Monday, March 22, 2010



KyZan said...

What's totally exasperating about the fight for liberty today is the sheer hopelessness of the Republican party. In Iran recently the Iranian people willed a very inadequate person -- Mir Hossein Mousavi -- into being a champion of freedom. In America the general public seems to be trying to do the same with the Republicans.

And yet no pro-liberty opposition leader has emerged (except Ron Paul). The conservative pundits on the radio, in print, and on the internet are doing sort of okay -- but the Republican politicians are nowhere close to being the Goldwaters and Reagans that we need. Let's hope that the Tea Party movement continues to grow. In my view, it's our current best hope.

Adonisu said...

I'm inclined to agree. Goldwater warned us decades ago about the danger the Religious Right and their toadies and the damage they would do to the party and its reputation. My own Grandmother has been a loyal Republican for over 40 years, and even she has said that the Religious Right has caused virtually irreperable damage to her beloved GOP because of Falwell, Robertson and their peons.

In my view, it all went downhill the moment that GOP decided to get involved in social policy. Once they decided that they had to dictate what we could do in our bedrooms, what we could read or watch on tv, or what we could put in our bodies....they essentially lost their way.

Anonymous said...

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