Monday, January 25, 2010

mcCHRYSTAL's METHod of war: Stop Fighting

The enemy will never submit to anything other than Islam or to our deadly force. It’s not surprising that General McChrystal was hand picked by Obama, a man who isn’t comfortable with the word “victory.” We haven’t even begun to fight against Jihad and this “soldier” doesn’t have any more fight left in him. What a disgrace.


phuckie slum said...

I read what that general said. He's so full of shit, it's hysterical. We'll win the war by basically reviving and reinstating the Taliban instead of crushing it out of existence, which was the sole reason it was fought against to begin with. What a stab in the back to all those soldiers who gave their lives for absolutely nothing.

What a garbage of an admin.
Chamberlain reincarnated.
Left wing logic can sometimes be seriously retarded.

Pastorius said...

General George S. Patton would have slapped him.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!