Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jack Kirby

My take on Jack Kirby's Hulk, the only Hulk as far as I'm concerned. Below is the Gray Hulk, born out of a coloring error in issue one of The Incredible Hulk, but since written as if he was a different version of the Hulk, a smarter, more nasty Hulk than the mere Savage one.
Update: From Stan "The Man" Himself, here's the story behind the Gray Hulk from issue #1, posted in the comment section of this post.


Bosch Fawstin said...

Stan Lee said in a deposition from earlier this year,

"Well, I couldn't figure out a way to give a monster a costume. I couldn't see a monster, The Hulk, walking into a costume store or making one for himself. So I figured I'll do the next best thing. I'll give him a different skin color. That will always look like a costume.

"You may not know this, but originally I made him gray. I thought that a gray skin would look spooky and scary and dramatic. But when the book was published, the printer apparently had a problem with the color gray. On one page he was light gray. On one page dark gray. On one page black. On one page almost white. I said, This will never do. So I decided on another color. See, you can do that when you're a comic book editor. You can do anything.

"So I will change the color of his skin. So I looked around for a color that wasn't being used. I couldn't think of any green hero. I said, I will make him green. And it turned out to be a good choice, because I was able to come up with little sayings like, The Jolly Green Giant, or the Green Goliath, and so forth. And that's how it happened. I could have thought of pink or blue or any other color."

Barry Pearl confirmed this story in a conversation with original HULK colorist Stan Goldberg.

Dwayne Davies said...

I have read Hulk #1 and he actually spends a lot of time being drawn as bluish/grey and in one panel a greenish color.

It is the cover of #2 in which he is first shown anything resembling the iconic green. During part one of the four part issue, he switches between grey and greenish, until finally settling to green for most of the rest of the issue. It is not until #3 that he is consistently shown as green ( though still not always).

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