Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Review of THE INFIDEL #1

A Liberal reviewer finds he can't dismiss THE INFIDEL

"The Infidel is a comic by Bosch Fawstin that’s been in the works for a number of years. And this week, just as it is to feature on The Daily Show, it’s gone live.
I have mocked this comic book a number of times, on Lying In The Gutters at CBR and recently on Bleeding Cool, as some kind of poorly dashed off, one sided polemic, based on a series of cartoons, posters and teasers by Bosch which have been lazy, repetitive, boring and dull. And I thought the comic book would be just the same.
I was wrong.
I mean it is a polemic. It is bigoted. But its not quite the Jack Chick caricature his promotional work have suggested it is. And artistically, in terms of storytelling, it’s rather accomplished, certainly to what I was expecting."


Pastrami said...

Cool. It is uncommon in our world today when someone can disagree with a certain viewpoint and still review it in an unbiased way.

Looks good.

Emily Thompson said...

Nice! Congrats again. (I expect to be saying that a lot to you in the coming days, weeks, months, etc. Definitely a good thing!)

Bosch said...

Thanks, Pastrami, Emily

Rich Johnston said...

I'm a liberal reviewer? I never knew. I've never voted Liberal in my life... how do you define liberal by the way, Bosch?

Bosch Fawstin said...

Rich, in my experience, only liberals have referred to my work as "hate-filled", "bigoted" or "racist". Never any on the right.

And then there's this comment from your review (which, I repeat, I appreciate a lot) :

"There's always the arguments about how the views of the creator affect your enjoyment of work, and how much you can enjoy a piece of entertainment that takes an opposite viewpoint. And this so takes an opposite viewpoint."

Being that I'm an Objectivist, can I call you a Subjectivist? :)

Rich Johnston said...

No, I'm a Pragmatist!

I'm still not sure how you define liberal.

I don't believe I called your book racist. But yes, there is a lot of hate in there, would you disagree with that.

And I would say the use of caricatured sterotypes is bigoted. It's not uncommon in comics, I refer you to the Yellow Peril comics of the forties. This is much more sophisticated, but I don't think that thematically it's much different.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Well, pragmatists, who usually say they're in favor of "whatever works," usually adopt a standard of "what works" that is predominant in the culture, namely liberalism, which I guess is why you seem to agree with liberals' opinion of the ideas expressed in my work.

But I agree with you that there is a lot of hate in The Infidel......coming from the Enemy. I didn't just wake up one day and decide to hate Islam for the hell of it, my book is a reaction to the enemy's hate and violence coming our way from a culture that is raised to hate us.

And drawing bad guys in caricature is an old tradition, it's not bigotry, it's the *enemy* that embodies the very meaning of bigotry and this work is in response to that.

But despite our differences, I want to thank you again for getting The Infidel #1 and for the fair review, I appreciate that.

Rich Johnston said...

I'm still interested in what you define as "liberal" here because you're not making it any clearer.

And yes it's an old tradition and yes that's still bigotry. And I speak as the cartoonist for one of the biggest right wing libertarian blogs going, Guido Fawkes. Here's my latest;


It's portraying a collective enemy in caricatured ethnic fashion. It's to portray the enemy as literal subhuman monsters. And yes, that's bigotry.

Whether that's Captain America comics from the forties, Hulk in the sixties, or Civilian Justice in the noughties.

Randy said...

You're a fucking idiot! Go find a better country, Dumbshit. I hope your moronic "blog author" passes this along. But I'm sure he (stupid-ass bigoted straight white male) won't. Oh but wait, you probably don't have any friends who'd volunteer to be your blog author... Oh but wait, there are plenty of foolish peasants out there to support you, I guess. Fuck you.

Bosch Fawstin said...

I really need a better class of critics, a more honest kind.....but then again, if my critics were honest, they'd be fans.