Thursday, September 10, 2009

oBOMBa: When Envy Goes Nuclear

This is my take on a great piece by John David Lewis for The Objective Standard:

Obama's Atomic Bomb:
The Ideological Clarity of the Democratic Agenda

I see "the World" infiltrating America more than ever through Obama, with all of its fundamentally Un-American values being foisted on us. America is not 'The World", and it never was. It is unique among all countries that have ever existed in history, but B.O. seems hellbent to make us just like the rest of the world. But being Obama, he overlooked the American people, who seem as hellbent on not letting him get away with it, and who will, it looks more and more everyday, end up saving America from "The World."


Bosch Fawstin said...

I think it's worth mentioning that this 'N.V.' bomb is made up of 'the world' and its values, visualized by the land masses, the white parts of which make up the nuclear symbol.

Agnishakti said...

Thank you for your illustrations! You are a gift to America and a blessing to know!

phuckie slum said...

Why isn't Charles Johnson of LGF posting ANYTHING about Jihad or "Islamism" in the world? Is there anyone with a clear answer? I used to like that place a lot, but after Obama won the elections it's like the host was switched with a (pro-Israeli, and even that's in question now) liberal. While I agree with his fierce stances against kooks and bigots, he's completely lost any interest in the biggest gorilla in the room.


Andrew Dalton said...

phuckie -

That's what happens when people misunderstand the nature of principles and fall into the popular "More Moderate Than Thou" trap. What began as an admirable rejection of racism has turned into a blind crusade against "extremism," with all of the errors that predictably follow.

It's a shame; LGF used to be a great site defending Western values, and now it's almost unreadable.

phuckie slum said...

I don't mind him slashing down on anything that's an inch off right. But on the expense of jihad? I highly suspect his post on 9/11 today will be deeply buried under a rubble of anti-kooks.

He used to post cox&forkum artwork, aside from an extensive investigation of exposing or calling leftists for the "anti-war" cowards that they are (if not coining the nick "the goracle"), and now there's not a single thing about these nutjobs at all. Nothing.

He was a fierce anti-Obama, even "warning" us of a democrat in power for at least the next 4 years (because he regarded McCain as "too leftist"), and now he had a post mocking a republican rep for being deep in the pockets of health insurance companies.

Sad. Huffington post anyone?

Bosch Fawstin said...

phuckie slum, the punk, Johnson, banned me last year after a run in with him about his weakening counter-jihad stance. Here's the exchange, as I anticipated him going for the ban, after his first response:

Fawstin: Charles, I'm curious to know who you think are the credible individuals in the 'anti-jihad movement'.

Johnson: And your point is?

Fawstin: My point is in my question, who do you think are the credible individuals in the anti-jihad movement? Because I've seen you use the term in quotes at least once before recently, almost as if you're suggesting that there isn't such a movement, or at least one worth respecting.

[I again repeated my question]

Johnson: You tell me.

Fawstin: I see.

Johnson: It's a trick question, of course, because I already know you think hopping into bed with Eurofascist groups is a dandy idea.

[I was a little taken aback at the suggestion, and responded]:

Fawstin: That's a lie and you know it. You had a good run, it's over.

To which he then deleted my last comment and blocked me from his site. It's a really strange thing this punk is doing, alienating an entire group of good people fighting a good fight against evil. How the hell could he think he could alienate them all on such flimsy connections and still pretend to be fighting it himself, doesn't make sense. And if he thinks he has his still strong, but dwindling, following for any reason besides 9/11, well then, he's lost.

phuckie slum said...

Bosch, sounds like a very typical reply by him. A condescending high school bitch in god-mode.

He's always been arrogant and short with people that dared to split a hair with him (which he automatically regards as, in your case, fascist innuendos). Unless they were slurping on his nutsack, he'd go ape shit with down voting, short teenage-level replies, and of course a perma ban.

At one of his many recent points of transformations he was trying to supposedly show that 'here, even Israel has a far right government' by squeezing out a post about the Israeli police recommending an indictment of the "far right" minister of foreign affairs, Avigdor Lieberman. It's funny that Israeli courts recently convicted a couple of former Ministers of federal crimes and sent them to jail (which exposes both the embarrassing level of severe corruption, but also Israel's pursuit of unconditional blind justice), however, Charles never talked about those stories. I believe because none of these big fish former Ministers fit into his right-wing derangement.

LGF used to rail about the left wing media, the ugly faces of their anti-war rallies and constant bias for consorting with Islamists, Palis and whatnot.
Charles mentioned several times he always favored Giuliani -- who's, by today's LGF, probably too extreme.

After BO won, the bubble popped and all the problems in the the world are really just about the anti-vaccination or birth certificate idiots and euro-fascists jumping on the anti-jihad bandwagon. While very worthy problems, he clearly gave up on his anti-jihad fight, rendering it obsolete at best.

I switched into Pat Condell's court now. He's exactly what Johnson was a while ago.

phuckie slum said...

By the way,

He could have simply answered to your excellent question "Me" for starters. But he's a loser, so he attacked you instead.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Right, well put.