Saturday, August 23, 2008


My Profile/Interview from the March 08 issue of The New Individualist magazine, written and conducted by Robert L. Jones is now available at TNI's website.
From the print edition:


Damien said...


I really enjoyed the article. It makes me want to read your "The Infidel" novel even more.
Bush may not be doing enough, but it maybe somewhat of an egageration to say that his idea of fighting the war on terror is buying duck tape and plastic sheeting at Wallmart. But that's my only disagreement with the article, anyway its still very minor, since our president clearly hasn't done enough.

By the way, I really hope this quote of yours turns out to be correct.
“The more successful the terrorists are, the less successful they will be,” Fawstin remarked in an on-air interview with Shire Network News. “Because more of us will wake up and demand our leaders do what they’re supposed to.”

I hope we do wake up before one western nation falls into the hands of Islam-o-Fascists. I also hope we wake up before they are able to use nuclear weapons against us.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks Damien, and regarding the line you cite, I think Robert was responding to the Bush administration's actual suggestion to all of us during one of the ridiculous rainbow terror alerts.
And this enemy is going to force us into an Us or Them situation, and no matter our current weakness, we are the United States of America, and in the moment of truth, we end those who start wars against us. The bastards are going to be put in their place once and for all in the end.

Mike Thompson said...

It really is an outstanding interview. Congratulations Bosch, and great job, Robert!

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks, Mike, Robert brought together the 3hr interview we did very well, along with his potent opening regarding America at war then and now.

Video said...

Just read the interview. Kudos on a job well done !


Bosch Fawstin said...

Appreciate that, Jeff, keep up the good work at Mosquewatch.

phuckie slum said...


This is a fantastic achievement. Marvelous, Bosch.
Congratulations. This is huge, and it's just the beginning (of the end of Jihad).

I can't wait for the day Pigman will appear on the big screen.

Mike Thompson said...

Phuckie Slum, I agree. Pigman on the silver screen would be amazing. It'd make The Dark Knight look about as intimidating as Elmo (and I LOVED The Dark Knight!).

phuckie slum said...


It'd make the Dark Night look like Alice in Wonderland.


Bosch Fawstin said...

Ali in Wonderland.

Thanks, phuckie slum, and no matter how much I concentrate on the book itself, my mind does wander to adaptations of it, mainly a film. Who knows where this is going, but it's going.

And Mike, I love The Dark Knight as well, but as you know, I've got a big problem with Batman's 'one rule', which necessarly makes Batman an accomplice to the Joker's victims. Sometimes saving lives means taking them, that is, saving the innocent from their would be murderers. To me, it's simple and logical in ending the threat of these mass murderers, and Pigman embodies that idea. 'Killing terrorists saves lives' is the simple breakdown of it. Of course, leftists and cowards would argue that that makes Pigman as bad as the bad guys. And I'd bring out the crayons against that 'argument':
Killing murderers to stop them from murdering is not the same as murdering innocents.

phuckie slum said...

Leftists don't believe there is a threat to world peace other than the U.S. and Israel themselves (as the arab/muslim societies are their "victims").

That belief is so far off the map that it makes the argument of "ending up being just as bad as the bad guys" seem perfectly logical and legit in comparison. After all, killing S.S. Gestapo scums turns you into a Nazi on the spot.

I would like to believe that I have already concluded a leftist perspective is a certain mindset that's difficult to crack, but unless that individual is already prone to adapt other views -- then, and only then, through a big reality slap in the face, can that forcefield be lifted.

Damien said...

phuckie slum,

I agree, with very few exceptions, at least among the radical left, leftist generally do see the US, and Israel as the sole oppressors of the world. The biggest problem with trying to convince them that they are wrong, is that for the most part it might not be possible.

Ideologues and not just left wing ideologues, but all ideologues ignore things that contradict their view of the world. It doesn't matter how great the contradiction is as long as ideologue can find one thing that can be used to support their belief.

Often people believe things based not on evidence, but on desire. What usually causes ideologue to change their world view is something happening to them or one of their close friends or relatives that is such an extreme contradiction of their worldview that they have trouble rationalizing it away, or an event occurs that makes them not want to believe anymore. You will never be able to change an ideologue using only reason and or empiricism.

That is why old nonsensical beliefs die hard. Often in order to get someone abandon old beliefs they had for their whole life, something has to happen that takes away their appeal. If I want to believe something badly enough, no one will be able to talk me out of it, no matter how wrong I may be, and regardless of the strength of their arguments. I think that a lot of people actually desperately want to believe the US and Israel are the bad guys.

phuckie slum said...


I agree.

The notion of 'belief' applies to both polar extremes of the map (and not just politically). Thankfully, the far right is already marginalized (or so I would like to think) and regarded as dangerous. What's left is the left but especially Islam.

Generally speaking, other religious frameworks may instill superstition and nonsensical beliefs, but they are harmless, spiritual, peaceful and in fact helpful for many people. Believe it or not, but many people DO need a form of religion in their lives (except the ones inducing evil and death).

And I say so as a complete secular or a non-believer.

revereridesagain said...

Another two thumbs up for the "Interview With An Infidel" article, Bosch! Now that the Dems have officially declared their intent to inflict their Marxist, Islamophilic, racist candidate upon us, will McCain finally announce his running mate? I much prefer Romney since Giuliani is out of the running. McCain needs the strongest running mate he can get because it is still unclear that the voters will have the common sense to look at the realities of a potential Obama administration and stampede to McCain even as only the lesser of two evils.

revereridesagain said...

