Sunday, August 14, 2011

Greg Gutfeld's Gay (ak)Bar to the Rescue

This day last year I posted the below cartoon/text at NewsRealBlog in support of Greg Gutfeld's idea to build a Muslim Gay Bar as a reaction to the Ground Zero Mosque:

Here’s my appreciative take on Greg Gutfeld’s proposed Gay Muslim bar, which I see as a justifiably exasperated response to the proposed Ground Zero mosque, which is an opportunistic response to our government’s gutless lack of response to the atrocity of 9/11.
The gay bar and my name for it serves as a big, fat “Tolerate This!” to the intolerant scumbags behind the mosque. Some may think that the gay bar is in bad taste, but to the enemy, it’s an intolerable insult. And that’s the point. Until our politicians decide to do their primary job and defend us as if their political power was on the line, I am glad that there are people like Greg Gutfeld, people using their talent and resources to fight this in their own way.
Bottom line, it looks like it just may take a gay bar to set things straight.


Tony Figueroa said...

I thought the name "suspicious packages" was good too although "Anderson Cooper's apartment" and "Honor Drillings" are funny as well.

Fellow Infidel said...

Speaking of funny things, my daughter found this today. It's pretty good. Take a look when you have a minute ... Before they take it down for fear of their lives.


Damien said...

Bosch, Tony Figueroa and Fellow Infidel.

It looks Gutfeld's Muslim gay bar may have a new theme song.

(Warning, this is not for children, but its hilarious non the less.)

Islamic gay bar next to Mosque near Ground Zero

Laugh out loud guys!

Nichole said...

Love it. I'm such a huge fan of Greg too. Absolutely brilliant!

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thank you very much.