Thursday, April 07, 2011

"Islam means peace" =....

..."Niiiice doggy."


Flying Tiger Comics said...

"islam means peace" is the modern equivalent of the Ancients calling the furies and harpies "the kindly ones" - a hopeful projection on to a Stygian evil or a force of chaotic destruction.

Good luck with that.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Can you imagine, right after the attack on Pearl Harbor, FDR saying, "Shinto means peace." ?

Flying Tiger Comics said...

With your experience and background, maybe you can tell me- what earthly reason would people have to even act like this towards islam?

What I find especially disturbing is the crap like "bad muslims not islam" and "islamic extremism not islam" distinctions, when anyone other than a so-called "extremist" muslim is in fact by definition a non-observant muslim. How do you explain it?

Bosch Fawstin said...

There are clearly a number of reasons, and I think a Big one is the religion issue, which some religious people attempt to make themselves feel better about it by claiming that Islam is not a religion, but an ideology. Islam is most Definitely a religion, it's ideology, it's political, it's totalitarian. I refer to it at times as a Political Religion, because there IS no separation between mosque and state, it's unheard of in the Muslim world. When Bush said "Islam is peace" on 9/12/01, I think what he was saying was "Religion is peace", as if. One of his main advisors about the Islam issue right after 9/11, David Forte, said "Nothing this evil could come from religion," so the truth was sold out in the name of protecting the idea of religion, and the enemy benefited from that default. There are other reasons some American politicians have for promoting Islam as something it's not, and that has to do with politically correct reasons, multiculturalism, and for some, even racist reasons, as they equate Islam with race and they believe that to be against Islam in Any way is to be a racist, which is stupid, because Islam is not a race, but an ideology held by all kinds of people. So instead of honestly shutting their traps about something they truly know nothing about, they instead actively, loudly promote Islam. It makes as much sense as "Islam means peace."

Damien said...


There are certainly some critics who have argued that because of its violent and political nature, Islam is not a religion. But I think that, that reasoning is flawed. Its kind of a pet peeve of mine, not because I like Islam, but because its obvious to me that Islam is a religion. I don't think that people deny that Islam is a religion simply because they themselves are religious. One or two of people who I have come accross who tried to argue that its not religion are atheists. Another reason, maybe the bigger one, is that many of them think that if we could somehow remove Islam's religious status, and instead just relabel it as a political ideology, it would make it easier for us to fight it somehow. I don't think that's the case necessarily, and I can imagine some ways in which it could backfire.

Flying Tiger Comics said...

One thing is certain to me- all this appeasement makes a major war inevitable. It's Lord of the Rings time unfortunately.

Bosch Fawstin said...

"Islam means peace" because the truth would mean war. Washington D.C. knows that if truth breaks out, despite all their efforts, then they will have to actually do their job and unleash hell on this enemy. But they've shown us, since 9/11/01, that they would rather do anything but their job.

Knowledge Seeker said...

Dear all

Unfortunately, many aspects of Islam are misunderstood by non-Muslims/and some Muslims; due to ignorance, misinformation, and incorrect assumptions. Today, Islam is surrounded by many misconceptions and Stereotypes, and unfortunately associated with terrorism. Deliberate distortion, play a role in its negative portrayal and representation.

It is unmerited to Judge Muslims and Islam based on the actions of those who commit terrible crimes against Innocent people "as proof of the violent nature of Islam and Muslims.

Islam Is peace and that is why:

Do all Muslims represent Islam?

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The Tolerance of the Prophet (peace be upon him) towards Other Religions

Let There Be No Compulsion in Religion

The Rights of Non-Muslims in Islam

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Islam: A Home Of Tolerance, Not Fanaticism, War & Terrorism

Bosch Fawstin said...

KS, go play interference elsewhere, we're on to you here. It's the truth about Islam that hurts it, & your lies don't work like they used to.

Martin Lundqvist said...

When we are already spreading the links around, I might just as well submit my own!

"Islam: Making a True Difference in the World - One Body at a Time"