Another two thumbs up for the "Interview With An Infidel" article, Bosch! Now that the Dems have officially declared their intent to inflict their Marxist, Islamophilic, racist candidate upon us, will McCain finally announce his running mate? I much prefer Romney since Giuliani is out of the running. McCain needs the strongest running mate he can get because it is still unclear that the voters will have the common sense to look at the realities of a potential Obama administration and stampede to McCain even as only the lesser of two evils.

frank castle said...

Bosch Fawstin’s The Infidel and Table for One can be purchased at

Wait, did I miss something? Infidel isn't out yet, right?

Bosch Fawstin said...

revereridesagain, thanks, and while Rudy was my guy, Romney was the Only one of the candidates who used the correct terminology towards the enemy, namely Jihad, but the latest word is that he's out of the VP consideration, from U.S. News and World Support. 24 hours from now we'll all know.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Frank, I responded elsewhwere with the below the other day regarding that text at the end of the profile:

Prior to getting a publisher's interest, I was considering releasing it in pamphlets, to be collected later, and mentioned that to TNI at the time. Still may end up doing that, but right now I'm awaiting the final decision from the publisher, in addition to having also interested another one a few weeks ago. I will have an announcement here soon as it hits.

revereridesagain said...

I can't find anything definitive about Romney being out of the running so I will cling to hope. But there is still too much chatter about Lieberman (is he CRAZY?), Ridge (wasn't he the original screw-up at Homeland Security?) and Pawlenty who comes across like somebody's understudy who isn't quite ready to go out there and wow 'em if the star breaks a leg.

If McCain makes us wait until the stroke of midday he may have to compete with Gustav for media attention. Serve him right.

revereridesagain said...

Pawlenty appears to be out, that leaves Ridge, Lieberman, and Romney. Looking at Ridge's record he doesn't seem so bad so why do I have this negative impression of him?

revereridesagain said...

Oh no, now FOX says Romney is out and Sarah Palin is flying from Alaska to Dayton. Sounds like about 5 minutes after noon I go out to the car with a spatula, the McCain sticker comes off, and the GALT/Taggart '08 goes on. Right next to my Pigman sticker. He can be Secretary of Defense.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Ha, now we're talking, re; PM as Sec. of Def., but I think they'll have to bring back the title 'Secretary of War' in that case.
The Mcain VP speculation's running wild, should be an interesting few hours.

revereridesagain said...


He picks the governor of Alaska whose main claim to fame, far as I can tell, is that she santimoniously chose to have a Down Syndrome baby and this is who will be facing down the Islamists and the Russians and the Chinese if McCain cashes it in during his administration?

Please tell me I'm crazy and there is a positive side to this. Does anyone know anything encouraging about this woman?

Bosch Fawstin said...

Robert James Bidinotto has this on Palin:
Palin is very good on the energy issue: She's big on oil drilling offshore and in ANWR. She's stood up to Alaskan porkmeisters Ted Stevens and Don Young, and unilaterally cancelled the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere." Having her whispering in McCain's ear on energy development and perhaps dampening some of his environmental excesses (though she's on the "climate change" bandwagon, too) would be a positive thing.

revereridesagain said...

Well, at least that's a start. Bob's an old friend and I know he's extremely well informed on that issue. Being prepared to deal with 'climate change' as a natural planetary process and in a rational manner is fine. It's the ones who want to use is as an excuse to destroy industrial civilization and/or command big bucks for speaking engagements to pay for that big house and all those SUVs they think they're entitled to have but we're not that are the danger.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Great to hear Robert's a friend of yours, I met him myself last Oct. in Washington at the 50th Anniversary celebration for Atlas Shrugged. A truly stand out Objectivist, and a principled Individualist through and through.

And McCain has really shaken things up here, very interesting pick.

revereridesagain said...

Watched the video of her interview with Larry Kudlow, and she does seem to have her head on straight about energy independence as well as unleashing the power of the profit motive. I've read arguments recently that 'energy independence' is a fantasy and that we should obtain resources from wherever we can get it most cheaply. This is fine in a world run by capitalists or even reasonable equivalents thereof, but when our major sources of supply are Islamists, hostile banana republic dictators and/or sitting in the crosshairs of Russia's ambitions, do other considerations not apply? Such as whether they are planning to nuke NYC first chance they get?

If this woman shows me that she can step up to the plate on the important issues I will be happy t support her. But the stakes are so very high and she's going to have to convince me that she was worth passing over Romney for.

Robert Jones said...

Thanks for the kudos, peeps! Actually, the article wouldn't have been worth spit if it weren't for its subject.

I'm just the messenger.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks again, Robert, for your making it all happen and having it come out as well as it did.

Anonymous said...


Loved your work from almost the very beginning. Solid fan.

Thinking about the recent left-tactic grab and its stellar results. Left tactic grabs. So nice.

Skipping forward though, what other left-tactic grabs might similarly prove stellar. I mean beyond posters and super-villains :-).

When faced with seemingly impossible contradiction, one stalwart bald gent came up with an interesting solution, and it helped beat the British didn't it. And he was just one guy demanding quite a lot.

Imagine what a bunch of good serious folk, co-opting that particular strategy, might accomplish when demanding even less. Such as immediate re-enunciation of the Bush doctrine, and factual clarification of the nature of the enemy.

I mean, you can't send thugs to beat up guys for not eating can you - well maybe.

Anyway, just memein'
Keep up the good work.

Jad Stillborn