Monday, March 28, 2011

A Shot of PIGMAN from THE INFIDEL #1

A Shot of PIGMAN in a big moment from THE INFIDEL #1


Patrice said...

Congratulations on getting out the Infidel! We have chapter one and are looking forward to the following ones. I just can't express adequately how much I admire your Word-play-combined-with-Graphic-Design ability ("Submission Impossible" being only the latest one I give another A++ to...

My only suggestion is a "legal" one: That you please quickly "fix" your Copyright notices. I only know this from my own research quite a few years ago before sending out some children's book manuscripts, but you need to make sure to have (in this order): 1) copyright (or the c-in-a-circle symbol); 2) (this is what's missing from most of yours) the year of the copyright; 3) the (full) name of the copyright-holder. So yours would be, copyright 2011 Bosch Fawstin. I always added my website after my name. So you might do this: copyright 2011 Bosch Fawstin,

Anyway, Keep up the good work!
Patrice Stanton & James Lenaburg
Keller, Texas

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks for getting The Infidel #1 and for the kind words, Patrice, I really appreciate that. And I will definitely take what you're saying seriously, from now on. A friend did mention it a little while back but I guess I needed your reminder, so thanks again.