Sunday, April 24, 2011

Puppet Pastor

My cartoon on koran-burning "Puppet Pastor" Terry Jones.
Click image for the link to the full cartoon.


Damien said...


I agree. No reasonable person can blame him for the actions of a bunch of psychopaths. Even if there were legitimate reasons for him not to burn a Koran, the actions of those who he offended, are not his responsibility. The idea that he made them violent is absurd. Plus, You don't see Christians going on violent rampages whenever someone, including Muslims, burns a bible. In fact, those deviot Muslim who rioted because he dared to disrespect their holy book only backed up what Terry Jones was trying to say. If large numbers of Muslims hadn't reacted so violently, it would have been much easier for people to just write Terry Jones off as just some bigoted idiot and do so convincingly. People associate book burning with the Inquestion and the Nazis for good reason.

Damien said...


By the way, here's some good news that I forgot to tell you. The ACLU is defending Terry Jones' right to protest in front of that Mosque in Dearborn.

ACLU files brief supporting Terry Jones

Lets see what happens in court now.

Vincent Simmons said...

I don't disagree with burning the Koran, but I think it is a good idea to actually read it. I think if more Americans read Koran, they would realize what a violent and fascist doctrine it really is.