Monday, January 17, 2011

PIGMAN sketch


Gilad said...

Got one, hand drawn by you, in my Propiganda book. Thanks!
And hours after adding a new facebook friend, a guy who was in the US army I met online when we fought crazy Jihadists and their apologists on the Macy Gray facebook page, who turned into an insane Jihad spam page, just like Elvis Costello's page and the Pixies page did after they cancelled their shows in Israel (Macy didn't cancel, though, she just asked a question in her page), He put a video with quotes, Ayn Rand among them, in his facebook page. I replied with a link to your blog, he ordered propiganda...
Only a few hours later, YOU turned up at his house and gave it to him personally!
I think its the first time in my life I've managed to summon a writer half way around the world!
I'm waiting for "The Infidel", I really hope it will come out soon. It looks like such a breath of fresh air, with a hero I can identify with, FINALLY!

Bosch Fawstin said...

Great story, Gilad, thanks. The Infidel chapter 1 hits in a week & a half in digital form. Details on my blog very soon.