Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fight the Bastards AND the Jihadists


KyZan said...

Who are "the bastards"? For me, they're the Muslims and the Christians, the Democrats and the Republicans. For me, the destroyers of the earth are the religiosos and the welfare statists. I don't think it's just the jihadis and the activist leftists who are the problem.

Anonymous said...

What the hell did Christians do to you exactly?

I'm so sick and tired of these attacks on Christianity.

This country, whether people like it or not, was founded by Christians and does have Christianity as a foundation.

I don't care what people are or believe in as long as they are not at war with me. I don't conform myself with just being a blob of cells but I could care less if anyone else does. This is all a diversion to paint Christianity as a threat so it diffuses the real threat of Islam.
This is all this administration's agenda to go on a witch hunt against the foundations of this country. Go after middle-America who are primarily Christians, go against the military, go against those who want to control their money more than the government does, etc. etc..

FYI while you attack Christians. It is them who are really in the front lines being killed right now, so the least you can do is to have a little respect for a religion that has been actually the only one who stood up against these savages and saved us Christendom.

Bosch Fawstin said...