conscientious Objectors?

Al Queda is simply doing what Muslims are supposed to be doing to non-Muslims

Muslims want the religious freedom to dominate us with Islam

'Islam means peace' and words speak louder than actions

To Nuke or be Nuked, that will be the question

Who is the most admired Muslim in the Muslim world?

Non-Muslims are Anti-Muslim according to Islam, since it’s felt that one cannot be innocently non-Muslim

Part of why the enemy doesn’t make a distinction between soldiers or civilians is because they’re civilians, not soldiers.

Jihad was Mo’s eternal curse on those who hurt his feelings by rejecting his third rate attempt at getting in on the religion racket.

The left responded with harsh words after the 9/11 atrocity.
Harsh words against us.

The Koran gives aid and comfort to the enemy.

To the true believer Muslim, Islam is Everything, Life is nothing, and Death is the answer

If our government protected us the way they protect themselves from the truth....

Islam means whatever it needs to mean, whenever it needs to mean it, and so:
‘Islam means peace.’


Damien said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Damien said...

Interesting poem. Its pretty good and very well written.
I like your,
"Islam means peace and Jimmy Carter means Jack Bauer," statement.

This is something else that you wrote that stuck out to me. this is also excellent.
"Here’s what I mean, re; the Iraqi Constitution:
'Article (2): 1st — Islam is the official religion of the state and is a basic source of legislation: (a) No law can be passed that contradicts the undisputed rules of Islam. (b) No law can be passed that contradicts the principles of democracy. (c) No law can be passed that contradicts the rights and basic freedoms outlined in this constitution.'
Both (a) & (b) contradict each other, and notice the Very Important distinction near the end of both (a) & (b), with the term 'undisputed rules' of Islam and the 'principles' of democracy. That is Not an accident. The inclusion of the non-Islamic alien idea of 'democracy' was merely a concession to us in order to make us feel better about taking part in such a rotten ruse as this."

If a group of Christian Fundamentalists tried to amend the US constitution to say, "No law shall ever contradict Christianity, and even came close to it passing the first hurtle can you imagine the up roar there would be by liberal secularists? Rightfully so by the way.

But there are a few things I don't understand. For one thing,
"Islam means peace & Keyser Soze means Verbal Kint"

what does Keyser Soze mean? What does Verbal Kint mean? I have never heard those words in my life.
Did you make those words up?

Also there are a few things I disagree with you on. For one thing I think calling the Jihadists Muslim fundamentalists, in a way actually admits that Islam is a violent, intolerant religion, since a fundamentalist is someone who takes their sacred text literally. If Islam was a truly peaceful tolerant faith, they would have trouble justifying their violent actions by turning to a literal interpretation of their faith. If the problem is Islamic fundamentalism, the problem is taking Islam literally. So in a way, if the problem is Islamic fundamentalism, the problem is Islam! Interesting observation isn't it?

Bosch Fawstin said...


Thank you. I wouldn't call it a poem, though, but it is very different than what I've posted before.
The Keyser Soze/Verbal Kint thing must go unnamed for now, no doubt someone's going to get it.

Regarding your disagreement, you're going to have to clarify it because I'm not exactly sure what you mean. If you notice, the Bulk of this post was my being sarcastic. My repetition of 'Islam means peace' is a way to take that truly Extreme form of sarcasm and match it with another, such as the Jimmy Carter means Jack Bauer line. Let's get this clarified.

Damien said...


Okay, I'll try to clarify my argument. I was saying that saying that since a fundamentalist is someone who takes the scriptural teachings of their faith literally, if Islam was a religion of peace, its strictest followers would have trouble using it to justify violence. Since groups like Al-Queada, and the Taliban are made up of Muslim fundamentalists and are able to base their hate filled ideology on Islam, Islam can't be a religion of peace and tolerance.

In Robert Spencer's book "Religion of Peace? Why Christianity Is And Islam Isn't" on page 69, he states "In contrast to the Bible, the Qur'an exhorts believers to fight unbelievers. The commands taken at face value are open-ended and universal." In the beginning of the next paragraph he states, "Osama bin Laden, who is only the most renowned and notorious exponent of a terror network that extends form Indonesia to Nigeria and into Western Europe and the Americas, quotes the Qur'an copiously in his communiques."

If the Qur'an was a not a violent hate filled text, and instead was a peaceful tolerant text, the people who lived their live most accordance to its teachers would not be violent. So If Islamic Fundamentalism is the problem, than its hard not to go from that, to the problem is Islam. The only Muslims who are not violent and oppose Jihad and Sharia, don't take the Qur'an very literally. In fact, if they oppose those things, they can't take the Qur'an literally.

