Monday, June 22, 2009


This post is a follow up to my latest at Big Hollywood


Mike Thompson said...


DevilDogBrewHank said...

I think PigMan needs a corporate sponsor such as Devil Dog Brew or Sniper's Brew. Stop by and drop me a line. This retired jarhead's visceral reaction is that I may have a new, favorite Superhero.
With Utmost Respect ~ Semper Fi, Hank
Owner/Founder Devil Dog Brew

Bosch Fawstin said...

As always, thanks Mike.

DDBH, that sounds great, let's talk.

A. Truman North said...

It occurs to me that there hasn't been much response to 9/11 throughout the comic book industry. I'm no longer plugged in like I was ten years ago, but I follow the happenings pretty closely.

I don't know if I like your art style. Maybe I should buy 50-100 issues of Pigman so I can judge for myself?

Best Regards

Captain Elias said...

Found you on BH (thank you yet again Mr. Breitbart) and I can say with the certainty of someone who weekly wastes his money, Marvel is no place for your work. Aside from the Obama-comic shilling, they are blind cowards and new yorkers through through.
Take Captain Britain and MI13 for example. Clearly Cornell has talent, but Britain has so many enemies one doesn't need to dredge up Dracula to give them a fight. Not to mention an NHS muslim doctor wielding Excalibur with a fierce political correctness, or fictionalizing Gordon Brown to such an extent that he has a spine.

Pigman is stirring and strangely beautiful, and makes me think of what Orianna Fallaci would have produced where she a 'graphic novelist.' I am on my way to amazon now.

As for post 9/11 comics I only remember seeing spider man cry by ground zero (kinda made me cry too, to be honest) and vaguely hearing of a laughed off future sci/fi comic with a kid named Reagan fighting the future tyranny of our current liberalism, titled Liberality for All. (

Anyway, thanks for the new hero. I can't grow out of my love for capes, and it's nice to see someone stepping up finally. (I had hopes for Bucky and his guns, but alas he's mired in regret and busy checking out Black Widow's cleavage.)

Joe Maurone said...

Bosch, even though I know better now, I still have those moments of optimistic naivete regarding the mainstream comics. Like Captain Elias, I haven't outgrown my love of capes, but I've come to accept that Marvel and DC are, at best, "bootleg Romanticists."

Bosch Fawstin said...

Good to have you here, Captain Elias, thanks.

Joe, I've never lost my love of the superheroes either, but it seems like many of those behind todays books have. All we can do about it as cartoonists is to do good work that we fully believe in.