Monday, November 02, 2009

The Infidel: Stages

A look at some of the stages I go through to get to my final page design. It all starts in pencil on newsprint paper, then on to tracing paper, where I make up to a dozen rough sketches in pen and marker until it gets to a point where I'm ready to transfer it to bristol board paper.

For new visitors:

This is a page design from my upcoming graphic novel, The Infidel. It's of Killian Duke, the cartoonist hero of my story, who creates the Pigman superhero character after 9/11. I currently have available a collection of my blog work promoting The Infidel, which includes a number of essays on the threat we face, called ProPiganda: Drawing the Line Against Jihad, which mainly features Pigman ripping into the enemy in word and deed. Here's how I break down The Infidel:

A story about twin brothers, Killian Duke and Salaam Duka, whose Muslim background comes to the forefront of their lives on 9/11. Killian responds to the attacks by creating a counter-jihad superhero comic book called Pigman, as Salaam surrenders to Islam and becomes a Born Again Muslim, following the faith to wherever it leads him. The Pigman story is the comic book within the graphic novel that's a super echo of the main story.

Here's a look from ProPiganda at The Majors in The Infidel

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Mike Thompson said...

How many more times can I praise your work, passion, commitment to this project and your craft, my friend? My day is always made seeing your work, esp. those w-i-p pieces you are kind enough to share. Your mastery of the craft is second to NONE.

Joe Maurone said...

Thanks for the inside look at your creative process.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Mike, Joe, thanks for mentioning it.