Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To My Nastiest Critics....

If you were honest, you'd be fans. 

Of course, if you were honest, you'd actually read my work instead of pretending you know what it's really about. Two liberal reviewers, (though one of them pretends he's a right wing libertarian) read The Infidel # 1 and both of them recommend it, despite our ideological differences. Of course, part of one's reason to avoid actually reading a piece of work that one has condemned in advance of doing so is in order to avoid the possibility of being proven wrong. Kudos to my liberal-rightwing-libertarian "friend" for admitting that he was wrong in his initial estimation of my work, which he based on my promotional material.


Rich Johnston said...

I think you're saying that I'm saying I'm a right wing libertarian, or that I'm pretending to be one, but I'm not doing either.

I've asked you how you define "liberal" so I can see whether I am one or not in your eyes, but it's not a political identification I identify with either. So far you haven't responded to that one.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Only liberals refer to non-bigoted work as bigoted.

And you're the one who referred to yourself as "the cartoonist for one of the biggest right wing libertarian blogs going, Guido Fawkes."

And I called you a liberal, it's not like I called you "bigoted" or anything, even though liberals are some of the most bigoted people around, which is why they're so quick to accuse others of bigotry.