Thursday, October 20, 2011

Did Gizmodo rip off a drawing of mine?

I saw a graphic that accompanied a Gizmodo story on Steve Jobs tonight and the first thing that shot to my mind was my July, 2009 illustration, The PigManhattan Project. There's enough of a resemblance in the angle of the shot, the placement of the figure, the shadows on the body and face, with everything but the forehead and nose hidden in shadow, and the idea of the graphic, of a man working intently on a project in a darkened room (though the right hand of their figure seems to be clenched for no particular reason and he doesn't seem to be doing anything particular but reading intensely) Not to mention the color blue in both graphics.


Randy said...

That is a tough call, Bosch. There are definitely similarities with the way the forehead and hands are made to stand out. I'd have to say it is definitely inspired by your work, but I hesitate to call it a blatant rip off, unlike the Geert poster copy for Tom Robinson.

rumcrook™ said...

looks like he copied the idea pretty thoroughly.