Friday, October 03, 2008



Bosch Fawstin said...

This one's for all the anti-war whores who never speak Jihad.

I'm going to be away for a few days, but will be checking in to respond to any comments when I can.

Damien said...


Nice art work. Speaking of the peace movement, a new movie is out and its making fun of them. Its called American Carol. I alert the Infidel Bloggers Alliance to it and they blogged about it since Pastorius liked it. Citizen Warrior blogged about it again here.

I was thinking of telling you about it sooner, but I was having trouble thinking of an appropriate time and your forum is down.

Haid said...

Nice, Bosch. It packs a whole argument into a bite-size graphic.

The global jihad isn't on the radar of either party's ticket. One side sees the focus in Afghanistan/Pakistan, and the other sees it in Iraq/Iran. Of the larger threat and the underlying ideological war, they haven't a clue. They wouldn't know a Wahhabi from a weasel.

Anyway, I hope you're going away for a few days to have fun--while it's still possible to have some!

Best regards,


Godfrey of Utah said...

Excellent! That must be a bumper sticker Bosch! And a great play on words which is so true, "anti-war whores". These sickos probably don't know the difference between a Fatwa and fornicating. Damien, I have heard of An American Carol. With my busy life, I will be hard pressed to see it, but dang do I want to. Though there are a few leaders willing to speak on Jihad (Vijay Kumar of Tennnessee and Jason Chaffetz of Utah, just to name a few).

Damien said...


Its nice to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Such an excellent image. Great job as usual my friend. You NEVER cease to amaze.


mississippimud2007 said...

"End jihad, or we'll end it for them."

Anonymous said...

End Jihad - or be ended by it...

My two-cents' worth on "American Carol." My husband and I went to the first show this AM, and sadly there were very few there - hopefully many more as the day goes on. The film was literally a-laugh-a-minute [or more - "Moore"?]

For a while I was afraid that their terrific trailer might have given most of the best "away" as too often happens with comedies, but glad to be able to say I was really wrong on that.

As for Jihad-connection: there are a couple of moments with George Washington [which I will NOT give away] that were very, very poignant - made all the more so I'm thinking because of the many, many laughs prior.

Another stand-out moment was the tribute to fallen military-men-of-the-past woven into the country & western concert towards the end of the movie. That really hit home for me, as my WWII/Korean War dad passed away this past February.

All in all a big thumbs-up for Kevin Farley, Kelsey Grammer, John Voight [way too little screen-time!], et. al.

Go see it this weekend if you can - it's only on about 1500 screens, which is near half of typical big-budget Hollywood flicks - and give the "America-last" movie crowd the face-slapping it deserves!

Have a great weekend off, Bosch,

Robert di Lorenzo said...

End War?
End Liberals

Bosch Fawstin said...

Damien, thanks, and I've heard of An American Carol, likely going to watch it this week.


Thank you, and re; my trip: besides having peers I know pretend they don't know me now, the trip was, if not quite fun, interesting.
Our leaders at the moment think they can ignore the Jihad at the core of Islam, since many of us are doing so. The enemy's going to change that for all of us since they got away with 9/11.

Thanks, Godfrey, and these anti-war whores who never speak jihad still want to be taken seriously.

Thanks, Mike.

mississippimud2007 said...
"End jihad, or we'll end it for them."


Thanks, Whoelebrainer, going to check out 'Carol' this week.

'robert di lorenzo said...
End War?
End Liberals'


Damien said...


I think Robert Di Lorenzo, maybe an ultra conservative.

Damien said...


I hope you like America Carol, Citizen Warrior just did a brief review of it, a couple days ago. You might like what he says about the film.

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