Sunday, August 02, 2009


The 'lead writer' of B.O.'s submission speech to 'The Muslim World' has a master's degree in fiction writing. Of course.
Hat tip, Jihad Watch


Mister Myst said...

Thanks for saying what needs to be said (and, as usual, doing so with cool drawings).

Obama seems to be your preferred target for this sort of thing (and with good reason). That said, I got a sad reminder today that he's not alone: Rick Warren addressing the Islamic Society of North America.

Mind you, like Warren, I'm a Christian and I take my faith very seriously. That said, WHAT WAS HE THINKING?!

He says he wants to reach out to Muslims and work towards tolerance and respect. The ISNA wants to bring Islamic law into the US. By definitiion, then, the ISNA is actively working against the ideas of tolerance and respect. It's like reaching out to Neo-Nazis to work toward racial acceptance. It just won't happen.

PatriotUSA said...

Obama is the target for me and every one of his corrupt, racist, islamosypathizing cabinet. One only has to look at the losers he has appointed, the czars he has placed into important positions by circumventing the Constitution of this country, in doing so. Having Warren speak to ISNA is not a surprise and Warren is ridng the crest of popularity by selling himself out. I am Jewish, gave my life to Lord in 1984 and cannot stand the tripe and garbage that is coming out of so many denominatioons these days. There is no working with Islam towards respect and tolerance. Islam and most muslims do not know the meaning of the words. All groups like the ISNA care about is getting sharia law into place in this country and throughout the free world. Islam is our enemy. No if ands or buts. One only has to look at Islamic history, study the qur'an to see the true evil that has killed millions and millions of innocent people since the 7th century. Call me an islamophobe, neocon, right wing extremeist, one who clings to his guns(lots of them) and his religion and spirituality. Back to Warren, he was not thinking at all and the his own words, at some point will be used against him by those with whom he want to reach out to.

Love your most recent drawings and they are so powerful. We had bbq'd
pork ribs last night with lots of cold beer. All our friends brought their dogs over. Just a side note; alot of those folks we had over WERE supporters who voted for the mullah in the White House, and thought he WAS going to be their president. Everyone of these people are now sorry they ever voted for him, let alone bought into his lies of hope and change.

Mister Myst said...

Thanks for the reply, PatriotUSA.

Always a pleasure to come here to Bosch's blog.

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