Tuesday, February 10, 2009

They hate the color of Love

Sowdies see red over red this and every Valentines Day

To see the real dread behind the hated red.....

Blood red? Fine. Love red? Fined [at the least].


Mike Thompson said...

Hahahahaha! Nice one, Kermit! I mean Bosch.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Now imagine 72 of her

Mike Thompson said...


Damien said...


You mean 72 miss_Piggies? I think those Jihadists will be just a bit disappointed. Off course they won't have much time to be, since the clones of Kermit's girl friend will beat them to death, again. Isn't that at beautiful fantasy?

- :)

Bosch Fawstin said...

Right, ha, they may even prefer Pigman over her.

About this post, I just came across another of the many twisted stories from the rat kingdom, this from a culture who sees the color of red as a threat: a rape victim, pregnant, [from rape] gets thrown in jail for a year and is to get 100 lashes after the birth. [I assume in the likelihood it's a boy] This is evil, and this practice and all that keeps it in power must be obliterated.
Here's the sick story.

Damien said...


It just goes to show that if you want an example of modern day barbarism there's no better place to look then an Islamic theocracy.

revereridesagain said...


(Pssst, Bosch, Miss Piggy's disqualified. She had this thing going with "Looonnnnng John" Silver in "Muppets Treasure Island".)


I'm probably in the dawghouse over at IBA for making another pro-choice comment and a sarcastic one to boot, so I came over here to complain. This poor woman had to endure the rape, is blamed for the rape, imprisoned, has to complete the pregnancy so the memory of the rape is literally inside her every moment of the day, has to go through delivery of the rapist's baby, and will then be beaten within an inch of her life for having "let herself be raped" in the first place.

There are many people in this country who would approve of that scenario minus the flogging, and one of them ran for vice-president.

But the Muslims go further. There will be no tears shed for this poor girl except in secret, no sympathy, no comfort, nothing but blame, punishment, and a memory of horror seared into her mind for the rest of her life.

No one who loves a woman -- as a daughter, sister, lover, or wife -- could ever do such a thing. These people have let their religious fantasies and their craving for an afterlife of debauchery turn them into something less than human.

Damien said...
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Damien said...
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Damien said...


I don't know of a single mainstream politician anywhere in America, conservative or liberal, pro life or pro choice, who would support the state punishing a rape victim in anyway. Its not even mainstream to support punishing women for adultery here in America. Here in America, very few people would even support making this woman spend a day in regardless of their view of abortion. Also, no mainstream American politician approves of rape, or would support anything as sexist or stupid as Sharia's four male witness to prove a rape rule.

Anonymous said...

The Saudis are a bunch of A-holes. Banning Red. Grow up. Love is a normal human emotion.

Of course if my lady looked like a man wearing a tent then perhaps I'd want Valentine's Day banned too.

Can't wait to read the book!!!

Damien said...


Neither can I. I really want to own a copy of Bosch's book when it comes out.

revereridesagain said...


I think on the whole you are right, but the fact remains that Palin's stance was no abortion even in cases of rape or incest. So there is one mainstream politician who appears to be fully in favor of forcing a rape victim to carry and deliver the rapist's offspring.

It is true that the vast majority of people in this country are appalled by cases such as that of this Saudi woman. But they still see this as something alien that can never touch us. They will recoil in horror if anyone ever tries to force this on us. But how far are things to be allowed to deteriorate before they wake up?

Damien said...


Look, there's no point in debating you or Bosch or anyone else on the issue of Abortion, at least not on a site devoted to fighting Jihad. However if you asked Palin, I guarantee she'd be appalled by the treatment of this woman at the hands of Saudi "justice."

I can tell you for a fact that here in America what happened to this women would never be allowed. We don't punish rape victims. Never have. Also the people who perpetrated her rape would be severely punished if they even tried to rape her here. I would just love to make every single male rapist in Saudi Arabia face American justice. An American judge could easily convict the overwhelming majority of them without four male witness. I have never heard of something so retarded in my life. Four male witness to prove rape? Come on, unless those four male witness are involved in the rape, its unlikely that there would ever be that many, and it takes an incredible sexist pig (sorry for insulting swine, Bosch) to not realize how retarded that is. Here in America, our justice system is based on equality before the law, and we convict people based on real evidence. In fact there are many American men who are sexist and yet would still be shocked and horrified by the treatment of this woman at the hands of Saudi justice, that just goes to show how much better our culture is than there's.

Robert Jones said...

I think banning red is a great idea.

Let's start with the color of Obama's politics: They're as red as the Soviet AND Nazi Germany flags!


Bosch Fawstin said...


be-u-tful said...

SOWdies? NO!
Bosch, I love your PIGMAN and everything it stands for...America, Israel, Goodness, freedom, etc. But in accordance with your and mine and everyone's reverence for all things PIG, I hope that you will consider NOT refering to the Saudies as SOWdies, because that term demeans the female PIG, which as we all know is a SOW(yeay for the female PIG).
I would love to refresh everyone's memory of just how loving and ferocious all SOWS are in defending their brood of baby PIGS!
SOWS are one of our greatest examples of awesome female mothers, to be considered great protectors of their loved ones and their territory.
So please use a different term for the Saudi islamo-creeps other than SOWdies, since it diminishes my utmost respect for all FEMALE PIGS!