Monday, October 12, 2009 the grave

Frank Warner aka Pigman, sees something that he will take with him to the grave. From my graphic novel, The Infidel.


Mike Thompson said...

You are the master of facial expressions, my friend. Seriously super great work, Bosch. God, this stuff gets my heart pumping.

Bosch Fawstin said...

That's great to hear, Mike, thank you.

Damien said...


You did a good job showing the fear in his eyes. I bet whatever it is that he saw, or heard must have been terrifying.

By the way, I bring good news.
I think you and just about everyone here will like this.

Wilders Strikes a Blow to the Jihadists

We haven't won the war yet, but at least we have this small victory.

I'm must thank Carlos Echevarria posting the story over at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance.