Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crier in Chief

UPDATE Nov. 9, 2012: Now Obama cries while thanking campaign staff

UPDATE Nov. 5, 2012Though I noted below, Jan 2012, that Obama's a crier behind the scenes, he is now So desperate to maintain power that he let some tears drop at a campaign event a night before the election. But his crocodile tears will be real enough tomorrow night when America ejects him.

Barack O'Boehner? The Crier of the House now has competition in the "Cry-Baby in Chief".

Obama has a "tendency to cry.  In Kantor’s book, Obama is repeatedly on the verge of tears.  “During the campaign,” writes Kantor, “Obama told friends he couldn’t look at [Valerie] Jarrett during speeches lest he become too emotional and start to cry.”  (That was because  Jarrett played both sister and mother to Obama, as Kantor relates.)  At the launch party for his poorly-written second autobiography, The Audacity of Hope, Kantor says, “he stood alone at the front of the tent, overcome with tears.”  Just a few pages later, Obama is at it again, “tears in his eyes” while watching his daughter “practice dance moves,” since he sees her so seldom.  Upon receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, the Obamas “felt better understood than they did in Washington” – and once again, Obama was “fighting back tears” during his speech." More...

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