Thursday, June 03, 2010

TOWERING Over islam

My response to the proposed Ground Zero mosques. To see the full piece, go to News Real Blog.

Here's Pat Condell, telling it better than anyone.


revereridesagain said...

Love it, Bosch! You have inspired my sign for the June 6 Stop the Mosque rally: "So, can we rebuild the Twin Towers in Mecca?"

Bosch Fawstin said...

Perfectly put, give them hell, I so wish I could be there alongside all of you.

Damien said...


Speaking of the Mega Mosque that they are planning to build near ground zero, here's something about that area that you might not have known, and I think you might like it.

I found this over at Creeping Sharia,
Hogs roamed lower Manhattan where mega-mosque planned

hellosnackbar said...

I'm delighted at the growing popularity of Pat Condell.
The viewers here might like to visit his website www, it's a hoot to read all the threats he's received from(as he says) people who are less than pleased with him.
What's truly outrageous is that naked common sense as articulated by Pat is never to be seen on TV or read in the MSM.
Something must be done to redress
this suppression of free speech.