Tuesday, June 30, 2009



BO officially drops the term 'War on Terror'.

UPDATE: Here's the latest, 8/6/09, on this anti-reality rhetoric


Anonymous said...

BULLSEYE! Right on Bosch. Obama is a twit.

JPT said...

Anon: there's no 'i' in twat.

Mister Myst said...

Technically, this whole, ignore-the-big-white-elephant-and-use-a-generic-term-like-"terrorism" problem started during the Bush era, but I agree.

Bosch. WHERE WERE YOU all those years ago when I had to deal with such lackluster political cartoons?

You're a better artist and your stuff is far more poignant.


I love this blog.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Mister Myst,

You're damn right about Bush, the moment he uttered the words "Islam means peace', he crippled our war effort and empowered this weak enemy. I'll never forgive him for that. Thanks for being here.

And JPT, I had a post deleted from Jihad Watch when I referred to threats against us from two fat al Qaeda rats as being "Fatwas from Fat Twats.' To those who this offends, keep in mind who I'm referring to.

hellosnackbar said...

Deleted post Bosch?That's mild stuff!
Visit www.infidelsarecool.com or
www.laughingatislam.com(especially the archives)to get a real flavour of the opposition(read the beautiful english from the Ropers).
A visit to Pat Condell's video site
is also worth a little of your time.
Lots of fun!!

hellosnackbar said...

P.S Fatwahs from fat twats is one for the memory!
I'm still chuckling.

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Bosch Fawstin said...

I got your I.P. address, Turk, good to know I've rattled you.