Friday, July 03, 2009

Meanwhile, on BizarrO world.......


Joe Maurone said...

Bizarre-O, indeed. I'll be skipping the fireworks and parades this year, what a slap in the face to the meaning of Independence Day.

(Well, I might partake in a b-b-q, but I won't like it.)

wholebrainer said...

Brilliant and sadly humorous.

There's something about big 'ol ears isn't there that's just so hard to resist - cartoonwise, I mean.

Ever since I saw a pic of that Presidents-photo-op back in January with Bush & Obama side by side I couldn't shake their resemblance [
. Separated at birth??? I've thought of Obama as "Monkeyboy" ever since, after having refered to George W. Bush as "Monkeyman" for years.

Congratulations...a more perfect rendering is impossible to imagine.

Mike Thompson said...

Great job, Bosch. Really love it whether I'm on or off BizzarO world.

Fellow Infidel said...

Great work Bosch. Pretty much says it all. Then combine the dependence on government with the O'dhimmitude, and we'll be on BizarrO world for a while.

If you have seen this, it's worth a look. Welcome to Michi-stan. Very sad, and scary.

Infidel, American, Christian blessings to all of you on this 4th. God bless America, still.

PatriotUSA said...

Well done, well done. To even mention the mullah obamaham's name with America, Independence day, our Consitution is a perversion and travesty of impeachable implications, as far as I am concerned. The only country the mullah in the White House wants here is spelled AmeriKa and we are all "comrades."

We are having a few friends over for a BBQ and it will be a halal free, islam free, muslim free gathering. BBQ Pork Ribs, all the sides and cold brews in moderation. Dogs are most welcome! Many of our very liberal friends will be here and for note, most of them are quite disgusted and REGRET they voted for Obambi.Now that is the kind of "change" perhaps we can build on.

johncbarile said...

On Target. A top-notch political cartoon.

dcguy1 said...

@Joe Maurone

I celebrated the 4th by attending the DC Tea Party and protesting the statism Obama is imposing on America. As I suspected the Lame-stream Media exaggerated the "threat" White conservatives pose to Black DC residents like myself. (Frankly, the mostly Black-and Democrat-DC City Council has proven more menacing.)

You can see more about DC's party here:

dcguy1 said...

@Bosch Fawstin

Since you're a comic book creator, what's your first reaction to this news?

"Superman, Wonder Woman Join Forces With Allah-Inspired Superheroes"

Personally, I think DC Comics is kissing up to Islam BIG TIME.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks for the good words, everyone, and dcguy1, I don't call them PC Comics for nothing, but this is still one of the most dishonest things they've ever done. Not only will these hacks not have their heroes take on jihad, but they'll do their part to help mainstream a culture that wants to bury us, irrespective of the character of individual Muslims. Who benefits from this pathetic farce? We know, but the PC guys no doubt see this as a way to tap an untapped audience, as if Wonder Woman as she is would ever be embraced by a deeply misogynistic culture. This just distinguishes Pigman even more.