Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pigman Hits Airwaves Sunday Night

I'm going to be on Chuck Devore's radio program this Sun., 9-10pm West coast time on KFI radio to talk about my upcoming graphic novel, The Infidel.

For new visitors, The Infidel is a story about twin brothers Killian Duke and Salaam Duka whose Muslim background comes to the forefront of their lives on 9-11. Killian responds to the attacks by creating a counter-jihad superhero comic book called Pigman, as Salaam surrenders to Islam. Their divergent paths inevitably lead them into an escalating conflict, which is echoed by Pigman's battle against his arch enemy, SuperJihad.

Tune in on Sun. to hear more about it.

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Jim Baxter said...

Just further evidence that "Peace is not a Cause - but an Effect."