Thursday, December 22, 2011

Voices of "Palestine"

This is just one of the many twisted creatures I've drawn for Front Page Magazine's "Voices of "palestine"" series. She was one of the jihadists who was freed by Israel in the heartfelt but brainless trade they made of a thousand prisoners, 477 of them convicted terrorists, for one individual Israeli. She's clearly as bloodthirsty as ever in this FOX News video.


Bosch Fawstin said...

Some terrorist-sympathizer just attempted to comment here in order to desperately try to equate the civilized Israel with the savage "palestine". Just another reminder that even non-terrorists will justify terrorism against Israel.

Bosch Fawstin said...

At least I assume the unposted comment was by a non-terrorist, you never know.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Just checked my site meter and there was a visitor from Saudi Arabia right about the time the post was attempted. I'm an "Islam means peace" kind of way.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Our Sowdi "friend" felt another need to comment. And BTW, his first post was a link to a disgusting picture of a Muslim male holding up a baby that was burned with a lost limb or two, holding it up to the camera, using it, as always, to justify, to fools who buy it, that THIS is the reason they want to wipe Israel off the map. Their "reason" is within Islam, in the Koran, in Mohammad's history, Israel is simply the latest pretext. Anyway, this rat writes:

"yup i'm an asshole and a terrorist sympathizer for saying killing babies is wrong.

awesome logic , not judgmental , hypocritical and missing the point in any way .

and just to give you a bigger boner than usual: I AM SAUDI.

knock yourself the fuck out, you awful, awful person."

zk_alpha said...

I never meant to justify anything.

I'm saying both sides have bloods on their hands.

Its unreasonable to hold one as completely innocent, and free of wrongdoing.

For fucks sake, man, i think isreal has a right to exist but that does not make me blind to injustice as it has obviously made you.

-your friend the "rat" who thinks murder is bad.

Bosch Fawstin said...

1 side targets innocent civilians, while their guilty civilians celebrate each atrocity, while the other side, trying to prove they're better (as if it's a question) do all they can to avoid any harm to come to those who are not directly endangering them. One side celebrates life and the other side celebrates death. There is only One side worth supporting here, and you're not on that side. I gave you one post here, don't think I'll give you any more. As for you stating, and restating, as if it proves your moral worth, that "killing babies is wrong", tell that to your "palestinians", who specialize in killing babies.

zk_alpha said...

Dude, you have such a wrapped world view. Its legitimately saddening.
I mean , the ABSOLUTE fear and rejection of nuance it probably the most damming thing about you.
It says allot the me, the Saudi, (or Sowdi as you so maturely phrased it.) can see some semblance of legitimacy to BOTH sides, whereas you refuse ,so vehemently, and dedicate your time to trumpet your prejudices.

OWS are bunch of free loaders.THERE SHALL BE NO DEBATE!
Obama is a shitty president. THERE SHALL BE NO DEBATE!

But to be completely honest the most irritating thing about you is: you think you're clever.
OccuCRIERS. REALLY? REALLY? Did you pat yourself on the back for that? (I really hope you did!)

I done talking with you, in any case. Now if you'll excuse me, Friday prayers are about to start :)

PS "I gave you one post here, don't think I'll give you any more."

Freedom of speech is a bitch when the ones you don't like try use it, isn't it?

Bosch Fawstin said...

The Sowdi punk attempted to link to a video no doubt full of propiganda, but here's the rest of his comment:

"I hope your happy, I'm missing the Khutba to educate you. :)

Happy Holidays, Randroid. (See, THATS how you make a pun.)

Okay , NOW, I'm done talking to you."

You never know, you may just have it in you to leave Islam one day and then Really have something worth posting here.

Bosch Fawstin said...

....and a Sowdi, living in a religious dictatorship, trying to call my blog moderation an infringement on his freedom of speech. Only in a world where "Islam means peace."

Joanne said...

Israel has what I believe is called a "security dilemma." That is to say, if Israel does just enough to defend herself, she will inevitably impinge on the Arab population to do so (with the occupation of the West Bank, the near sealing off of Gaza, the fence/wall), thus raising human rights issues.

But, if Israel removes all encumbrances on the Palestinians that anti-Zionists demand, she will leave herself open to multiple attacks and substantial loss of life. Either way, Israel loses.

This dilemma points to, I believe, the intellectual dishonesty of those who criticize Israel in the extreme. I don't mean those who raise valid points about Israeli policies, but rather those who claim that all of Israel's actions are signs of "fascism."