By the way, I realized you where being sarcastic.

A_Nonny_Mouse said...

see the link

Anonymous said...

Say Bosch, what say, I'm taking part in "Operation Truthful Message," successfully hijacking an otherwise meaningless on-line petition by Muslims, addressed "To: Robert Spencer." Yeah, right--let's send him (and them) a message! Post your thoughts about this enterprise under a number of different e-mail addresses! Sign early and often! Make yourself heard today! (Details are at Jihad Watch.)

Anonymous said...

Take note of the reaction: Mudabila says, "The curse of Allah be upon all those who desecrate this holy petition." Unquote. Go for it, Kufr guys and gals--just use anti-Islamic monikers to drive the point home, should your comments be deleted somehow.

Damien said...


Thanks for the link, it explains the meaning of those words very well.

Anonymous said...

this is fantastic! "Sowdies" is classic. I love it. Reading this I can laugh and be enraged at the same time. Thanks for the words of wisdom.

Bosch Fawstin said...


We're in agreement. Islam is naturally, fundamentally violent, and those who are most in sync with it are the same. Violence is used as a first resort under pressure, no matter what, and justified by the Islamic texts, which damn the entire edifice of Islam, damns it all to hell.

I saw that waste of time on Jihad Watch, will get to it if I have some time to waste.

a nonny mouse,

Welcome to the blog, thanks for clarifying 'Islam means peace and Keyser Soze means Verbal Kint', I think it's one of the better, perfectly applicable lines in this piece.

Fellow Infidel,

Thanks, appreciate that, gotta say I got a kick out of it myself, the 'Sowdies' pun.

Shawmut said...

A better litany of verbal armor, I have rarely seen.
As you cite yourself as a cartoonist, you have framed and drawn out with words and phrases mental and intellectual graphics that even a pedestrian such I grasp.
I've added you to my blog links.

Bosch Fawstin said...


Thank you very much, and ditto, just added your site to mine as well.

Rebel Radius said...

Bosch, you ease my disdain of mankind in its present state.

People like you are few and far between but when one finds them, life is is not such a burden.

You sketch with words as eloquently and sagaciously as with crayon.

I just love your style and what you have to say!!

Bosch Fawstin said...

Rebel Radius,

That means so much to me, it really does, thank you so much.

MississippiMud said...

Your thoughts ?


Damien said...


I think I saw that video before. It is interesting though.

George W B_sh said...

So what exactly are you trying to say?

Bosch Fawstin said...


It's to the point, which I like. Apart from the vast number of Jihadists, Muslims at large are doing their part for Jihad in their silence. Part of it is because the Jihadists are a reproach to many Muslims who know Islam. Muslims have no Islamic argument to make against them, but instead of admitting that openly and helping the civilized world better understand what we're facing, they don't give a damn, and have decided to wait it out to see who wins. And then Muslims bitch and moan about why they have such a rotten rep. It's their indifference to anything outside of Islam which is making us increasingly indifferent to them and Islam and which will lead us to begin saying and doing things that we should have by now.

Bosch Fawstin said...

George W B_sh,

That you have a blind faith spot.

Robert Jones said...

"He who is merciful to the cruel will wind up being cruel to the merciful."

-- The Talmud

KJC402 said...

Hi Bosch,

Nominated you for a 2008 Blogger's Choice Award, and since there isn't a category for "Kick-Ass Anti-Jihadi Illustrator", I put it in the "Best Blog About Stuff" category.


Kevin (KJC402)
The Ohio
Damn Yankee Infidel

Bosch Fawstin said...


Love that one, it's as wise as any ever written.


Thank you very much for that, I'm honored.

Robert Jones said...

Today, in a news article on Yahoo, I read that President George W. Bush has given up golf, "out of respect for fallen troops."

He adds: "I didn't want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander in chief playing golf," he said. "I feel I owe it to the families to be in solidarity as best as I can with them. And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal."

Uh, when are you going to give up holding hands with and hugging Saudi Princes, W, and KISSING THEM OF THE MOUTH?!?!?

You want to show respect to the troops and their families you piece of shite, then rearrange your priorities you worse than useless schmuck!

Robert Jones said...

P.S.: So, it sends the RIGHT signal to be in bed with Saudi Arabia, whom we should have attacked on September 12th?

BTW, I love that pun, "SOWdies"! :)

Bosch Fawstin said...


Thanks, and ditto Bush, he has made it impossible to defend him, mainly about the war. With the time he'll be saving from playing golf, do you think he'll decide to really show our soldiers some real respect and pick up the unread Koran that he sullied the White House with, the one he gushed like fool over, and actually read it? Actually empower his war policy and in turn, our military's mission? We all know the answer, but that doesn't make it any less contemptible on his part.

Anonymous said...

I get it islam wants peace like Bocsh wants islam.haha

Anonymous said...

If the truth will set you free then bush has sentenced himself to eternity,for mankind to see as one of the biggest liers in history.

Anonymous said...

How does that go?You can fool some of the people sometimes but not all of the people all of the time.

Anonymous said...

America is like an elaphant,moves slow but never forgets,but bush has made America a snail moves super slow and hides in its shell,when theres trouble.

Anonymous said...

And for bush giving up golf,tell him he forgot are troops are in the sand trap.

SIREN said...

Brilliant! Brilliant!
I hope we don't lose people like you. We lost a great blogger, "Lionheart" from the UK, but he'll be back on “Radarsite.” Stay tuned!

We are not far behind from the UK. Just think how long ago were the Brit soldiers fighting alongside our troops. Not long. They came back to find out they have been stabbed in the back.

Now, I hope you do a "Pig Man" attack on the enemy within... That would not only be most of our government, but also those imbeciles among us. Obama would be a good one to target.

Islam meant submission to peace among various pagan deities in the Arabian peninsula until Muhammad said it meant submission to his LIES and coerced it in order to recruit a ferocious army.

Anonymous said...

"A Moderate Muslim is the one holding down the legs of the Victim,while the extremist cuts off his head"

Bosch Fawstin said...


apggordon said...

if ever an oxymoran existed it must surly be peacful Islam!

Anonymous said...

Greetings O Wise One,
I learnt a lot from your blog, and it surprises me that a man with so much of talent and creativity would be resorting to such uninspiring work. Uninspiring? Yes sir, where is the originality in whatever u say?It has been said by countless others before. Joining the anti-Islam bandwagon is the easiest thing people like u can do to resort to instant publicity.Try saying something pro-Islam for a change...
Does it ever strike u, O Wise One, that any other religion attacked in this manner would have completely vanished from the face of the earth. But good heavens, it still exists!Exists and is growing every day!Your own country has the largest number of converts...could u please tell us which sword is converting them O Wise One?
Quoting Quranic verses out of context is so easy...why dont u look up the full verse that talks about killing infidels?If u are as brave as u claim u are, and as big a friend of truth, then why dont u quote complete verses in your blog? The verse talks of a specific context, a specific war, and furthermore, it talks of peace and forgiveness... but O Wise One, i know, quoting the true verse would defeat the purpose of your blog, isn't it?
I know my own understanding of everything is limited, maybe i cud learn from u...but has it ever struck u that u cud also learn from others?Have u ever tried to know more than what u know?
Mere wordplay with words like slam and fists is not creativity O Wise One...
It you are as big a supporter of truth, i suggest u quote full verses...and if u are so brave, u will not delete this post.
O wise one!

Anonymous said...

Well, let's see...

Jihad al-Talab wal Ibtida’ means "give the kuffar a biiiiig hug"

Deenu'l-sayf means "Religion of Flowers and Bubbles"

Maal-e Ghanimaat means "the wealth created by one's own effort, working towards one's own enlightened self-interest"

Ma malakat aymanukum refers to a man's single wife whom he considers his equal

Al wala'a wa'l bara'a means "one is permitted to take kuffar as one's closest friends and companions"

'Awrah means "a woman is equal to a man and respected by him"

Kufrul-istibdaal means "following Allah by rejecting Islamic law"

Dhimma means "equality and fraternity"

Ibadah means "liberty and individualism"

Abd means "a free citizen of a progressive Democracy under Allah and Rasul'allah"

Shari'a means "secularism and Capitalism"

To "enjoin al-Ma'ruf and forbid al-Munkar" means "to enforce and abide by non-Islamic laws"

Wine and music and chess and painting and sculpture are halal, thighing infant girls and slaying kuffar and expropriating their property as ghanimaah or fai' are haraam

Muhammad is a cute wittle Teddy Bear, and Islam is warm and fuzzy...

Orwell is alive and well.

matt said...

I do not believe the First amendment was written to accomodate just any old religion on earth, definately NOT written to include islam, and most definately NOT written to allow for a "religion" who's basic beliefs, writings, and premises deny the basic human freedoms that the Bible, the declaration, and the constitution delineate; and absolutely NOT written for one that commits acts of terrorism as a matter of course against the US. That "religion" should be denied protection under the US constitution.