Tuesday, March 30, 2010


War is ugly and brutal, and the uglier and more brutal the counterattack against those who start wars is, the quicker they're ended. Here's a passage on General William Tecumseh Sherman and his famous March, from the new book, Nothing Less Than Victory by John David Lewis:

"To rip out the source of the rebellion, Sherman set out on what was, in effect, an educational mission. His actions served to connect the abstraction "war" to its concrete referent in reality: immediate, personal destruction. No longer would "war" float in the minds of the southerners as an elixir, calling up notions of social superiority, bereft of its real meaning. The smell of smoke would haunt southern civilians as it had haunted the people of Carthage and Sparta--the smell of failure caused by their own willingness to wage war on others. War now meant loss, poverty, shame, and death. Now, knowing its nature, they could reject it."

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KyZan said...

Prof. Lewis's book should be GREAT! I special-ordered my copy yesterday. But why in hell was publication delayed for years on end? That was TORTURE! :-(