Saturday, March 26, 2011

They call PIGMAN "The Beast"


Tony Figueroa said...

This is good storytelling. I especially like the silhouettes before that close up in the last panel. Well done sir.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks, Tony

Damien said...


I can imagine why they would call Pigman the beast. Too bad you don't have unlimited time and mad programing skills as well as your artistic skills. A Pigman arcade style, action game could be pretty fun. I would enjoy beating up Jihadists. Super Jihad could be the final boss.

RP Free Speech said...


I don't know your age and why your name keeps showing up In my computer scans, etc.


I think your work is quite mag...but I would also ask you to watch your back.

I broke a story 2 years or so ago, from the first Moslem I ever knew. A difficult story, of a creepy developer, who apparently left to hide out in Pakistan without paying his investors.

My friend died, suspiciously, of 'food poisoning' He had just eaten at his fave Paki restaurant...and within several days, he was dead.

And within two days, his body was sent to Pakistan (Lahore)--no autopsy here, in Chicago. yourself carefully.

You can be a greater artist, Fawstin, but I caution you to watch your back, please.

Even I, with my puny photo/pseudo political blog, have a nasty troll, who has placed my name on a porn blog...a hateful being who seems to frequently be off the necessary meds, even though his wife is an RN. Scary, huh?

I must say...I love your work, and I follow it.