Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ron Paul Supporters Are...

If Ron Paul placed LIFE before his idea of "Liberty", he would've placed the defense of America before any other reason he has for running for president


Bosch Fawstin said...

Watching Ron Paul in the latest GOP debate proves once again that he's running for Crazy Uncle in Chief. Here are a few of my tweets during the debate:

Ron "we have no enemies & if we do it's our fault" Paul

Iran will respect Ron Paul's desire to not want war.......& Islam means peace

Ron Paul has absolutely NO respect for American victims of Jihad, absolutely NONE. Pos

Hey, %^*#•!! Ron Paul, "endless war" is what happens when you refuse to respond to your enemy's war on you

@RonPaul_2012 The Enemy Doesn't Give a Damn about your wish to not be at war.

The Informer said...

Ron Paul wnet on The Tonight Show lately and he acted like a crazy senior. He was laughing about the fact that Michele Backman hates muslims and that Rick Santorum hates gay people and muslims.

It was disgusting to watch.