Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Ron Paul did a Hell of a job........practicing his concession speech. He just came in third in the Iowa caucus. Blame yourself, Paul, particularly your sick, twisted, unjust foreign policy. Hopefully this is the end of your presidential pipe dream.

And now Ron Quixote answers the question on whether he can see himself with the Oval Office with:

"Not really." 


countrysidepropertymanagement said...

Hopefully this the end of your blog posting. Join the #sheeple and follow blindly. You will eat crow if Ron Paul loses.

Bosch Fawstin said...

You had a good run, Ron, but it's over, unlike my blog posting.

MinkyUrungus said...

Ha! "Sheeple" used non-ironically. And on a hashtag nonetheless!

(P.S. Good work, Bosch.)

Sembawang Bolo said...

@countrywide property manager:
I was just perusing #sheeple and all I found there was a bunch of Ronulans speaking some sort of gibberish they call "Rihanai", or Ronulan.

Many of them were gushing that crow is considered a delicacy among Ronulans. Go figure!