Monday, November 28, 2011

Nihilist in Chief

A glimpse of the analysis in Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s forthcoming book, The DIM Hypothesis.
At the 2010 Objectivist conference/OCON, Dr. Leonard Peikoff was presenting material from his forthcoming book, The DIM Hypothesis, in which he analyzes Western culture and history from the perspective of the epistemological process of integration. Peikoff, in an answer to a question about Barack Obama at his talk, said that Obama was not a socialist as many have concluded, because, as he put it, socialists or communists are examples of what he calls “misintegration,” or integration by non-rational means. Obama, Peikoff thinks, is anti-ideological, and as such has no long-range guiding values or theory of society. He does not integrate his thoughts and actions by any means, valid or invalid. Rather, Peikoff describes Obama as an almost-but-not-yet-fully consistent egalitarian nihilist, and thus a manifestation of the same trend which Peikoff calls D2, i.e., the form of Kantianism that gave us non-objective art, quantum mechanics, and progressive education. Because I am no expert on philosophy, for more on Peikoff’s views, I refer you to his forthcoming book.

My graphic is an alternative take on an earlier one I did after I heard Dr. Peikoff's analysis.


Juniper in the Desert said...

I am a non-objective artist but I am nowhere near being a nihilist, being optimistic and a believer that Western civilisation is the best we have and that the underlying principles guiding it are Judeao-Christian.

Non objective art can express and explore feelings and different concepts in a beautiful way. Quantum physics is reality, as it can be used for practical things.

But he is certainly right that Obama is a nihilist as he has no positive principles or morals! You can see it in the face of his wife, who has everything but is still not happy!!

1389 said...

IMO, Obama is just plain stupid, mentally subnormal. I'm not sure he is capable of formulating or understanding any concepts at all. I mean, he can't even call his DOG without somebody else putting the words on his Teleprompter.

There's a reason why we don't get to see his transcripts, and why everything he has written was actually ghostwritten.

He does have a very strong emotional attachment to Muslims and to the Islam of his youth, though I doubt that he understands much about that either.

George Soros wanted Obama in office because Obama is easy to manipulate through his handlers. And Soros is most definitely a nihilist.

Robert said...

Dr. Piekoff's DIM Hypothesis is a brilliant theory. It will make philosophical analysis into a much more potent weapon for those who want to understand objective reality. It will take years for this hypothesis to significantly influence thinkers but when it does it will be a better world.