Thursday, September 17, 2009

PIGMAN T-SHIRTS & more @ Patriot Web Stores

Patriot Web Stores has taken on Pigman t-shirts & hats, among other designs of mine.

So I invite you all to visit my store on their site:
Bosch Fawstin Designs

And below is a breakdown of the meaning behind Pigman's chest symbol:

Pigman's chest symbol mainly signifies 9-11. The left side of the red 'S', together with the left tower makes out a 9, with both towers making out an 11, for 9-11. Also, the 'S' can stand for September with the towers as 11. Another image the symbol makes is the dollar sign, since Pigman is most definitely a Capitalist Pig. And in the old superhero tradition, S is also for Super. I also have two small dents on the right tower, meant to be a 3, that along with the 9 makes for 93, which is meant as an homage for the heroes of flight 93, but can also be be taken as acknowledging the first WTC attack on 1993. Pigman also has a scarred pentagon on his right shoulder, because I think we tend to forget about the losses at the Pentagon on 9-11.


Fefe Q. "Ice Cold" Sweetwater, Jr. 3000 said...

Wow Robert Langdon couldn't have cracked that one.

PatriotUSA said...

I looked at this for a long time and then the lights came on. OK, so I am not as quick as I used to be but that aside, this is outstanding. You say
these are more for you
and I understand that.
I would like to add that in my heart, it is for 2,996 that perished on 9/11. Flight 93 is quite personal for me and thank you for including all of them, Bosch.

For those of you interested in flight 93 and the controvery surrounding this memorial, you may want to check out Alec Rawls website:

He has been on the front lines exposing some of the ties to Islam by the designer of the flight 93 memorial. Hope the links works OK. More people need to know and Mr. Rawls is NOT reaching on this, in my most humble opinion.

Mister Myst said...

Wow. I got the WTC connection on the symbol, but not the rest of it. You put a lot of thought into this.

Not to be a wet blanket, but do you have an approximate release date for the comic itself?

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks, and that's a fair question:
There are things outside of the book that are keeping me from getting it out by now, as I intended to, some unavoidable and some regarding oppurtunities I cannot refuse. The Infidel has been a work done on spec, and no matter any publisher's interest in it, it never works out, without my needing to mention why. I will have [yet another] announcement soon on the status of my work soon as things are locked in. I appreciate the continued interest, means a lot, from you, from all.