Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Artist for Hire

I want to send word out to those interested in my work that, in addition to my own work on my graphic novel THE INFIDEL featuring PIGMAN, I also do work for hire and commission work. Reasonable prices, paypal accepted for payment. If you're interested in having me do individual cartoons, artwork for your projects, or commissions of superheroes, including Pigman, contact me for details here.

Look around my blog for the kind of work I do, and here's an example of some of my cartoon/commission work.


Below is the cover to David Horowitz's new book. He asked me a short while ago to design a visual that he had in mind for it, and after numerous iterations, we came to one he was pleased with. There was no guarantee that his publisher would run with it, but they have now decided to run with it, which makes me very pleased. This is my first Book cover, though I did a pamphlet cover for David Horowitz before.

Below is the bottom of the inside flap, with the credits.


mike250 said...

thanks for the notice Bosch. What sort of artwork for projects do you do? Is it just in the sample given?


Bosch Fawstin said...

Outside of my comic book work, I've been doing t-shirt designs, political cartoons, superhero drawings, pamphlet covers, as well as a book cover that I just designed, which I hope goes through. If you have anything in mind, email me and we'll go from there.

David Swindle said...

Congratulations. I hope that that image is just a galley and that before it's published they correct the blurb at the top - it's Andrew Klavan, not Alan Klavan.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks, David. They were made aware of it, and I just made my own quick fix on it here.